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The mainstream media are celebrating, as a deal has been reached between Iran and the P5+1 nations. It appears, however, to be a complete capitulation by the West. CNN described it as “historic,” along the lines of Richard Nixon’s deal with China, which certainly must be music to President Obama’s ears.

But even as terms of the deal are starting to emerge, the holes in the agreement are becoming clear.

“Initial readings of the deal also indicate that Iran will be given the right to veto so-called ‘anywhere, anytime’ inspections of Iranian nuclear sites,” reports Adam Kredo for The Washington Free Beacon. “This concession has caused concern that Tehran will be able to continue hiding its nuclear work and potentially continue in secret along the pathway to a bomb.”

“In one of the most controversial concessions made by the Obama administration, a United Nations embargo on arms will also be lifted within around five years as part of the deal…” he writes. “A similar embargo on the construction of ballistic missiles, which could carry a nuclear payload, also will expire in around eight years under the deal.” So much for this deal being strictly about Iran’s nuclear program, as Secretary of State John Kerry has frequently asserted, such as when he was asked why the four Americans being held by the Iranians were not part of this agreement.

Regardless of what President Obama has said, the deal is not verifiable. Just the opposite. It actually rewards Iran with more than $100 billion in sanctions relief, money that is certain to be used by the totalitarian regime to continue to expand its hegemonic and terrorist pursuits. No one will be more determined to overlook any violations than the Obama administration, which is heavily invested in this as the President’s foreign policy legacy, which has mostly been a disaster. Obama is convinced, and rightly so, that the media will help him sell this debacle as a great foreign policy achievement.

It is clear that the two sides have different interpretations of the deal, just as they did with the so-called “framework” agreement reached in April of this year. In the official Iranian news agency IRNA the Iranians triumphantly declare that:

  • “All nuclear installations and sites are to continue their work contrary to the early demands of the other party, none of them will be dismantled;”
  • “The policy on preventing enrichment uranium is now failed and Iran will go ahead with its enrichment program;”
  • “Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will remain intact, no centrifuges will be dismantled and research and development on key and advanced centrifuges such as IR-4, IR-5, IR-6, IR-8 will continue;” and
  • “All economic, financial sanctions in banking, finance, oil, gas, petrochemical, commerce, insurance and transportations leveled by the European Union and the US under the pretext to Iran’s nuclear program, will be lifted on early stages of the agreement.”

In addition, there are many details yet to be resolved, as this statement from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) makes clear. It refers to the “Road-map between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear programme.” It includes a series of target dates this year to set “out a clear sequence of activities over the coming months, including the provision by Iran of explanations regarding outstanding issues.” In other words, details to be worked out later. But in the meantime, UN sanctions will have been lifted, taking virtually all of the pressure off of Iran to cooperate with the IAEA and the P5+1.

The media appear uninterested in detailing the number of red lines that have been broken by this administration. Here are just a couple:

  • The Secretary of State first said in 2013 that Iran did not have a right to enrich uranium. This agreement legitimizes Iranian enrichment only by limiting the “type” of centrifuge used and amount of uranium stockpiled and enriched.
  • Iran was supposed to submit to “anywhere, anytime” inspections. Now, it has “a very protracted process of advance warning and ‘consultation’ to resolve concerns.”

The editor of the Times of Israel has laid out “16 reasons nuke deal is an Iranian victory and a Western catastrophe,” including this: “Was the Iranian regime required, as a condition for this deal, to disclose the previous military dimensions of its nuclear program—to come clean on its violations—in order both to ensure effective inspections of all relevant facilities and to shatter the Iranian-dispelled myth that it has never breached its non-proliferation obligations? No.”

Also, “Has the Iranian regime been required to submit to ‘anywhere, anytime’ inspections of any and all facilities suspected of engaging in rogue nuclear-related activity? No. And there are 14 more.

