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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is standing in the way of a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by liberal Democrat Donald J. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for 2016. Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper on May 5, “I think conservatives want to know, ‘Does he share our values and our principles on limited government, the proper role of the executive, adherence to the Constitution?’” Trump responded by saying, in part, that “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.”

So what is the Ryan agenda? These are some of the items on that agenda and what Trump has to say about them:

  • Ryan became known as an advocate of reforms of entitlement spending programs that threaten to bankrupt the nation. “If we don’t reform our programs, they’re going to go bankrupt,” Ryan points out. Trump, by contrast, says that he will leave entitlement spending untouched. Indeed, Trump called attention to a liberal campaign attack ad purporting to show Ryan pushing a grandmother off of a cliff. “Remember the wheelchair being pushed over the cliff when you had Ryan chosen as your vice president?” he said to a crowd at a South Carolina rally. “That was the end of the campaign, by the way, when they chose Ryan.”
  • Ryan consistently gets a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. Trump, by contrast, said in 1999 that he would not ban partial birth abortion and that, “I’m very pro-choice.” He now claims to be pro-life.
  • “Student debt is now bigger than credit card debt,” Ryan says. “Why don’t we break up the college cartel and let students try different options?” In a 2014 speech and policy document, Ryan proposed giving students more options through accreditation reform that would increase competition and reduce costs. Ryan calls this breaking up the “college cartel.” By contrast, Trump has no “official plan” to deal with college costs, except to somehow reform the federal student loan system, The Daily Caller has reported. The publication Inside Higher Ed says a Trump college education plan is now “emerging” under the guidance of Sam Clovis, the national co-chair and policy director of Trump’s campaign. Clovis is described as a tenured professor of economics at Morningside College, a small private college in Iowa.

In refusing to endorse Trump, Ryan told Tapper, “…as a conservative, I want to see a verification that our conservative principles will be championed, will be run on, will be represented, and will be brought to the public in the country in a way that’s appealing for us to be successful.”

Ryan, who earned a degree in economics and political science at Miami University of Ohio, has been a member of the conservative movement for more than two decades. He worked as an aide to Senator Bob Kasten (R-WI) on the Senate Small Business Committee, did policy analysis at the think tank Empower America for former Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY), and then served as legislative director to then-Congressman Sam Brownback (R-KS). He moved back to Wisconsin in 1998 where he ran for Congress and was elected. He was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Budget Committee, and running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012, before being elected House speaker in 2015. His website describes him as a “committed conservative” who advocates “real solutions that will expand opportunity for all Americans.”

He told Tapper, “I think we sometimes forget just how successful we have been. We have the biggest house majority since 1928. We have 54 Republican Senate seats. We have state legislative majorities and governorships that we haven’t seen in years and decades. And so we’ve done extremely well. Our party is having, enjoying success because we’ve unified around common conservative principles, and we have one more hill to climb, one more mountaintop. That’s the presidency.”

Trump’s involvement with the conservative movement mostly consists of financial contributions to the American Conservative Union in recent years, at a time when he was considering running for president as a Republican.

Trump keeps saying that he’s gotten millions of votes in the Republican presidential primaries. By contrast, Ryan was officially elected as speaker of the House after he got the votes of 236 members by the full House of Representatives.

The Heritage Action Scorecard gives Ryan an overall grade of 63 percent, which is the average for House Republicans. For the year 2015, the American Conservative Union gave Ryan a 78 percent, with a lifetime rating of 89 percent.

A rating system devised by political scientists Keith Poole and Howard Rosenthal determined that Ryan “would be the most conservative House speaker in generations.” The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said “he has spent much of his career pushing the GOP in a more conservative direction on the role of government and urging his party to be bolder in drawing contrasts with Democrats.”

By contrast, Trump has said, “Don’t forget—this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party.” This comment came during an ABC “This Week” interview and appeared in a Washington Post article headlined, “How Donald Trump is running to the left of Hillary Clinton.”

Trump supporter Newt Gingrich, a former Republican House Speaker, acknowledged on “Fox News Sunday” on May 15 that “Donald Trump is not a traditional conservative. He has never claimed to be a traditional conservative…”

On the same program, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said Trump is “certainly not a conservative.” He explained, “You look at the issues, particularly issues of the heart like issues of life and marriage and family that are clear in our party platform. I mean, here is the guy who suggested he was going to appoint his pro-abortion sister to the U.S. Supreme Court and that seems to be the remaining issue—is that conservatives are supposed to vote for Donald Trump because of Supreme Court nominees.” He also cited “this bathroom [transgender] issue” that Trump has been “all over the map on…”

He added, “I have a nine-year-old and he can’t even listen to the guy on television. How will he bridge that gap? I don’t know. But when you live and die by the media and that was his entire primary campaign, it’s going to be a tough election moving into November 8th.”

