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Before Election Day, the liberal media were speculating about the demise of the Republican Party. However, the media misjudged the electorate before November 8 and they are misjudging it again. It’s the Democratic Party that faces an uncertain future.

In an MSNBC broadcast before Election Day, MTV’s Ana Marie Cox said the results might just mean that the GOP would “cease to be a national party” because the demographic trends were in  favor of Democrats, and the Democrats had “reclaimed the mantle of patriotism” and “reclaimed the mantle of faith.”

Host Lawrence O’Donnell agreed, asking, “Are you looking for in tomorrow night’s results …the beginning of the discussion within the Republican Party about how to rebuild itself into something resembling a coherent party?” Former Jeb Bush communications director and “political strategist” Tim Miller said, “I have a lot of pessimism about where the party goes.”

After the results came in, left-wing journalist John Nichols became despondent, writing in his most recent column that “The Democratic Party had not lost a presidential race in Wisconsin since 1984. But it did in 2016. The Democratic Party had not lost a Wisconsin U.S. Senate race in a presidential election year since 1980. But it did in 2016.”

But it gets worse. “The Democratic Party has been decimated in the state Legislature,” he writes from Wisconsin, “with a Senate caucus that looks likely to have 13 seats (the smallest total since Richard Nixon was president) and an Assembly caucus with 35 members (the smallest total since Dwight Eisenhower was president).”

In Wisconsin, as noted by Wisconsin Public Radio, Republican Governor Scott Walker will have his biggest GOP majorities yet when lawmakers return to Madison next year.

Nichols, who writes for The Capital Times, says the Democratic Party of Wisconsin “is going to need to rethink and remake itself,” but that “this is not just a Wisconsin problem. This is a national crisis.” His solution is to elect a radical Muslim, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy rightly notes, “One would think that the last thing Democrats want to publicize after their wholesale repudiation by American voters is their party’s ties to radical leftists and Islamic supremacists.” Yet, he goes on, that will be the “predictable effect” of Ellison leading the Democratic National Committee.

Nichols is not alone in recommending Ellison as DNC chair. Ellison is backed by Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Going further left, in this case embracing a “fiery critic of Israel,” is starting to attract some media scrutiny. The embrace of Ellison could be interpreted as a death wish by the Democratic Party.

The political situation has changed dramatically. Five years ago Nichols was telling the Democratic Socialists of America that the progressive movement was on the move, and that this process of revolutionary change would continue. So what happened? Simply put, the Democratic Party abandoned the working class, once considered the cornerstone of the Marxist revolution.

Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, calls it “The Blue Collar Election.” He says, “A week has passed since election night, and if it wasn’t clear then, it is now: Economic pain in the industrial states is real and has shocked our politics.”

In order for the Republican Party to take advantage of this dramatic shift, President-elect Donald Trump has to get tough with foreign countries. Kevin L. Kearns, president of the U.S. Business & Industry Council, says that Trump will face a lot of opposition as he pursues a “balanced trade” agenda. His antagonists include “Wall Street institutions, multinational corporations, major business organizations, academic economists, editorial boards, business journalists, opinion writers, bloggers, and the generally knowledge-free mainstream media,” Kearns writes.

His remark about a “knowledge-free mainstream media” is right on target. But as we have seen in coverage of the campaign and their predictions about the results, a lack of knowledge hasn’t stopped the media from claiming to be knowledgeable.

The media may sound stupid, but they must realize that if the Republicans are able to accommodate the interests of their new Blue Collar constituency and bring forth a balanced trade and pro-growth agenda, the Democrats will be left with a constituency consisting of a few Muslims, some gays and transgenders, student debt-laden young people, and the radical pro-abortion feminist lobby. It’s difficult to see how the Democrats can assemble a majority out of that.