The Daily Signal, a publication of The Heritage Foundation, laid out “…the Truth About 6 of Obama’s Iran Deal Claims,” including this claim, that “Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off.” Yet, as The Daily Signal points out, Iran is permitted to retain its enrichment infrastructure, including advanced centrifuges. The administration’s concession on uranium enrichment is a serious blow to a decade old principle of U.S. nonproliferation policy. The United States worked very hard in the past to prevent allies from developing indigenous uranium enrichment capability because technologies for uranium enrichment and weapons grade enrichment are the same.”

In addition, from The Daily Signal, “Yet Iran, which developed this capability in defiance of its existing international obligations, is being rewarded for its bad behavior by lifting sanctions on its country, including sanctions concerning shipping, arms sales, transportation, banking and precious metal trade.”

President Barack Obama declared back in 2013 that no deal would be better than a bad deal. So did his State Department spokeswoman, his chief negotiator, United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, and Secretary of State John Kerry, who called for more time to negotiate.

“We have now gotten to the point where the President was saying a year ago, ‘No deal is better than a bad deal,’ and he’s now to the point where any deal will be fine,” argued KT McFarland, an American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation senior fellow and the moderator of a very informative and underreported panel held last month by the ACU.

“Critics of the nuclear deal sought by President Obama fear that this will be a dangerous deal because of too many one sided U.S. concessions to Iran,” Clare Lopez, a member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, presciently noted.

“Iran will keep all of its nuclear infrastructure, including a plutonium-producing heavy-water reactor,” she wrote.  “And the U.S. reportedly has now pledged to provide Iran technical assistance to further develop its nuclear program.” These concessions appear in the text of the final deal.

Lopez, who participated in the aforementioned ACU event, added that Iran continues to condemn Jews as cockroaches, bacteria, and insects.

“There has never been a year since 1988 or so when the Iranians did not have a clandestine nuclear weapons program,” Lopez said. “The one they are negotiating in Geneva, in Vienna, in Lausanne, that’s the overt side of the program, that’s just the overt part.”

“We don’t know what we don’t know about the covert part but we are pretty confident there is one.”

President Obama is not only using his executive power to engage a hostile, theocratic Iranian regime, he is also trying to pressure future presidents and Congress into perpetuating his damaging policies. His administration is also bending over backwards not to offend the Iranian regime, while this totalitarian government does everything possible to humiliate the United States.

Obama wants a much-needed foreign policy victory during his second term in office. The violations, and the disastrous consequences, can come later—and be blamed on the missteps of a future administration.

The ultimate solution to the Iranian nuclear question—and to the issue of Iran as the leading sponsor of terrorism—is regime change. But world powers are not ready for such a discussion—and neither are the media.

Congress still has a chance to stop this “agreement” from going forward, but President Obama requires only 34 U.S. senators to prevent the override of his veto if they disapprove. Congress has 60 days to consider the deal before voting on it. There is an event in New York City’s Times Square next Wednesday, July 22, with a distinguished list of individuals who will be speaking out about the dangers of this deal, why it can’t be trusted, and what should be done to stop it. The list includes former military leaders, CIA officers, congressmen, and other policy and political activists. You can see the full list of participants here.

Israel, which arguably has the most to lose, will surely be advocating against this agreement. Even so, there will be an intense, bruising conflict to move this deal along to the point of implementation. We know that the media will be doing everything possible to play down the risks and likely implications of this agreement. But will that be enough, along with an Obama administration that pays little attention to the law, the Constitution, and America’s best interests?

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    The deal means better oil prices for the elite so why would any legislator want to derail the deal or say they would , except to deceive the public – Before considering anything they say , I’d compare their portfolio first –

    US Senators’ average annual stock performance beat the market average by approximately 12.3%, while stock purchases made by corporate insiders on average outperform the market by 7.4% and stock portfolios of the average US household underperform the market by 1.5%.