The comments of Huelskamp, who supported conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the campaign, were preceded by similar remarks from Cruz himself. “This election will be studied for the role of the media, and in particular network executives, that they made in terms of promoting the candidate that they had chosen, they wanted to win,” Cruz said, after having dropped out of the race. “Trump has received now over $3 billion in free airtime.”

But Cruz predicted that the news organizations that favored Trump with massive coverage will now unleash a “ferocious fury” against him, in order to elect Hillary Clinton as president. Cruz said, “…I think it’s a very dangerous dynamic that we have right now.”

In a joint statement after their first meeting, on May 12, Ryan and Trump referred to Republican “shared principles” and a “conservative agenda,” but acknowledged “differences.” It’s difficult to see how those “differences” can be bridged to the satisfaction of conservatives like Huelskamp. And even if they can be bridged or papered over, what about the media “fury” that will now be used to destroy his campaign, partly by using his own inflammatory and vulgar words against him?

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Trump is a liberal now? You’re getting really desperate, Kincaid.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I think the political parties will have to come to some understanding that the political system breaches vastly beyond any political system in the world including communist Red China – Obama refuses to force the IRS to collect taxes to give the Democratic an unfair political advantage in the elections even though these organizations
    owe billions of dollars to the IRS – Soros already owes around 7 billion dollars in taxes ! How much does he owe here for using these illegal exemptions and how long has he been using it in an illegal facet –
    The Democratic lobbies are in mass violation of tax evasion – – . HOW MANY YEARS HAS MOVE ON , CAP AND THE SOROS FOUNDATION BEEN USING THIS ILLEGAL EXEMPTION – The court openly states here that substantial lobbying efforts are not legal exemptions which has always been a component of the 501(c)(3) code – In other words these organizations should be lobbying with their own money – The entire code was set up to protect us from 3rd party organizations controlling the government –…/high-court…/ They also denoted that they must not lend its imprimatur to political activity at all. — What’s going on here – Bernie Sanders Gets Endorsement from Soros’ MoveOn…/ Quote – With a record-setting 78.6 percent of 340,665 votes cast by the MoveOn membership, Senator Bernie Sanders has won Political Action’s endorsement for president with the largest total and widest margin in MoveOn history,” the George Soros founded group states on its website today.
    Why should working Americans pay taxes if the rich won’t –

  • Rehbock

    If you want accuracy in Media don’t call Trump a liberal in your headline. He is mentally Ill but that is not really the same.

  • basalisk

    And you’re getting desperate trolling.

  • RMThoughts

    As we learn “principled”, “movement” or “true” conservatives and their vaunted ideals included open borders, amnesty, TTP/TTIP, Job and sovereignty killing “free” trade treaties, Omnibus budgets that are not budgets at all, Voting Hillary, etc.,etc.,

    Trump’s conservative principles center around a border wall and more scrutiny of Muslim migrants and refugees.Trump supporters also understand how neoliberal globalist free trade deals have destroyed US manufacturing jobs.

    Ryan’s “movement” conservatives want open borders, TTP/TTIP, muslim immigration, globalist lopsided trade, Ryan Omnibus and perpetual war

    “Conservative Ryan” is beginning to ring hollow. In fact, “making America great again” is starting to sound much more “conservative”.

  • RMThoughts

    Things that make you go hmmm?: Paul Ryan’s wife is a millionaire lobbyist for the Democrats..

  • RMThoughts

    NWO GLOBALISM to the list of vaunted “Conservative Principles.”

    It’s the GOPe unspoken Globalist Agenda that is causing all their vitriol. It’s the thing of which they dare not speak. The thing Trump has dragged out into the sunlight, but which they must pretend does not exist!

    The DC RAT pack labeling Trump as NOT CONSERVATIVE just means TRUMP IS NOT A GLOBALIST. It really boils down to that simple fact.

  • hap46

    The strict conservative GOP platform is not working. I’ve been saying we need a major shakeup in our presidential race. I was hoping for a very popular third party but it has not materialized. Donald Trump has been the answer to middle-class voters, plus the huge Baby Boomer generation, as well as the young folks. Let him continue and we’ll see what happens in November. He has brought “change”; something that had to happen sooner or later. Obama has just become a dictator with his pen and decrees.

