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In a 1,500-word article about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, The Washington Post waited until the 25th paragraph to note that the self-declared socialist faces an “obstacle” to winning the presidency. The paper said that “…Sanders has not faced the kind of media scrutiny, let alone attacks from opponents, that leading candidates eventually experience.” The authors, Philip Rucker and James Wagner, added, “Sure to follow his summer surge is an autumn of investigations that could reveal new details about his personal background and record.”

What these investigations would find is that Sanders was a collaborator, if not a member, of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the same group that backed Obama’s run for the presidency. DSA describes itself as the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.

There is a video showing Obama campaigning for him when Sanders ran for the Senate. Interestingly, Sanders, who won his Senate seat in 2006, called Obama “one of the great leaders of the United States Senate,” even though Obama had only been in the body for about two years.

One of the more interesting members of the DSA is Kurt Stand, a communist spy for the Soviet Union (and then Russia) and East Germany who was sentenced to prison in 1998 and released in 2012. He served over 17 years. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage, attempted espionage, and illegally obtaining national defense documents.

Where is he now? Thanks to the DSA, we know that Stand has returned to the organization, which is campaigning hard for Sanders for president. Indeed, DSA has posted photos of Stand and his comrades promoting “socialist values” and the Sanders campaign at the Greenbelt (Maryland) Labor Day Festival.

Stand has himself posted an article about how the group called Progressive Maryland is working hard to mobilize left-wing forces throughout the state.

According to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Defense Intelligence Agency, Stand and his comrades, Therese Marie Squillacote and James Michael Clark, were on a mission “to cultivate other spies” in the Washington, D.C. area. Stand allegedly received $24,650 for his recruiting and coordinating efforts, according to a summary of the case. The summary says Stand and his comrades apparently became enamored with socialism when going to college: “Clark, Squillacote, and Stand attended the University of Wisconsin in the 1970s where they were affiliated with leftist groups, specifically the Progressive Student Forum and the Young Workers Liberation League, the youth arm of the Communist Party USA.”

It looks like there is quite a bit of overlap between the various socialist, communist and progressive groups.

When he was in prison, Stand came out in strong support of Barack Obama for president, saying, “The conversations I’ve listened to and taken part in over these past months have made me a stronger supporter of Obama than I otherwise would have been; have strengthened my perception that his election could be a critical part of building a movement of resistance to our country’s current direction, could help provide the space or framework in which more radical alternatives are again spoken and heard.”

At the end of his letter, dated June 2008, Stand said that “radicals and progressives ought to join those—including those in prison—who have already decided to back Obama, see where the campaign can take us, see what can then be accomplished.”

Bernie is now his candidate.

In the same edition that carried the story about Sanders’ run for the Democratic presidential nomination, The Washington Post ran a story, “The Bernie Sanders of Britain,” about the Marxist who has taken over leadership of the British Labor Party. The online version carried the softer headline, “Leftist Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of Britain’s Labour Party.” Corbyn “has previously called for Britain to leave NATO, favors unilateral nuclear disarmament and champions the nationalization of vast sectors of the economy, including the railways and the energy industries,” the paper reported. Corbyn admires Russia’s Vladimir Putin and excuses the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sanders, labeled by his critics as “Bolshevik Bernie,” told The Huffington Post that he was “delighted” to see that the British Labor Party had elected Corbyn as its new leader.

While Hillary Clinton has been sidetracked by her email scandal, Sanders has been popularizing socialism and expanding the Democratic Party base, noted Jeff Weaver, the Sanders campaign manager who was quoted in the Post. The unspoken assumption is that these new voters will turn out for whoever is the Democratic presidential nominee. This explains why Sanders has been spared media scrutiny. The media figure that he won’t get the nomination but that he will bring more people to vote for the eventual Democratic nominee.

Bill Ayers, the former communist terrorist and Obama supporter, is hopeful about what Sanders can do for the far-left. “Certainly among the Sanders supporters there are many who will flock like liberal sheep to Hillary once the Bern burns out,” he writes. “However, I believe that among the Sanders supporters there are thousands who are dissatisfied, who are disgruntled, but who do not have a coherent left analysis, who therefore are open to our ideas as they weren’t before they got involved in the Sanders surge. These seekers will be open (certainly many of them) to ideas from the Left of Sanders.”

