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As the election draws close, a new report from a communist defector to the United States and a new book from two staunch conservatives have put the stakes in very dramatic terms. Former Romanian intelligence chief Ion Mihai Pacepa warns of a “looming disaster” if socialism takes hold in the United States, while J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington contend that a “New American Revolution,” as represented by Donald J. Trump, is the only way at this point to save America from four more years of Marxist rule.

After almost eight years of Obama, desperation is setting in. Pacepa’s Looming Disaster report is being provided for free by WorldNetDaily, while the book, Trumped: The New American Revolution, is available for a modest price from a conservative website that celebrates American principles of freedom. They both make the critical point that an America built on freedom and capitalism is fading fast.

The Williams/Harrington book helps to explain the Trump phenomenon. There’s no doubt that the New York businessman is representing the views of millions of Americans who are disgusted by what America has become under Obama. As Trump says, this is a “movement” that has taken hold in the country. The authors explain the failures of the Republican Party in detail.

The problem with both the report and the book is that the case is not made in either that Trump is personally devoted to conservative free market principles.

Pacepa does write, “I know a few of Donald Trump’s intelligence advisers from my past cooperation with the U.S. intelligence community, and I have no doubt that a President Trump will start a new ‘Campaign of Truth’ that will wreck ISIS and remake America as leader of the world without firing a shot.”

A “Campaign of Truth” is truly what is needed. But is Trump up to the job? Based on the lousy campaign he has waged so far, many conservatives are doubtful.

Pacepa also declares, “America’s reputation was built around a procession of patriotic capitalists, like Donald Trump, who were elected president because they had been successful in business and in defending our country’s wealth and freedom.”

This is true. America would not be the success it is without businessmen like Trump who built things. But being a successful businessman is not the same thing as being pro-American and devoted to America’s survival. After all, Soviet agent of influence Armand Hammer was a successful businessman.

Pacepa makes the case that Trump has all the right enemies, including a number of communist groups. Having the right enemies is a feather in his cap. But what troubles many conservatives is that Trump’s conversion to conservatism and the Republican Party is recent, and that it looks at times like he is trying to lose the presidential election.

Nevertheless, the Pacepa report is well worth your time and attention because he has a keen understanding of how the left has undermined our heritage through communist tactics, like disinformation, that confuse many people. You can sense by reading the pages of his report that he thinks America is slipping away from its founding principles, and that the communists are on the verge of total victory.

The Williams/Harrington book is also good at analyzing the sorry condition of America today, but falls short of making the case that Trump is another Reagan, although the comparison is offered to readers.

They say, “The resolve among Trump supporters has not been seen in this country since voters from across the political spectrum gathered together to replace Jimmy Carter with Ronald Reagan.”

That fervor is real and something to behold. The difference is that Reagan had a track record of involvement in the conservative movement and the Republican Party. Trump has neither. A long-time Democrat who contributed to the Clinton Foundation, he has basically engineered a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. The Republican Party establishment, which failed to stop Obama and gave Trump the opportunity to succeed, was overthrown.

This difference is important because many of the people backing Reagan were educated about conservative issues that Reagan also knew a lot about. By contrast, Trump touches on hot button issues, such as immigration, terrorism and common core, but does not seem able to articulate a message of why these issues matter and what he is going to do, in detail, to deal with them.

Nevertheless, the reaction to him is still as real as that which greeted Ronald Reagan. Anybody who has attended or watched one of Trump’s rallies knows there is a longing for another Reagan-type figure which can reverse America’s decline.

Can Trump be that figure?

In addition to his oratorical style of personal insults and one-liners, which have alienated many voters, his Achilles heel is the reluctance to address Russian aggression in the Middle East and Europe. Trump’s campaign connections to acolytes of Vladimir Putin have been made into a campaign issue by Hillary Clinton, herself a dupe of Putin when he exploited her Russian reset.

By contrast, Reagan never turned a blind eye to Russian aggression. He used a process known as “dialectical reversal” to turn the tables on Communists and promote a pro-freedom philosophy.

In an exchange of emails I had with the famed defector who is desperate to save America, Pacepa told me, “Our 2016 elections should exterminate nuclear terrorism and the bubonic plague of Marxism, which dispossessed over a trillion people of their properties, killed tens of millions, and transformed a third of the world into a gulag archipelago.”