  • John Cunningham

    NO! Remember the Corn Husker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase? Barack Obama will do any and everything to get this deal. America was a goner when Obama was elected. This is just the final nail in the coffin.

  • John Cunningham

    Also, remember one of the Administrations main talking point was do we want war or peace? Well, I want war before nuclear war. Barack Obama is scared to death to face a ground war with Iran while he is president. So, this is just one more way Obama kicks the can down the road. My Wife always called procrastination.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Boy, these pals at AIM know how to see things through the proper prism, as Aronoff attests to it in this piece of his.

    A few constructive comments are warranted, however.

    The terminology here should be “repudiated and/or blocked” (…as the utter abomination that the Obama-Iran deal is), rather than “derailed”; the latter connoting the undoing of something good…whereas Obama’s
    traitorous deal with the Iranian regime is an abomination pointing to
    the existence of America..

    “Repudiated”, by an specifically ad-hoc measure passed by the two cameras of the U.S. Congress (i.e., the House and the Senate), and if such measure cannot become law for being effectively vetoed by Obama, “blocked” by a strafe of fund-denial by the House and Senate Republicans.

    Realize that overriding Obama’s vetoes is impossible, for 2/3 overriding votes are needed in each of the two cameras. The specific problem being that the vast majority of Democrats in each of the two Democrat caucuses in the U.S. Congress (i.e., the one in the House and the other in the Senate) constitute a sizable part of the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party, i.e., the embodiment of the traitorous domestic hardcore-Left in America, with Obama at the tip of its spearhead. That is, the vast majority of, if not all, Democrat members of the U.S. Congress and Obama are ideologically one and the same. They all are faithfully engaged in the destruction of the America of the Founding Fathers.

    The kernel here is that the Obama-Iran deal must be either repudiated or blocked.

    Rest assured that –with the Obama-Iran deal in place– the Iranian Shiite-theocracy will get the bomb.

    And, the Iranian Shiite-theocracy is obsessed with HASTENING the reappearance of the 12th Imam, to which effect the planet –or at least the human species– must get destroyed. The Iranian Shiite Theocracy is of the “Twelver” kind.

    And a round-robin thermonuclear and nuclear exchange triggered by a nuclear launch by the Iranian Twelver Shiite-theocracy’s either against Israel or against America or against American sea or land forces in regions in the neighborhood.

    But the gist here is that such traitorous deal by Obama with the Iranian Twelver Shiite-theocracy regime is doggedly supported by the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party, and by a sizable part of its “cytoplasm”. And such nucleus and cytoplasm, as Obama is, are engaged actively in the destruction of the Founders’ America. And some of them, are even supportive of the catastrophic physical destruction of America (i.e., the Mother of All Transformations Obama dreams of), to, then, from her smoldering ashes, rebuild America along the lines of Marxist socialism as a steppingstone toward Marxist communism. There are maniacs in the ideological nucleus and in some large sectors of the cytoplasm of the Democrat Party that “think” like such sort of anti-American “catastrophism”.

    Furthermore, to make it worse, the vast majority of Republicans in the U.S. Congress (i.e., House and Senate) is a putrid salad of RINOs, establishment-Republicans, libertarians, centrists and elitist-conservatives; hence unable of effectively manacling politically/ideologically this maniacal juggernaut (Obama) in his destruction of America

    Only if genuine grassroots-conservatives become a voting overwhelmingly effective majority, the America of the Founding Fathers will survive and get overall strengthened, thus inspiring and supporting those countries at the table of nations desperately gasping for freedom.

    And such overwhelming majority of genuine grassroots-conservative voters can be attained relatively easily: Let’s go after the more than 90 million (aka 90Mers) Americans of voting age that don’t vote. The vast majority of them are non-leftist, with 40 million of them being Evangelicals, and with instincts in congruence with America’s core traditions. And there is only one step from traditionalism to grassroots-conservatism.