Ayers adds, “We must think as organizers. Yes, demonstrate, fight in the streets but spend some time and energy going to places where the Sanders campaign has gathered a crowd or a meeting but go not to disrupt, disrupting there would show how true we are to our knowledge, to our anger, to our need to show ‘them’ us… So I think that we should jump in the water. After all, the anti-war multitudes of the 60s and 70s were only disgruntled, dissatisfied people and without a coherent left analysis, yet we jumped in. Why? Because a movement can only be built on motion. Motion is people open, people leaving their normal placid acceptance if only a little, if only briefly. So, things swirled. Liberal anti-war marches. My collective would go, stand alongside the marchers with paper Viet Cong flags and pins, encouraging people to wear the flags. We gave maybe a thousand away. A good left action. We also had leaflets with our analysis of the war on Vietnam. Many people took those. Good. Better than if we had stayed home.”

This is how a pro-communist message was inserted into the “anti-war” demonstrations that convinced a Democrat-controlled Congress to cut off aid to a non-communist South Vietnam, paving the way for a communist victory in Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia.

The Washington Post is correct that Sanders has a lot to explain.

Let’s take the USSR first. Sanders went on his honeymoon to the former USSR. He was a supporter of the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. He was a collaborator with the U.S. Peace Council—a Communist Party front—against the Reagan military build-up. He worked with the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chavez to distribute Venezuelan oil in the U.S.

The Post is right that Sanders deserves “media scrutiny” and “investigations that could reveal new details about his personal background and record.” So what accounts for the delay in the media doing their jobs? Would the results cast the Democratic Party in a bad light?

It’s no wonder, as we previously reported, that Sanders has been concerned that the NSA is conducting surveillance on links between American politicians and foreign regimes and movements. As I noted at the time, one of the NSA’s greatest successes was known as Venona, the code name given to the intercepted and deciphered KGB and GRU (Russian military intelligence) messages between Moscow and the Soviet espionage network in the United States. The project led to the apprehension of such spies as State Department official Alger Hiss.

Has the NSA been watching Bolshevik Bernie? This could make Hillary’s email scandal look mild by comparison.

Of course, Sanders would twist it against the NSA, arguing that he was just an innocent victim. The facts suggest otherwise.

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  • Steven Barrett

    As usual, we can count on Cliff to round up his usual suspects. Boy, if he’s got a bad case of Obama Derangement Syndrome, imagine what Sanders Derangement Syndrome … which Cliff Kincaid must be smackin’ his chops to call SDS for the sheer ironic pleasure, would look like. Perhaps ODS on ‘roids.
    C’mon, I know it’s your job to warn the world about the eternal threat of communism and about every suspected Red living in all neighborhoods, not to mention the United States Senate, etc etc etc etc … but yon’t think you’re going on overdrive a bit too long, too early and all this attention on Bernie is just more of the same dirt-digging for the same sheer pleasure you and all your righty pals had when (Bill) Clinton and Obama were your fav targets? Now that Obama’s getting ready to fade back into academia you have to have a new boogieman. Bernie Sanders is I’ll bet your real first choice for the Democratic nominee, thinking he’d be a pushover because he’s ‘a “Bolshevik loony.”
    If anybody thinks Bernie Sanders’ election to the WH will be the death knell for Cliff, they’re being loony because Cliff will use every nano second of a regular second out of every minute, hour, day, week, month and year of Bernie Sanders first term to destroy him in ways like some real loonies in the GOP, (i.e. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and some interesting characters over in the House.) Bernie Sanders’ election to the Oval Office is the equal to four Christmases (at least) in a row for Cliff & Co. And nothing, ab-so-lute-ly nothing, nutin!, on earth, not even the election of any of the GOP candidates, would give Cliff as much political ecstasy as a Bernie Sanders victory. The only problem for Cliff, is that he’ll have to wait every morning for this WaPost to arrive, pore through to p. 25 to find whatever he’s ready to pounce and chew on. And what if he can’t find it?
    Don’t count his intrepid spirit to fade as fast as Hillary’s “approvals” and earlier substantial double-digit leads over Sanders.. He thinks Bernie’s going to be his meal ticket for all the examples of neo-Bolshevism that’ll be regular WH policy and in all his writings, he’ll be beating his chest and channeling forth the spirits of Joe McCarthy, Dick Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and that other well known Dick who served eight years as VP, searching for very non-divine-like crumbs of crumbs for wisdom.
    Methinks Cliff’s got a Bernie 2016 bumpersticker he’d really love to slap on his car’s rear bumper. C’mon Cliff, it won’t be anything to be ashamed of.