His fear of nuclear terrorism is based on how an Islamic terrorist network with Russian support could strike America with no warning and make the body count on September 11, 2001, look minor by comparison.

That “bubonic plague of Marxism,” he makes clear, is carried by Hillary Clinton, and he says she intends to inflict it on America if she wins on November 8. Pacepa warns of America’s further decline into a European-style socialist state unable to defend itself or its allies.

The stakes are high. Regardless of what happens on November 8, the Trump movement will continue. Even if Mrs. Clinton wins the presidency and Democrats make gains in Congress, I don’t foresee Americans slinking away and giving up on the issues that Trump has emphasized.

Whether Trump turns around his campaign or not, this movement is real and determined to fight for American sovereignty, free enterprise capitalism, and educational reform.

We have seen in the squalor called Venezuela that the people may get beaten down, but they still see through the propaganda and disinformation when the products start disappearing from the store shelves and members of their families who protest the slide into socialism start “disappearing.” They understand that the rhetoric about “Socialism for the 21st Century” is a big lie.

Likewise, a Hillary regime in the U.S. may continue to accelerate the descent into socialism, but the American people will still resist. The Trump voters will not go away.

So Trump or no Trump, the “new American revolution,” as Williams and Harrington call it, will never die.

Will Trump become the “last peaceful effort to retake control of their party and their country?” That’s what Williams and Harrington suggest may come to pass.

Will the Republican Party end up on “the ash heap of history?” They also suggest this is possible if Trump goes down to defeat.

These are important questions. Another is, “Is Trump serious about winning this election?”

Losing a presidential election in 2016, with the Democratic candidate so weak, untrustworthy and offensive in so many ways, could not be blamed on incompetence alone.

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  • Bertharina Rina


    You can find truth about Israel, Jews, Zionism, Christian Zionism, Judaism in America’s ‘Veterans Today’
    – IT IS A PLOT –
    It is rather common knowledge that John Nelson Darby, Exclusive Brethren, was the one who introduced Dispensationalism and present End Time beliefs into the U.S.A. That has been to the detriment of the beliefs of millions. He followed the teachings of a former Jesuit priest and was Kabbalistic.
    There is also the necessity of investigating those beliefs within the early Healing Movement, the Pentecostalists and latterly the Charismatics. Would they also have experienced their own singular perversions from the Jews as was the case through Darby? Then one must consider the case as it might apply to Calvinists, Reformers and the Puritans. Was there a concerted effort to disseminate similar views in regard to Zionism, within the Anglican Church, the Methodists and the Baptists, indeed all divisions and denominations of the Protestant Church?
    This article is the result of an accidental viewing of a Jimmy Swaggart Sonlife Televised show. His grand-son was the speaker. He casually mentioned Myer Pearlman. That triggered a memory of my having bought his book for deep study, seventy years ago. Suddenly the possibility of his being Jewish struck me. Looking into the matter discovery was made that indeed he was. From that point, much research has evolved leading to conclusive answers to the above questions.
    Yes, Jews and Judaism were a formidable force of influence within Protestantism as it had been in the formation, rites and religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Every denomination has been infiltrated in some form by characteristics of the Judaism that was so adverse to Christianity throughout the whole of the New Testament. For centuries particularly the Roman Catholic Church but also the Orthodox Churches inherited in major ways symptoms of the Satanic order, the Synagogue of Satan. Since the Reformation every denomination that has sprung up carries this curse. The true doctrines of the New Testament have been turned into winds of doctrines that are doctrines of demons. This has occurred without a fight. We have failed to a large extent in putting on the whole armour of God, especially the sword of the Spirit, which is the true Word of God. Thus when the evil day came the church did not stand. She succumbed to the wiles of the Enemy, that old Serpent the Devil.
    There was Alexander Dowie, an Australian congregational preacher who founded Zion City in the U.S.A., based on his ministry of healing. A photo survives of him dressed as an Aaronic High Priest. John G. Lake was influenced by him in his own healing ministry that incorporated the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He also promulgated Zionism that existed in South Africa and in the Apostolic Faith Mission he founded. He is known for his healing ministry and experience with the Holy Ghost baptism. These preachers along with Mrs. Woodworth-Edder became predecessors of the Pentecostal and then Charismatic movements. Indeed the early healing preachers had some influence from Zionism.
    In relation to Myer Pearlman I searched on line for some knowledge of a few of his articles and came to the conclusion that there was nothing particularly Spiritual about them. It appeared that any person, knowing the then Assemblies of God teachings and some one as intellectual as he, could write without much personal knowledge of the gospel, of Jesus Christ Himself. It was not apparent that he emphasized a personal baptism with the Spirit but rather seemed barren of such but redolent of great learning. Continue to Read this articl at