  • markincharlotte

    Frankly, I don’t care what RYAN says or doesn’t say. He lost all credibility with the passage of the OBAMAomnibus. I didn’t vote for Ryan, nor will I vote for any #ProHillary Republicans.

  • rivahmitch

    You lost me at the title of your article. Paul Ryan is NOT a conservative. He favors “trade agreements” which sign away U.S. sovereignty, Boehner budget sell outs, and bringing Islamic jihadists to America and continuing the extensive support of economic parasites (whether individuals, corporations or nations). By what standard (other than that of the Democommunist media) is he a “conservative”?

  • Hambone

    Kincaid once again is off in left field somewhere. Ryano rubber-stamped The Mole’s entire budget without so much as a blink. Ryano MAY have been conservative at some time in the past. He does not demonstrate those bona fides today.

    That Ryano, McInsane, Grahamnesty, Rummy, G.reat W.arrior Bush, Bob Dole Bob Dole, etc. etc. SAY they are conservative is as meaningless as the networks and the NYT & WaPo claiming to be news organizations. LOL. They are nothing more than butt-boys for the New Communist Party=Democrats.
    And Ryano is but an ass-kissing lackey for the K Street Corpsss who OWN our “representatives.”

    Trump is not a conservative either. He runs his mouth like a fool, his fund of knowledge is way short on cash, and he talks too much. Did I mention he runs his mouth? Doing an interview with the evil witch Mygynnn Kelly is as stupid a move as he could make.

    That said, I believe he is a patriot, time and again he has brought in projects under budget and under deadline, and he has hit on core issues that NO ONE ELSE would have touched.
    He has lit the PC Rulebook on fire and tossed it out the window. Illegal immigration. Stopping the flood of Muslims that The Mole is allowing. God knows what else in the next six months.

    Ryano is not “the people.” The people have voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Sixteen competent competitors litter the roadside after the Trumpmobile laid waste to them.

    Wake up, Ryano. YOU are NOT a conservative either.

  • Hambone

    Brief, succinct, well-said, accurate. Thanks.

  • Zan

    I was shocked to learn Ryan was a conservative. But besides that, just sticking an R behind a liberal jerk’s name doesn’t make him a nice Conservative.

  • Roy F Wilt

    Ryan is NOT A Conservative!!!!!!!!! He’s a RINO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Until Cliff tells us who in the Real world, the candidate he is voting for,between Hillary,Trump or a mysterious third party candidate why am I to believe his continuing diatribes against Trump ? Reality beckons Cliff !! Trump is 100% better than Hillary and though I also wish for a more perfect world,this country has moved so far to the Left (witness Sanders), that Trump is the best choice for a sagging Amerika. Utopians thrive on this sort of writing on the Left;don’t you do the same thing on the Right by denigrating Trump in every column ? The days of Reagan are gone and to idealistically write continually for its’ rebirth (conservatism), at the expense of our borders and security,which Trump advocates,is a damned shame. We all, on the Right want a smaller government and conservative ideals;realistically there must be a country INTACT to move towards these ideals. Hillary and badmouthing Trump at every turn will prevent this. You’re beginning to sound like George Will and his intellectualism that WON’T SAVE AMERICA anymore than Hillary’s government. Leadership is a job for moving the people in a certain direction. Who do you favor leading the country,Trump or Hillary ? Will chose Hillary,are you jumping on that bandwagon too ?

  • RightVote

    Donald Trump has set the REPUBLICAN Agenda of the Political Campaign.
    Donald Trump listened to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    Ryan has been in Congress for 20+ years.
    So much for CONSERVATISM………. When You are unable to LISTEN /HEAR the American People.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Shame on you Cliff for writing this bs. Hahaha, “Conservative Paul Ryan” my arse. Mr. open borders, globalist, pro-TPP, never repeal Obamacare, massive spending (Omnibus anyone?) Ryan is far from being a conservative. 7 years of RINO’s leading the GOP has done zilch to stop Obama.

  • Colorado Conservative

    And Lou Dobbs pointed out in those 20+ years he has had 3 bills. God willing Paul Nehlen will ride the Trump train to victory and replace Ryan in his WI district.

  • RightVote

    Many have said that Paul Ryan should be ‘Cantorized’ !
    And how ’bout all that outside-money coming to Ryan for his campaing ! ?

  • Colorado Conservative

    Cantor did not see it coming which was a good thing. Ryan does and he and his co-horts are “preparing.”

  • Colorado Conservative

    This is a great post. I have followed Cliff Kincaid and AIM for some time but it has been more than disappointing to see him go #NeverTrump.