  • Hambone

    Here, let me cut to the chase. The Democrats were infiltrated–as all organizations have been since Good Old Uncle Joe’s times–by communist agents-of-influence. That is why the NEA’s primary mission is the stupidifying and brainwashing of America’s youtt’.
    The Democrats succumbed, they have been a communist front outfit since the 70s at the latest.
    Clinton and Obama are red moles. Look at their behavior, who they favor and who they trash and hurt as much as possible. Bill gave the Red Chinese advanced US missile and rocket technology for a few million in campaign “donations.”
    W, while not appearing red, was/is owned by the Saudis and the Mexicans.
    Our “servants” more often than not serve other masters than We, The People.
    The Constitution is a joke to them, a representative republic is a joke to them, they serve the gods of wealth, power, and corruption.
    Why do you refer to Ayers as a “former” communist terrorist? He is alive, well, and undermining to his heart’s content.
    These people all hate the USA, freedom (except their own), elections, the Bill of Rights, and all else that is red white and blue.
    Being a totalitarian is a psychopathic disorder. They make a pack of ravaging, kill-crazy wolves or killer whales look utterly civilized and rational in comparison to what they are capable of.

  • Timothy Dale Inwood

    Steve, rather than go on a rant, tell us what facts he got wrong. Cliff exposed the Frank Marshall Davis connection to 0bama and it was dead on true and ignored by the bulk of the American media. He is just doing what the media should be doing. Putting the facts forward.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Our Fifth Column/Fourth Estate collaborated on twice putting the present anti-American socialist in the White House. There’s every reason to expect them to bury inconvenient facts and mount dezinformatsiya campaigns on behalf of Comrade Obernie.