  • sargnickfury

    Only in politics can people look and a continually successful and effective campaign and call it “lousy.” The pundits are as out of touch as the elites.

  • RMThoughts

    Just like Kincaid becomes the epitome of the Cold Warrior after the Cold War is over and the Soviet Union gone, he will be asking these important questions, “Is Trump serious about winning this election?” long after Trump is president.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    By ANY metric you choose to use, Trump is running the worst presidential campaign in US history. “Continually successful and effective”? Are you serious? He’s a freaking laughingstock! And it isn’t the fault of the media. It isn’t the fault of comedians. It isn’t the fault of Hilary Clinton. It is 100% HIS OWN FAULT. It’s absolutely unreal to me how deluded you people are.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “Can the Trump Revolution Save America?”

    Well, let’s see. Trump’s favorability rating is lower than those of cancer, bubonic plague, and head lice. I’m guessing nothing named after him is going to save anything. Once again, Kincaid is living in a fantasy land of his own design.

  • Szebran

    According to a recent ABCNews poll, Hillary’s unfavorable rating is near 60%. ABCNEws is pro Hillary. For them to come out with poll numbers like this is something to think about.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hmm, Reagan and Trump. That kind of reminds me of another outfit Reagan played all sorts of diplomatic games and cut budgetary corners to provide funding for. Oh yes, the Contras! What a great bunch of counter revolutionaries they turned out to be: Danny Ortega is still calling the shots in Managua.

  • Maggietish

    No matter how much the biased liberal press and the naysayers talk about Trump’s defeat it’s never going to happen. Really makes one wonder why people would want to have politics as usual when every day there’s another story that’s breaking about all of the outlandish corruption that’s taking place in Washington and particularly with Hillary Clinton. Trump is speaking for all of America and it’s the first time in a long time that working middle class people have gotten any type of attention or recognition because the Republican and Democratic parties are exactly the same totally corrupt and the only thing they care about is their own reelections, special interests, lobbyists and partisan politics.

  • BakkenBill

    Interesting. It certainly wouldn’t be beyond the powers that be among the elites to pull such a maneuver as Trump throwing the election.
    However I truly believe his driven purpose is the reparation of this country. Our demise is inevitable. But not for a time. That dreadful day is not now. Maybe in the days of our children, after one more generation of government education. Teaching a diluted, Orwellian history where no one person is sure of the facts anymore. Then…what will matter?
    I see Mr Trump still believing in the Red,White, and Blue, the way that I and many Babyboomers do. We are the followers of The Greatest Generation, and that legacy is still important for many of us. And we will fight in every way possible to maintain that freedom we perceive.
    Until that day, we are too old, too feeble, too few. But we will not stop as long as we have breath. Donald Trump, I believe, is one of Us.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You’ll keep telling yourself that. Right up until Election Day. Then you’ll whine that things are so gosh darned unfair. You’ll never acknowledge that you nominated a complete boob who never had a chance of winning.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Reagan had Trump’s number in the 1980s, something some still don’t have . Here is a clue.

    Trump Trashed Reagan Tax Cuts as Democrat-Called ‘Expert’ Witness

    House Democrats once summoned fellow liberal Donald Trump to Capitol Hill to testify about the alleged adverse effects of Ronald Reagan’s 1986 tax reforms.
    What is somewhat remarkable is that this clip wasn’t dug up by a conservative opposition research team, but rather by Trump’s own campaign — which proceeded to blast it out into the public bloodstream as evidence that “Mr. Trump” is an all-caps EXPERT on economic matters.
    And what conclusion did his “expertise” produce? I’ll let Trump answer that question in his own words. Again, this comes via Trump’s social media director, who — ta da! — can’t vote for his boss today because he’s not a Republican:……

  • steven

    Sadly enough no one including Donald Trump can save this country, only the people of this country can save this country.
    It is the young people who will either save this country or destroy it.
    If the young people are stupid enough to destroy this country as it was, it is they who will inherit the consequences of their actions.