    And it can be done relatively easily for:
    1- The Evangelicals can be reminded that when Jesus said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”, Jesus logically meant that we humans, in addition to taking proper care of obeying, loving, and worshiping God, we must also take proper care of doing our earthly things, for example, things related to societal governance, that is, participating in politics. Those Evangelicals are a whopping 40 MILLION!!!

    2- Reaching out to those few among the 90Mers that are in our individually personal circle: e.g., relatives, co-workers, neighbors, fellow church-members, sports pals, hobby, and even perfect strangers we stumble on during our daily and occasional life activities, e.g., taxi drivers, air-travel next seat passengers, nurses, cashiers, waiters, physicians, etc. We have our own personal quota of 90Mers, and we must bring onto them full awareness of the dire situation that mainly the traitorous domestic hardcore-Left (i.e., the Democrat Party’s ideological nucleus and driving engine), the complicit RINOs, the accommodative establishment Republicans, the ideologically dichotomous libertarians, the addicted-to-detente-with-the-Left elitist-conservatives, and the ideologically-flaccid (i.e., easily malleable) centrists. We must, next, evangelize them into genuine, reflective (as opposed to spontaneous and shallow) grassroots-conservatism, and then, effectively persuade them to registering to vote, and then, volunteer, donate, campaign, and vote for genuinely conservative issues and candidates.

    Then we will have the super majority of voters needed to send authentic grassroots-conservatives to elected posts at all levels of government –i.e., city, special district (e.g., public schools, transportation, utilities, etc.), county/parish/borough, state, and federal– across the nation, from sea to shining sea. And that thorough cleanup has to be as such, for the leftist infection in America has been made become metastatic and septicemic.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    At this juncture, your view in not longer a traditional-politics one, but a very naive one; Obama and the rest of the ideologically-hardcore-Left nucleus of the Democrat Party are engaged, not in “kicking cans”, but in destroying (aka “fundamentally transforming”) our Founding Fathers’ America.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov prophesied that even for meager profits, or even for juicy ones pointing to self-destruction: “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”.

    If it is suicidal greed what drives all U.S. House representatives and U.S. senators, as you propose, the result will be as equally lethal as if the drive were –which in reality it is– an uncanny immiscible and eclectic emulsion of hardcore-Left ideology and mere profit gluttony.

    Better look at this things through the prism of hardcore-Left ideology (i.e., thought spanning from fascism, to social-“democracy”, to “democratic”-socialism, to Marxism, to Leninism, and even tocommunistic-anarchism).

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Germany was selling the Middle East so many weapons that it started recently establishing legislation to regulate such sales. Of course from WW1 with the Merchants of Death to the Thyssen and Rockefeller combo of WW2 – Germany and America have been the two largest racketeering nations the worlds ever known ! These people would kill every one of a planet to make a single dime –