  • Steven Barrett

    Years ago when the Kennedy-Chavez oil connection was made for Citizens Oil … which by the way, my state MA uses to help provide fuel assistance to low income households, and my wife and I have been very grateful participants of this program for what it’s enabled us to save … Bernie Sanders looked into taking advantage of the progam for his Vermon constituents. Do you think he didn’t know a bout Chavez’ record? Everybody knew Chavez was a bad actor, but how many households in New England, esp. way up in the Northeast Kingdom portion of Vermont, which curls northwest of NH’s White Mountain range, gave a rat’s ass when they had to budget food and mortgage costs, etc. ? Isn’t odd that conservatives are silent as church mice when it comes to criticizing the oily relationships of the Bush’s and their Saudi pals, the same Arab royalty in Riyadh which subsidizes the anti-western pro-Wahabist clergy in Mecca with lots of our American customers’ dollars paid for Saudi-produced oil for their homes and gas tanks in other parts of the country … all of a sudden raise their eyebrows, or more, and have the damn nerve to look down at lower income New Englanders who are doing exactly what the righties are ever so slick n’ quick to point out with their use of the half-lie about having to balance their budgets over the kitchen tables (and hence the same old bullshit goes, as Ma & Pa Kettle are doing at their kitchen tables, so should Capitol Hill. You know as as I do, LOL, Ma & Pa Kettle aren’t worrying whether or not they can afford a bomber or ship that won’t be of any use in their neck of the woods because it’ll employ people in the Sunbelt where gas and oil is already much less expensive among other things have more to do with their more pressing real needs in the Northeast Kingdom, or more closer to home, some very cold small villages of western Massacusetts … some of which happen to also be within the danger zone should the nation’s oldest nuke plant (coincidently sharing many of the same design flaws of the old Fukushima plant).
    So there’s Bernie when this program MA tied into through former Congressman Joe Kennedy’s oil program for [qualified] low income residents and he’s faced with doing what he can to help his constituents take advantage of a low-cost fuel assistance opportunty, or standing on some soap box because of Chavez’ other sins, why is it okey to slam Sanders or any other politician for willing to do for his constituents what some southern or other Republican congressman has already been willing to do for his voters all the while he’s singing the praises for those stalwart Saudis because of their willingness to stand up to Saddam when he repeatedly threatened Kuwait or even the Saudis before he even invaded Kuwait … and everybody with half a brain in DC knew damn well the Saudi royals were and remain some of the biggest goddamned butchers an violators of human rights on the planet. They have far more blood on their hands than Chavez could ever be held liable for.
    But because Bernie makes this deal for his constituents, he’s now getting the same kind of treatment by one of Hillary Clinton’s high honchos, David Brock, –the old guilt by association smear tactic, that Cliff’s pulling now on Bernie by using an old connection as if this should forever serve as a “warning flag” for voters to look, see and leave Sanders in the dust. Then what, you want Hillary, Joe Biden? Methinks you deserve Hillary whose subordinates don’t seem to think there’s any standard to where one shouldn’t worry about venturing lower on whenever it comes to defending the Clintons. Red baiting ala Clintonesque means is still Red-baiting, and hardly comes to meeting any threshold worth describing by the Post, the Washington Times, or the Podunk Post-Times as “media scrutiny.” But it is worthy of putting it in its rightful place by describing it as old fashioned “Red Baiting.” And what a coincidence, or odd alliance, Bill O’Reilly, WSJ, the Post and nobody seems to see who’s orchestrating this: the Clintons, or perhaps I should say, the Clinton family “charitable” foundation which has proven to be quite an organization when it comes to making sure that while the Clintons are doing good, like the missionaries in Hawaii and the (American) version of the Chinese white folks cantons, the part about doing quite well above and beyond “good” never gets left out of the Family’s bigger picture. That they’ll even participate in red baiting only seems to shock those who can’t see how they’ve been used until it’s too late.
    Does taking the oil from Chavez as we did before he died of natural causes, make my Mrs. and I complicit in supporting Chavez’ regime any more than we’d be complicit in supporting the Saudis and their equally blood-stained Wahabist-American hating, Jew-baiting clerics in Mecca when we fill up our gas tank? It shouldn’t. The amount of blood we want our hands stained with by Communists or Saudi despots depends of course, on the level to which we want to give far more than mere kitchen table budetary eye-ball rolling and wanting to wear the proverbial wooden clothes line pins on our noses … and start stepping into the realm of desiring to act (or more importantly, continue acting) as political shills willing to overlook any damn sins committed by the people to whom our fuel is made available to us at a budget level we can afford, or the cheapest gas station around. The day I start singing the praises of the late Venezuelan caudillo and pawn of Castro, or Saudi prince who flies off to some Kentucky horse breeding farm, sings praises of his American “allies” all the while he’s saying zilch about what his country’s official clergy are really saying about us and our closest ally (besides Jordan) in that wretched corner of the world.
    The “dynastic” Adamses that the Federalists and Jeffersonian-Jacksonian Democrats fretted so much about two centuries ago were by far more discrete than anybody could say about the Clinton family machine(s). Even all the Roosevelts and Bush families were never as blatantly avaricious in their pursuit of cash and clout and what more of that cash can build upon for future generations of Clintons. Public service bled the Adamses white yet they bore their sacrifices as badges of honor on behalf of their countrymen. The Clintons seem to say that’s all well and good provided the rest of us know who the chumps are and why we should quietely go along with this farce.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    In lieu of facts, leftists resort to ad hominem attacks. It’s the Alinsky way.

  • Lorilu

    I’d go hungry before I’d take free oil from a Kennedy, or a Chavez.

  • Timothy Dale Inwood

    You don’t need to red bait an admitted Red who spent his honeymoon in that romantic garden spot in days of yore, the suburbs of Soviet era Moscow. You still have not debunked Cliff’s story.