    All I can say is the founding fathers and all the brave men and women who died for this country are spinning in their graves.

  • Steven Barrett

    Lighten up will ya? Hanging crepe won’t help. Besides, what you’ve shared is hardly original. Hardly.

  • Steven Barrett

    Write for yourself Bakkenbill. As for myself or most people, I don’t play with the immigration laws just to bring models into the country on specious grounds. That’s one step above white slavery. So write for yourself and leave the rest of us out of Donald Trump’s load of crap. He’s not one of the vast majority of the 99.999999999 percentile. Most of us have far greater values to which we’d never stoop to just to make a buck.

  • BakkenBill

    II write my. Own thoughts/opinions. And that’s it.
    A vote for Hillary I’ll bring the end.
    You’ve only the two choices.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL big huuuuge, Big! I’m shocked, huuuuuuuge time shocked. You wouldn’t give Jill Stein any consideration? Or those two Yankees, one of whom acts like he literally stepped out of O’Connor’s “The Last Hurrah?”

  • Steven Barrett

    You really should read all of David McCullough’s “John Adams.” All of it.

  • BakkenBill

    If, and truthfully, if anyone, I do mean Anyone, had a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating that Traitor Bitch, other than Trump I’d be all for it. Unfortunately I see nobody that can pull the votes with this screwed up Electoral process we have.
    That Sir, is the sad truth. At best we may be able to delay our own demise. Delay.
    We’ll just have to watch and wait. Hope for the best, and prepare fore the worst. ” Si vis pacem para bellum”

  • Steven Barrett

    “That Sir, is the sad truth. At best we maybe able to delay our own demise. Delay.”
    Bill, thank you for at least calling me “Sir,” LOL, there’s been a helluvalotta days when I think that word vanished into thin air. So I’ve gotta do you the honor of directing a humorous musical pikkerupper to pull your spirits up. Don’t worry, I won’t have you humming “It’s a long way .. to .. No-vember, it’s a long way to-go.” But I understand and empathize. Truly I do. Having pulled for George McGovern and Jimmy Carter, I can understand what a lot of conservatives must be thinking.
    Try listening to this and here’s the lyrics … jes’ in case. son . I laughed my caucus off the first time I heard it.

  • Ellen

    Trump can lead the people to save our country. Killary will sell it to anyone that will vote for her, including the illegals and criminals. She does not care for our country at all. The only thing that matters is herself, her family and her pocketbook. And she was not only careless, she was also stupid as a Secretary of State. VOTE TRUMP.

  • Jack Parsons

    It is easy to save the country with this Five Point Program:
    1) Get the U.S. out of the U.N.
    2) End the Fed.
    3) Repeal 16th Amendment.
    4) Repeal 17th Amendment.
    5) Congress uses Article III Section. 2. to regulate the Supreme Court

  • Steven Barrett

    Ever notice that almost every time Trump shoves his foot in his mouth for breakfast, lunch n’ dinner, and of course his popularity ratings keep diving lower than the subways that run close by his Fifth Avenue Skyscraper, all of a sudden, a batch of email stories are left to drip their way through the mediasphere? It’s the only way Trump and his party has a chance of winning until Hillary KO’s The Donald in the first debate to end this awful presidential campaign which began in 2012, which of course reminds me to tell you all, get ready for 2020. It’s “never too early.”

  • TruthAlone

    Trump did not have a hostile takeover of the HOP. We the people voted for him to represent us as President. Trump has been involved in politics for years. I happen to love Trump who brings hope to America

  • phrowt

    Tired of all the lies? Join the Campaign of Truth by reading not only Pacepa’s report but also “Trumped” by Williams & Harrington. Educate those you know about the extreme danger America is facing. You have a voice, Use it.

  • Steven Barrett

    I can see from your photograph how much younger you are than I. But if you don’t mind some friendly advice from a guy whose list of political crushed hopes n’ disappointments has helped contribute to a certain healthy callousing in my rear (which comes in handy around election day), don’t allow yourself to appear so innocently and impressionably young for the eyes of such political sharks to take advantage of your political soul, which like a real soul and mind, is far too precious to lose, esp. to sharks like Trump and his crowd.

