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Last May we published a column, “Why They Must Destroy Ben Carson.” It has been determined that a black Christian conservative, especially a political outsider with credentials as a life-saving physician, just cannot be allowed to succeed in politics. Carson must be destroyed.

His life as a poor boy with a temper is now coming in for serious media scrutiny. Who did he hit? And why?

In an attempt to defend this assault on the character of Ben Carson, Alisyn Camerota of CNN told the candidate on Friday that the media are fair and balanced because they “vetted” Barack Obama as a candidate by checking out reports that he once had a girlfriend, who “may have been a composite character.”

All of this is happening now because Carson is doing very well in the presidential polls and could actually capture the GOP presidential nomination and threaten Hillary Clinton’s election to the presidency. However, our media are determined to have the first black president, whom they failed to vet for his communist connections and Muslim background, succeeded by the first woman president, no matter how corrupt and how tainted by the Benghazi massacre she may be.

But in going after Carson, a decent man who has saved countless lives as a surgeon, the media are getting downright mean and silly. And typical of the bias they pretend not to have, they don’t seem to realize how ridiculous they look.

Carson, who grew up without a father, has credited his mother, teachers, a band director and the choir director at the church he attended while going to Yale for helping turn around his life and becoming a success. After his career as a doctor, he then became a philanthropist, setting up reading rooms in schools and awarding scholarships to students. His adult life is a success story by any objective measure.

But none of that matters because Carson is a black conservative who threatens the progressive, or dialectical, view of history and he must be destroyed.

Rather than highlight the positive influences in Carson’s life, our media are now sifting through some controversial incidents in his past which Carson has acknowledged that he had to overcome to get his life in order.

Enter CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who is either one of the dumbest people on television or totally dishonest. She claimed on the network on Friday that President Obama had been thoroughly “vetted” by the major media when he ran for president. So I entered the words “Frank Marshall Davis” in the CNN search engine on Friday. Interestingly, I pulled up a column, “Frank Marshall Davis—Communist mentor of Barack Hussein Obama,” written by yours truly but submitted by someone else, and posted with a disclaimer, “not verified by CNN.”

You’re kidding me. Seven years after we exposed the Davis role in educating and raising Obama, CNN still has not “verified” the facts? It’s true. CNN has had seven years to verify what is an established fact—and which helps explain Obama’s transformation of America—and still won’t report, let alone investigate, the President’s relationship with a member of the Communist Party. Unfortunately, that’s fairly typical of the liberal media.

The media save their “vetting” for insignificant facts about Republicans that are designed to be blown out of proportion and make the candidate look bad.

Camerota made the vetting claim about Obama when defending the network’s investigation into Carson’s life as a young person. Carson is not accused of having a relationship with a communist. Instead, questions are being raised about some of the people he had violent encounters with as he grew up. Carson is protecting the identities of those people and, in any case, the incidents are not directly relevant to his presidential run, since the point is that he grew beyond these behavior problems to become the calm and professional person he is today. His demeanor is something that attracts people to him. He tells these stories about his past so that other young people facing similar problems can understand that it is possible to hold your temper in check and become a responsible adult.

CNN assigned Scott Glover and Maeve Reston to investigate Carson’s life as a young person. After their scrutiny of his early life, CNN admitted that none of the people they interviewed challenged the veracity of Carson’s accounts.

CNN has not only decided to go ahead with the “story” through more smoke and mirrors, but they now want Carson’s campaign to drop everything and bring forth people out of his past, so they can be embarrassed and tripped up with gotcha questions. Carson has told the media to get lost.

Carson has even discussed these incidents in his books and public appearances. The only conceivable purpose of this line of questioning from CNN is to portray Carson as a liar. Since they can’t challenge his amazing career as a doctor, they have to go back in time, to make up this or that controversy, based on conflicting accounts or questions about details.

But Carson understands the game the media are playing, and has turned the tables on them. This is another reason why ordinary people like him. He doesn’t take the garbage from the “journalists” in the major media who have already exposed themselves as partisan hacks.