  • Steven Barrett

    Lorilu, would you go so far as to watch any of your kids, your elderly parents or anybody you know of and care for, or just happened to have come across and discovered they were living in unsafe freezing conditions leading to hypothemia and God knows what else? I’d like to believe you wouldn’t. The same goes for receiving food via a politician or some agency that works with him. C’mon. You have to be better than the sum of your antipathy to any Chavez or Kennedy.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The entire problem with the Democratic Party on a whole isn’t the fact that their invoked in an effort of Social Dictatorship it’s in the fact that their policies and concepts and perspectives on life violate public insanity – The idea to get people to stop smoking tobacco so they could open pot dens on each corner of every American city that would be right across the street from the un regulated abortion clinic that runs freely at the tax payers expense should of been enough to fire up the tax payers , or the fact that they want to abort all laws on sex. I couldn’t imagine what else the Democratic party wants , they’ve already opened up all the parks , public bathrooms , and rest areas as sexual free zones. Then theirs the idea to abolish all drug laws. It would reduce the prison population but you’d have to take a shotgun with you every time you went to the store. It might even help the nations Heroin problem and discontinue out sourcing. . Then theirs the , I want the hate to stop and I love the communist and Muslims and I want to give them both a nuclear bomb. Now they have marriage they want all adultery and polygamy laws banned Why not be able to enjoy the freedoms of marriage if you really going to dive right into it ? I’d be glad to appear with the Democratic Chairman on The Dr. Phil Show and try to help make them realize that maybe they’ve had their head slammed into a headboard to many times to be involved in leadership positions !

  • Steven Barrett

    Tim, I looked back and indeed find what you referred to in your most recent reply. Try to keep the dates, times and circumstances in proper context. First of all, Yaroslav is hardly a suburb, it’s a city on its own merits with deep roots in Russian history. In many respects, it’s far more truly “Russian” than Moscow or certainly St. Petersburg. And Sanders made the trip as an elected official along with ten others plus his bride Jane (O’Meara) of one day. C’mon, you gotta give the guy credit for having the guts to haul his wife on a plane trip that long.
    I’m very familiar with all the sister city politics of that time. My own former home town of Amherst originally picked Tartu, Estonia of all places for its sister city, only to settle on Tsarskoe Selo. (I’ll bet a lot of local crypto Czarists in hiding must’ve enjoyed the last laugh on Amherst.) One of the locals almost had me on the floor (as a reporter covering him back then) when he referred to the second choice as a Russian Disney World, real but not quite real. I’m sure a lot of descendants of Romanov slave laborers would’ve found that remark “noteworthy,” if not some local actual Reds or hard core supporters of the Reds in Moscow, even more outrageously noteworthy for guffaws. As for the first choice, well, suffice to say I couldn’t tell if the backers of that boneheaded pick were upset that they couldn’t get their “care package” sent off as fast as they desired after it was pointed out by an Estonian at a local Dem. Party meeting that Tartu is where the still-much alive Andrej Gromyko, then working for no less than Uncle Joe Stalin gave the Estonians the classic Mafioso “offer they couldn’t refuse” … either the brains on the table, and their bodies dumped in the Gulf of Finland to sleep with the fish, or the Estonian’s signature. To Burlington VT’s credit, they found a far more genuine representative city of real deep Russian culture and Orthodox spirit making its way back as the Soviet Union was then crumbling in rapid fashion.
    Okay, they wre naive. But so were a lot of supporters of the Contras, and any so-called counter revolutionary groups intent on “restoring Central America to freedom’s protective embrace.” What bullshit. The Contras were as blood stained as their Salvaldoran thug neighbors “running the place” by their favorite means of persuasion, American-made weapons and captured AK-47s. But we paid for most of D’Aubisson’s war toys and Ronald Reagan almost lost his second term over what his admi nistration tried to pull with its triple play with the Iranians of all people then … who viscerally hated us far more than they do now. C’mon, don’t you agree people can change? Do you want to be held responsible (oh I forgot, “held accountable” for every damn thing you wish you didn’t do when you were in your 20s and 30s. Bernie’s changed a hell of a lot more and gravitated towards the center far moreso than Cliff has towards the American center. And perhaps this is what scares the living bejeezus out of the American right and not because people on the left are always plotting, always incincere, etc.
    Sanders’ leftist views are no mystery, no hiddien facts awaiting sudden revelations , and the same goes for his life, and trip to then rapidly crumbling Soviet Union. Take it form a guy who as a former reporter, news editor and local conservative columnist working in a very liberal atmosphere, perhaps more leftist than Burlington, VT … I know a lot of Bernie Sanders and they’re at heart some of the most patriotic fellow Americans who’d never turn on their country. Ask the Veterans what he did to make their lives like in the short time he was able to clean up the paperwork logjams during his timei as chairman of the Senate’s Cmt on Veterans affairs…that should be a far better measuring off Sanders’ patriotism and character than any cheap shot about an event which took place three decades ago. Remember, judge not as you wouldn’t want to be judged.