  • BakkenBill

    Mr Barrett, I Thank you, again sir. Willie n Merle always lighten the spirit. It’s already gone to pot.
    We could only dream about “Rainbow Stew”.

  • Steven Barrett

    Glad to make your day, Bill. I’ll have to check out the “Rainbow Stew” later on. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  • Karen Bracken

    I have read Trumped by Williams/Harrington and I did not come away with the feeling they compared Trump to Reagan but that the movement we are seeing with Trump is like the movement we saw with Reagan. So I believe the comparison was not between the two men but the movement. Reagan had been a politician for many, many years before he became President. He also was a Democrat at one time. Trump supported Reagan and he also endorsed and $upported Romney. He has played both sides of the fence as many of us have done. I have never been a party person and more people should be the same way. I vote and support the person not the party and I have found some very good Democrats in my time (not many but a few). Trump might not be the answer to our prayers but I do believe he will slow things down and give Americans a chance to right the ship because it will depend on us not one man to fix America. The reason we are in this mess is because too many Americans spend more time watching football then holding their elected accountable and knowing what their elected are doing. It is like a bad parent who doesn’t discipline their children. The children run wild and out of control. This is what we have done. We have been bad parents and have allowed our elected to do as they please. We cannot do that again. If Trump gets elected we MUST stay even more involved and diligent than every before or we will lost our country just 4 years later than planned. VOTE TRUMP and get involved!!!

  • Karen Bracken

    Might I add:
    shut down ALL unconstitutional federal agencies starting with US Dept of Education, DOT, HUD, EPA, DOE and Homeland Security
    End anchor baby citizenship
    End welfare, education, healthcare, food stamps, jobs for ALL illegals
    Speak ONLY English in our schools and government offices

  • Karen Bracken

    I have read TRUMPED. It is a great book and a must have for those that need to hear the plain and simple truth and the solution.

  • Karen Bracken

    Obama did not WIN any election. It was won for him through voter fraud and the media withholding the truth about him.

  • Karen Bracken

    Big deal. He isn’t a traitor. He isn’t a murderer. He didn’t sit in Congress for years and REFUSE to impeach the most impeachable President in the history of this country. He also isn’t a fraud like some of the candidates that ran have been proven to be. IE Rubio, Cruz and Jindal. None of which are natural born citizens. He isn’t perfect but only God is perfect and he is not running for President. The alternative is Hillary Clinton. I will take Trump anyway even if he was against Reagan’s tax plan. Many others were too but I also have found Trump is willing to change his mind when facts are presented to him that show him he was wrong.

  • Karen Bracken

    Trump has skin in the game. Unlike the politicians that were running. If this country fails so does everything Trump has worked for and the family legacy dies too. So a man with skin in the game is to be more trusted than a bureaucrat that will survive while the rest of us are on the bread line.

  • Karen Bracken

    Jill Stein the Commuinst?? Are you doing drugs or something?? Gary Johnson another one that believes in abortion, open borders, TPP, amnesty.

  • J.b. Williams

    The danger in thinking that we know everything is that we don’t….. it is a real challenge to share information with people who already know everything…. but here’s to trying…. A brief TV interview on the real context of TRUMPED: The New American Revolution… I don’t know everything…. I but I know these things, which every American needs to know as well.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Radio Archive: What Donald Trump Said About Hillary Clinton, Guns, More

    By Mark Maremont and Michael Rothfeld

    The Wall Street Journal Jul 11, 2016

    Donald Trump between 2004 and 2008 recorded a
    daily 60-second commentary that was aired on several hundred radio stations across the U.S. On the program, named “Trumped!,” the New York businessman gave his thoughts about current
    events, relationships, women and politics.

    In the commentaries, Mr. Trump said Hillary Clinton would “make a good president,” took the same position as gun-control advocates who opposed a West Virginia law allowing hunting-education in

    Here is a selection of what Mr. Trump said in the Trumped! segments:

    In March 2008, Mr. Trump, commenting on the 2008 Democratic primaries, says Hillary Clinton would make a “good president or a good vice president” and a lot of people think pairing her with Barack Obama would be a “dream ticket