Responding to Carson’s excellent point about Obama getting the soft and easy treatment from the media, Camerota said, “President Obama’s autobiography Dreams of [sic] My Father was also vetted.” With a straight face, Camerota said Obama had been vetted by reporters trying to find out whether he had had a girlfriend in his younger years, as he claimed in the book, actually titled Dreams from My Father. She said the media discovered the girl was a composite.

So what? The issue with Obama wasn’t a girlfriend. The issue was that Obama named “Frank” as his mentor and concealed the fact that he was Frank Marshall Davis, the communist. That was a far more serious matter. We exposed Frank as Davis in the 2008 campaign, but most of the media didn’t want to cover the story. They were too busy trying to elect the first black president and carry out his “hope and change” agenda.

Consider the furor if it had been determined that John McCain or Mitt Romney had been influenced by a member of a Ku Klux Klan or Nazi group. But Obama’s relationship with a communist who had a 600-page FBI file was not deemed newsworthy.

Carson understands how the media treated Obama, saying to Camerota, “The vetting that you all did with President Obama doesn’t even come close, doesn’t even come close to what you guys are trying to do in my case, and you’re just going to keep going back, ‘He said this 12 years ago’—it is just garbage. Give me a break.”

Carson understands how the media play their game, and he also understands the role played by Saul Alinsky, the community organizer, in Democratic Party politics. Alinsky wrote a book, Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer. But that’s not supposed to be controversial, either, as far as CNN is concerned.

In another media-manufactured controversy, Carson’s recollection that he was offered a scholarship to West Point has been challenged. Carson joined ROTC in high school and became a leader of Detroit’s ROTC program, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Instead of applying to West Point, he pursued a medical career.

Politico headlined its story by Kyle Cheney, “Ben Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship,” when Carson did not admit anything of the sort. A close reading of Carson’s book indicates he talked about an offer of a scholarship, perhaps from an ROTC official or a general he met at an ROTC affair. But he never claimed to have been admitted or to have applied. However, considering his background in the ROTC, it’s likely Carson could have gotten the scholarship if he had applied for it. Perhaps that’s why he considered it an offer. In any case, this is much ado about nothing. What’s more, the issue is Politico’s use of the term “fabricated.”  The Carson campaign did not admit fabricating anything. Doug Watts of the Carson campaign told The Daily Caller News Foundation that “The Politico story is an outright Lie.”

While Carson joined the ROTC and then decided to go to medical school, a young Barack Obama left his mentor Frank Marshall Davis only to fall under the influence of Marxist professors, become an Alinskyite community organizer, and then make friends with communists and terrorists in Chicago.

What a contrast. If only the American people had known who they were voting for in 2008.

Carson is not the fabricator. Our media are fabricating the news, making stories out of little or nothing. With a man whose career has been characterized by integrity and hard work, it’s hard to make him look bad. But the media won’t stop trying. Their double standards of scrutiny are so obvious.

In going after Carson, they have met their match. Rather, they have met someone willing to go after the media’s lack of ethics and standards. He is not willing to be a victim in their campaign of politics of personal destruction.

Carson is performing brain surgery on the media. It’s not intelligence he’s finding; it’s garbage.




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  • Mr.Goodvibe

    The left are Communists. The Communists are too cowardly to proclaim it and their supporters are too stupid to realize it.

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    I tweeted to Alysin after she left Fox to go into the lion’s den that is CNN. I told her not to let them brain wash her conservative views away. Apparently, she didn’t listen or is weak.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    death to the inferior: liberals=communists=democrats=cartels= liberal media=red professors and other UNPRODUCTIVE! If everyone were like myself, liberal media would not exist, as I don’t use them. Same for the rest of the inferior. Also, keep in mind, that you can not change the inferior. Once an inferior is always an inferior. Not enough sperm at conception, or wrong genetic code, or wrong ovulation cycle…whatever it is that creates the inferior, they must be destroyed! Not physically, but to an extend when they sit quietly and silently in a corner, like 1,200,000 war mongering lawyers, if not in demand – just as I don’t use them – becoming 200 lawyers, working at a minimum wage. Same with financial engineers…with MBA from Harvard Business School…useless and dangerous. To destroy them is very easy – just stop speculating…and openning 401Ks…same with United Clowns of Hollywood – stop watching their idiotic productions (with few exceptions)…a nation that NEVER suffered is doomed.