  • emag

    I bet those little idiots listening to him and screaming with enthusiasm have no clue about this commie.
    Now he is, of course, saying, the US was founded on racism. Nice, eh?
    Get rid of this communist. He is just like deBlasio.

  • mikeb95

    Don’t forget Bill Clinton’s trip behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ to Moscow in January 1970 at the height of the Vietnam and Cold War to attend a “peace conference”, stayed in the most expensive hotel in Moscow on a poor Rhodes Scholar income, ran around Moscow, then takes a train trip to Prague and stays with the family that started the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia. We know he’s a KGB Willing Accomplice. I guess whomever reports on his activities in/for Russia needs to be careful.
    See – 2015/08/30/ mi6 spy-found-dead-in-bag-in-bath-had-hacked-clinton-data/?

  • Anthony Duhe


    Obama too is connected to Soviet Communist Spies…as you can read here:

    CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet Spy Files, Islamic Cult SUBUD, And A Dead Body –The American Report

    So too is Valerie Jarrett who’s Gramps is connected to Soviet Spy Alfred Stern as his business partner…Daddy was also in league with Alfred Stern..and her father in law Vernon Jarrett was a paid propagandist for the Soviets…also put on the Security Index–just like hs sometimes writing partner FMD–Obama’s Communist mentor

  • Mike

    Wow. So if Saint Ronald sold 4000 anti-tank missiles to Iran illegally and secretly, and then had the CIA import cocaine into the US to finance a revolt against the elected government in Nicaragua, that would be OK?

  • Citizen1

    “Sure to follow his summer surge is an autumn of investigations that could reveal new details about his personal background and record.”

    Sure hope so! Sanders is a creepy old white guy. He’s currently on a honeymoon period with the media.

  • I’m Mike, and I’m an Idiot.

    Much shorter… try it.

  • Mike

    You contributed nothing, didn’t pay attention to the facts presented, and insulted me. Republican?

  • I read some of your other Disqus posts. There is ample evidence to support my claim.

  • pbr90

    This is what happens when education is lousy!

  • Zombee

    How could Sanders ever pass CIA scrutiny to be trusted with classified top secret information. He is a subversive danger to our Constitution and founding principles. How could our military ever serve under this Bolschevic authoritarian.

  • Christopher Moran

    Maybe after the storm of communism the believers in marxism will see the truth. Like the citizens of venenzuela are now. Being shot by government that used them.Theories that Marx didnt even believe in. Karl Marx wrote theories and others used them. He made a fortune in the stock market. He made a fortune on a fiary tale, and on how a person can always take a failed argument and twist it, bring it back, and make new ones. Theres a reason he despised the people using his theories. Theres a reason Lenin did too. Marx knew it wasn’t a reality and only an evil minded individual would use them. Lenin knew this too but he was the evil minded individual. Lenin hated the marxists. He tortured them and executed all of them because ” they are traitors and the true enemy of the people “. I bet this isnt taight by american hating “bully” victim, unfair world victim marxist praising professors.

  • horseradish

    this homely ugly old guy has the face of a oldman’s scrotum