  • Colorado Conservative

    More than sounding hollow, “conservative Ryan” is an out and out lie.

  • Jerry

    What a effing Idiot, Who wrote this. Trump is more Conservative than Ryan, Ryan is for legalizing up to 60 million Illegal Aliens. He has to be almost Liberal for a state like Wisconsin. Trump seems more Conservative than any conservatives I have heard. And then there’s the so called Conservatives like Erick Erickson that is so conservative he will vote for Hillary. Boy his parents were deep thinkers when they came up with his name

  • John Cunningham

    Right or Left, doesn’t matter anymore. Both Parties are to the left. No more is that apparent than in the not Trump movement. Right now, Mitt Romney is the most dangerous man in the Country.

    The People have spoken and, they want Donald Trump. I can tell you this, he will be watched like a hawk and he better do what he say’s he going to do. Both Party’s would impeach him in a heartbeat.

    Another way of think is that a Trump Presidency would another way of saying “kick the can down the road!” No way will Trump seek a second term and the Democrats and Republicans will be at each others throat once again.

    This will give Republicans another chance to get their act together or, create a Conservative Party. This election is to important not to win. Right now Trump gives would be Conservatives time to regroup. I just hope the use the time wisely and rid themselves of the Establishment types.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    What are their – About 530 Democratic organizations living on an illegal 501(c)3) tax code exemption fighting against Trump that restricts the use of using ones imprimatur for political activity at all or using your organization for substantial lobbying efforts as ruled by the Supreme Court ? It’s just amazing how efficient Trump has conducted his campaign under such a massive influence of political lobby and attacks ! Although the American people may be sending the government a message with their favoritism of Trump and a political system that’s willing to deplete the political lobby system and their billion dollar third party government empires that operates through tax evasion , I’m afraid the electoral college might be getting ready to send the message back to the American people that their just going to do what ever it is they want to with out any consideration to the law or the American people !


    You can continue to say Ryan is a Conservative, but we all know he is not. We learned our lesson the hard way when most Tea Party candidates turned out to be LIBERALS! Google Eric Cantor et al SECRET MEETING with Democrats on Amelia Island!!!! and see for yourself how we got “taken” by a bunch of liberal jerks. Now I will vote for Trump — call him what you want — HE LOVES AMERICA!!!

  • Carol

    It is not up to Ryan to accept or reject anyone. It is the voice of the people and they want Trump. Ryan must keep his mouth shut and accept it! I am sure there were many that didn’t want Ryan.

  • Ron

    What moron claims that Trump is a liberal democrat? Sounds like a liberal plot to again attempt to discredit Trump.

  • RightVote

    “If” he is prepared…………He better be ‘Prepared’.
    DOn’t forget he couldn’t even win his state when he ran with Romney !

  • newsbrowser

    Trump is a left wing progressive Democrat, who in case you missed it in the article is, “running to the left of Hillary Clinton.”

  • Adam


  • Adam


  • Adam

    TROLL ALERT!!!!!

  • Colorado Conservative

    Good point, however, I was thinking about how the GOPe was prepared when Chris McDaniels began soaring ahead of the old fossil, Thad Cochran, in the Mississippi senate primary. So enter the GOPe who pays off Democrats to go vote for Cochran. Ryan and the GOPe will stoop to the same level.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Here’s what we must do with Ryan

  • Tbear

    Ryan a conservative are you kidding – The Conservative Review gives him a score of F-56%

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Oh for crying out loud. Calling Trump a liberal is….a liberal plot? Do you people THINK at all before you type words? We WISH we could’ve been behind this.

  • Ron

    IronChefSandwiches; You have to be asleep not to see that the liberal media scorns Trump but polishes Hillary. Wake up.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Wait. What? First of all…nonsense. Second of all…how does that make Trump a liberal?

  • RMThoughts

    Neo “True conservatism” has failed on most counts. Cynical and smarmy, utterly corrupt and insufferably sanctimonious, it’s entering its terminal stage as a ludicrous clique devoted to mediocrity. With the likes of Kristol, Ryan and Romney held up as supposed exemplars, it’s impossible to take seriously even by its own logic. Let’s put these cucks out of their misery. Conservatism is ending as a cult, we’re building a new faith.

  • Roy F Wilt

    You have no idea as to what you said! But It was Pure BULLSHIT!

  • RUexperienced

    Trump, a lifelong liberal and Clinton democrat, learned the right phrases to attract the support of the rubes.

    Now watch him pivot on amnesty, the Muslim ban, then finally….the wall. Gasp!