  • ljm4

    or is a wind sock…

  • ljm4

    I’m getting going to step up and help campaign this election. I’ve had a Ben Carson sticker on my trucks for 2 years now. Waiting for a bunch of stuff to distribute. He has the ability to just say no and to say cut the spending. Not to mention a few other things.
    The left is going to waste a lot of time and money going after Ben Carson.

  • MarkWright

    Cliff Kincaid–YOU NAILED IT!!!!!

    Like Carson said, there are some in the media who have integrity.

  • Between Lt&Rt.

    Whew… the way you ramble on you sound like a complete nut job with a teenagers understanding of how the world works. LMAO… at you Sparky McNutcasetoughguy. Now STFU before somebody punches or commits you.

  • Mark

    Mr. Glock: you are using one of my favorite passwords as your logo! Good job. Can I borrow it?!

  • Mark

    And yet the public seems to perceive CNN as middle-of-the-road, and airports around the country (as far as I can tell) broadcast CNN like something out of Orwell’s 1984! I was at Detroit’s airport and some blond bimbo on CNN introduced a guy with a lot of credentials before asking him, “Is Hillary really responsible for the problems at the State Department?” The man answered, “No.” And that was the end of the promo. I wonder how many mealy brained individuals heard that in passing and took it at face value? Well, with the mess the country is in, I assume a lot of morons live by sound bites.

  • Laura0Smith

    Yeah! Wow!

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    And anything built on deceit is not quite as benevolent as they claim.

  • rcorley

    Alisyn Camerota was a good open minded communicator when she was at Fox, Just wonder what happened that she was let go? Lots of RUMORS.

  • I can relate to Dr. Carson’s West Point story, with my personal allegory:

    Paradise Lost. This Side of
    Paradise found.

    During my senior year of high school in Pittsburgh, I elected to take
    a course in classic literature. The syllabus indicated that the required reading
    would include Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. I familiarized myself with the work,
    and, for whatever inane reason, was not particularly enthralled.

    Prior to the scheduled class on Milton, a notice was posted that

    Princeton University’s dean of the college would be conducting interviews at
    the same time as the lecture. I had no realistic aspirations with regard to
    Princeton. I thought I would be quite fortunate to gain admission to
    Cornell, and, most likely would wind up at the engineering college of Purdue
    University. So, I signed up for an interview. With nothing to lose, I
    decided to make sport
    of the event. With great aplomb, I selected a number
    of tomes to carry into the
    interview. As best as I recall, I chose a work by
    Plato, something by Dickens,
    as well as a calculus text. For good measure, I
    believe I brought the current
    issue of “Sports Illustrated”. As for attire:
    I dangled a pair of Keds over one
    arm, but wore Bass weejuns, chino slacks,
    and a button down striped shirt. The
    conversation, in general, was
    perfunctory. The pivotal moment came when I was
    asked why I wanted to attend
    Princeton’s School of Engineering. Without a
    second’s passage, I responded:
    “Sir, not only do I wish to receive a great
    engineering education, I want to
    have a solid foundation in the humanities.” The
    smile broadened on the face
    of the dean. He said, “By God, that’s exactly what I
    would have responded!”
    I reflected, silently: “Of course; that’s why I said it.”

    Interview completed, and having successfully escaped the rigors of

    Milton, I left the principal’s office with the admissions application
    packet. I
    filed the packet away in my room, and out of my mind, and thought
    no more of the
    incident. Until a few months later.