  • Peter

    I like the way you think and write. You could be leadership material. You are passionate and a thinking woman which is admirable, you are thought provoking. Welcome to your deMOCKracy.
    Too many of us have been banging our heads against the wall, and no result.
    It seems impossible to awaken the dimwitted people from their sheepishness.
    Their food is still on the table, their income stream continues, I think till September/October, their favourite football team still goes to air. They cannot be distracted from their beloved distractions.
    All this traitorous treachery against the Founder’s America is nearing checkmate. The game is nearly over, if not over bar the shouting. Obama and the deMOCKrats have mutinied against the good ship America. America is ‘all at sea’ and seasick. A better word than traitorous is ‘treasonous’. Undercover DeMOCKrats have without a shadow of doubt infiltrated the Republicans. Was not George Bush a Republican? The only thing he did right was refuse to ratify America into the Rome International Criminal Court, thereby protecting the gulags of American detention and torture without charge or trial, and without redress.
    So America has a treasonous President and bi-cameral Congress. What are you American’s going to do about it? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Americans are ‘yella’ and Obama knows it, and will run with it. Americans cannot rely on how their fellow American’s will vote. That is a definite unmanageable uncertainty, called the unknown.
    Americans need to unite themselves into a single party of voters called ‘Votelink’ to counter the party system which according to Elihu Root are a ‘ ‘necessary evil’, composing of an army with its commanding officer. This will eliminate the unknown outcome of elections. Even this is doomed to failure because politicians will lie on oath till election day, conveniently brush aside that oath, and get on with the business of scuttling America. DeMOCKracy as usual will prevail.
    The Pope and Reagan met during the Reagan years for a discussion. For thirty years it was not open to the public till its release for purposes of historic evaluation. The Reader’s Digest published it. There were three Internationales, the red Internationale, the black Internationale and the gold Internationale.
    The gold was capitalism, the red was communism, the black stood for the black robes of the priests and nuns. The pope contrived with Reagan that the black and gold Internationales should conspire to bring down the red Internationale.
    The USSR was disbanded and the iron curtain came down uniting East and West Berlin and Germany. Success is not so sweet. Now the Black Internationale also called the ‘Third Way’ is on its way to dismantling the American Union – the United States.
    The Skull and Bones, the ‘Jolly Roger’ pirate flag and the Vatican flag with its mitre and under crossed keys are all similar in their design to the Chiro over struck Greek xP symbol (not possible on this keyboard). The Encyclopaedia Britannica under Apocalypse (1962) shows this symbol to be the number 616 in Greek numbering. The Roman apex of secret societies is privy to ALL secrets (Ezekiel 28:3), but nevertheless not infallible (Ezekiel 28:2,6).
    How many have seen Alex Jones’ exposee on ‘Bohemian Grove’ on Youtube?
    This features world leaders before an owl offering a child (doll?) to Molech, saying ritualistically, “I bury care”. Now go to and look up from the archives ‘Bohemian Grove’. All you see now in black and white from 30 – 50 years ago is cardinals bishops and priests, where now these have gone behind the scenes to be replaced by so-called treasonous NWO world dignitaries.
    Just as the American government gave Humvees to Isis. So they now might as well give nuclear capability to Iran, because Obama is urging Iran on to that capability anyway.
    America, all you have left is the Second Amendment and its reason for existence, and Isaiah 27:9. God Bless American citizens – not their government.
    The time is now, not to have that yellow streak.

  • Peter


  • RMThoughts

    Only one nation in the Middle East has nuclear weapons. Only one nation in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation agreement and, refuses IAEA inspections. Only one nation in the Middle East has been caught selling a clandestine nuclear weapon (to the former government of South Africa). Only one nation threatens bombing nuclear facilities in Iran or infecting it with a computer virus to cause a melt-down, so that what happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, will be done deliberately.

    The neocon warhaws on cue from Netanyahu demands the world get a better deal from Iran, which HAS signed the nuclear non-proliferation agreement, DOES allow IAEA inspections, and has not initiated a war of conquest against another nation.

    Israel, not Iran Is the only nuclear threat In the Middle East

  • Marshall Goodman

    “Adolph” Hussein Obama will soon start talking about the 1,000-year caliphate. Let’s hope and pray for Israel.

    Ultimately, I blame our nation’s current situation on abortion. Just as a lot of people people would vote mindlessly for Democrats to keep slavery
    legal, now we people voting for Democrats again based on a single
    issue: abortion. This provided political cover to our enemies within, the traitors among us, and they now have gained the unfettered means to plunder and purge from the highest offices and positions in the land.

  • Simon

    If Iran did not have an objective of nuclear armament, who would Israel be a threat to? The land mass and population of the Arab nations is equivalent to the United States and Israel land mass and population is equivalent to New Jersey. It is said Israel is the most powerful military in the region. Why then has Israel not pursued more “neocon” objectives?

  • walterr44

    When did Israel threaten Iran with annihilation?
    When did Israel threaten any Arab country with annihilation.?
    How many American Soldiers were killede in Iraq by Iranian proxies