    Miss Goldstein, my homeroom teacher, handed me a slip of paper. It
    was a notice that I was to see our Vice Principal, Miss Wilson, that afternoon.
    At the appointed time I entered Miss Wilson’s office.
    Three of my classmates
    were there. One was a noted jock, who would go on to
    become a prominent name
    in professional sports. Another was a scion of a famous
    dynasty. The third was Taylor Allderdice High School’s incarnation
    of Albert
    Einstein. I was the chairman of the school’s safety committee. I had

    absolutely no idea as to why I was in the room. Miss Wilson began to speak
    Princeton University, and how proud she was that our school was
    providing four
    students… I interrupted her. “Miss Wilson: I never filled out
    any application
    forms; I put my papers away and forgot about them. I did not
    apply to Princeton.
    There’s no way I belong with this group.” She informed
    me that the high school
    administration had undertaken all the necessary
    steps on my behalf.
    Nevertheless, she suggested that I should, pro forma,
    complete the paperwork.
    So, that evening, stunned and enraptured, I
    retrieved the application packet.
    One of the questionnaires asked: “Why do
    you wish to matriculate at Princeton in
    September of 1963?” I wrote:
    “Because I have been granted admission.”

    And so was the opening chapter written for the best years of my

    I later discovered that part of the rationale
    for my selection by
    Princeton was that I conveniently fitted into two of their
    niches: I was a
    Jew, and they had not filled their quota for Jews. I had chosen
    their school
    of engineering, and they had not yet filled their openings for the

    engineering school. Always rebellious, my freshman year I changed my major to sociology. And I became a Unitarian.

    Had I taken the road not chosen and pursued a career seeking elective
    office, I could have truthfully described how I had been admitted to Princeton,
    without having applied, only to have my words scrutinized and reinterpreted to portray me as a liar.

    (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

    Source: The Detroit News

    “The Army records and Detroit News archival records show Westmoreland was in Detroit on Feb. 18, 1969, for a dinner honoring a Vietnam War veteran. The banquet was for Congressional Medal of Honor winner Dwight Johnson, a Detroit African-American who risked his life “beyond the call of duty,” according to a website about black participation in the Vietnam War.

    On MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” Friday
    evening, Carson campaign manager Barry Bennett conceded Carson’s published account of when he met with Westmoreland is inaccurate.

    “It’s in February, not in a Memorial Day parade,” Bennett told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.”


    So, Carson misremembered a date from 1969. Hell, I can’t even remember what happened yesterday.


    (Dr.) Sandy Kramer

    West Point ad: “full government scholarship” explicitly stated by West Point:
    The West Point ad uses the words
    “full government scholarship”.

  • NotLeftistSwine

    I have investigated Alisyn Camerota and she is a composite – or maybe just compost. I can’t remember.

  • NotLeftistSwine

    To me the part of the story that is unbelievable is that something like Ben Carson could grow from the cesspool known as Detroit.

  • Good. The more money the left wastes, the less money they have to fund their devilish schemes.

  • NotLeftistSwine

    Hard to believe that there once was a time when a Dean at an Ivy League school referenced God.

  • Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth – all owe their origins to the Judeo – Christian ethos. See

    But, as with the rest of American culture, their historic roots have long been forgotten, in both principle and practice.

  • TimJ

    The problem with Dr. Carson and his personal story is that he never expected to be running for President. All of these stories were great for selling books and making paid product endorsements, no one would ever question them. But now he is running for President and he is under the klieg lights of media scrutiny where stories about trying to stab a friend or hit your mother with a hammer will be questioned. And whining about Frank Marshall Davis and Occidental College are not going to get him anywhere. Get the vetting over with, Dr. Carson will weather the storm or not, the people will decide.

  • Steven Barrett

    Ijm4, you’d better get some WD-40 and a hard plastic spatula because The Donald just performed both a lobotomy and political vasectomy on your hero last night. If you are willing to accept votes from the public for any office, you have to be true to word. If you accept cash for your non-fiction literary works, esp. biographical matter, you damned better be honest about your own life, especially if you’re a doc and running for the highest office in the land and free world. It’s time for Carson to wake up and grow up. He’s not in nicey little megachurch Bible study land. I believe in God and acknowledge a role for faith in politics. But how can we keep it there if we keep tolerating phonies who hide behind their born again creds all the while being unable to maintain our confidence in their word being true. The Donald was crud, no doubt. But Carson brought this on himself.

  • Steven Barrett

    When the hell are you McCarthyite knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers catch up to the times we live in? You don’t believe me? Just go to google maps, drop down to any blue-high-lighted Moscow or even Beijing, Shanghai or Ho Chi Minh streets and you’ll see the places plastered with bill boards, ads above stores and tons o’ McDonalds.

  • Mr.Goodvibe

    Whoa, calm down chief. By your above comments you do not have the slightest understanding of what communism is. I would tell you to google it because you can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true however if you took the time to read the works of Marx you would find my statement holds true unless you want to forego the effort it would take and just resign to being a useful idiot as Lenin described.

  • Steven Barrett

    Just a litle more than fifty years ago, as a military dependent I was twice fortunate enough to take the Army Duty Train to then West Berlin out of Frankfurt. This was less than twenty years following Germany’s surrender and the contrast betweeen the two halves couldn’t have been stronger for any young boy in his early teen years to notice. You never forget that broad swath of utter devastation, an urban desert mocking modern civilization in that area just outside of Potsdam Circle. There’s much about the Cold War I’d never care to return to in addition to that. So I’m not in the least unfamiliar with what you’re trying to say … and I agree, more people should “bone up” or grab some extra knowledge about the evils of communism.
    If they did, they’d learn that through a mix of what Bernie Sanders has rightly claimed to be “democratic socialist” ideas, i.e., some social security system that the people have paid into making it a legally guaranteed entitlement, and likewise for medicare … among other many popular programs designed to protect average taxpayers from the worst vicissitudes an unregulated free market is capable of unleashing. BTW, none of Sanders’ ideas are particularly new as you are no doubt aware of … but most people aren’t aware that they have roots stretching all the way back to Wilhemite Prussian Germany and brought about by Bismarck. The Iron Chancellor was no mushy headed liberal or even a “socialist” by today’s standards. He was entirely pragmatic giving Germany’ skyrocketing economic growth that was the result of careful government planning (albeit alot went into Prussia’s military buildup) … but also only had to recall the riots of 1848 and the French Revolution in the late 18th century.
    The newly reformed West German Federal Republic kept many of Germany’s old social safety net laws and incorporated them into her new constitution along with support for private property, enterprise, capitalism, etc. The history of West Germany’s economic recovery speaks for itself. But it was brought about with a healthy mix of what Hillary and her unwitting allies in the GOP love to sneer at Bernie Sanders’ “democratic socialism,” preferring to concentrate all the contemptuous tone for the “socialist” half of the term.
    Well, as one of Germany’s former all-time greats in the art of bullshit, Herr Doktor Professor Joseph Goebbels used to put it in so many words, don’t hesitate to use a half-truth whenever you can to distort the rest in people’s heads. Works all the time. LOL, the half-lie is helping Hillary of all people run a “centrist” campaign and gettign away with with her dishonest slams against Sanders.

  • Steven Barrett

    Ijm4, hope you’re using it to cover a rust patch.

  • Mr.Goodvibe

    You can romanticize it all you want but it is all Marxism. Unregulated free markets do not exist but that doesn’t stop the Marxists from using them as a scapegoat for the failure that is Marxism in all of its forms.

  • Steven Barrett

    Thank God they don’t exist. Would you give your kids milk produced by a company that didn’t give a damn about making sure its machinery was clean enough to produce it without fail … all because it knew it didn’t have to worry about visits from its respective state and local health inspectors, much less any federal agents? Ain’t no romance in a sick kid vomiting his guts out.