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  • Hari Balzac

    Let’s talk about how Barack Obama let Assad cross a red line in Syria. He let them cross a red line in Ukraine. You here have called him a Marxist. Obama refused to address foreign disinformation. He was criticized for withholding support from Hillary Clinton. Obama’s FBI director dropped a bomb on Clinton in the last days of the campaign. Maybe you guys were totally right and Obama basically set it up for Trump (or Sanders if Sanders had won). Maybe Obama really is a closet Marxist who is helping Russia. We have a lot of evidence for it now that Clinton lost the election.

  • jug

    While we obsessed about obutthole taking over the democrat party, making it essentially the commiecrat party, just maybe our worries were premature!

    It now seems like he instead may just well be the demise of it!
    Oh, the irony!

  • Steven Barrett

    Whenever Democrats forget their original strengths, they get clobbered and deservedly so. Not a hard lesson to discern or require any special skills in political tea leaf reading. I’ve seen this happen before in MA when Dukakis liberals were knocked flat on their backs by primary challenger Edward J. King, former MassPort head who appealed more to the states Blue Collar Democrats who still remained a power to contend with statewide, not just within the 128-Beltway. Busing, job losses, Dukakis’ broken “iron pipe (or whatever iron”) not to raise income taxes and a small, but very influential inner circle of people who embarrassed King by practically admitting they rounded up all the political crazies to whip up animosity against the more prig, prim n propah Dukakis and it worked.
    Trump, like King, kept his message simple and spoke to a core elemental emotional truth most Americans believe in, wanting their country to always be great. How the two parties and campaigns saw this issue differently isn’t the point: it’s how a few people within the Democratic Party saw it and through their arrogance and snootiness, they not only dissed a lot of voters who normally support a lot of the basic Democratic values Clinton’s campaign promoted, but they were turned off by the “we know what’s best for you because we’ve been at it for so long and the rules really don’t apply to us because of our demonstrated talent in staying alive in a tough DC environment.” With an attitude like that, you’re bound to trip up.
    I hope a lot of Democrats, esp. the more self-styled cerebral crowd who proudly identify themselves with the once solid Blue Collar Democratic Party championed by the likes of FDR, Truman, LBJ, and Tip O’Neil will be listened to again. Otherwise, there’ll be too many more opportunities to learn how to eat crow every Thanksgiving following Midterms and Presidential Elections to come.
    If they want to have a party truly representative of all Americans, they’ve got to take their heads out of their books and get out, do some “street n’ farm listening” and demonstrate a genuine spirit of sweat-tears and dirt-based togetherness. Schlocky calls for “more solidarity” and using other catchphrases taken from eggheads won’t do the trick. And of all people, Bernie Sanders, hailing from college-rich Vermont and all of New England proved it can be done. When he started his campaign, he even had to fight against an intrenched bias by the more “professional” tenured and other higher ups within the Democratic circles of academia. They were all playing it safe banking on Hillary with her long years of connections with not only her family’s foundation but others she obviously had to come in contact with. Unlike Sanders and I hope other Democrats to come, Clinton unfortunately allowed herself to become too much like the foundations she was schmoozing for votes as well as future links for her inner campaign team.

  • efred1

    I don’t believe Trump is a Putin plant; Trump’s comity with Putin may help him be able to work with Putin to keep Russia in check, but when push comes to shove, he’s still an America First Patriot.

  • SonofLiberty7

    Rubbish. Obama preferred HIllary because she was most likely to preserve his Precious, Obamacare.
    He knows Trump will do his best to repeal it, in whole or in part.
    Either way, Trump’s election means the dismantling of Obama’s legacy, and that is all Obama cares about.

  • sox83cubs84

    And that’s a big thing most of us here care about as well…but seeing it as a Trump accomplishment, not an Ovomit concern.

  • Steven Barrett

    Looks like you need to pick up a book or two about Russian history. So should Cliff, a budding neo-Romanov; just like Vladimir Putin who seems very bent upon restoring Czar Alexander III’s empire when Russia was at her strongest point in history (save for the years she’s had nukes. Even though she’s well far behind in the number of nukes, anybody with minimal working knowledge about the power of nuclear weapons can tell you a single submarine can launch enough missilels straight into our grain-belt states and we’d be finished as a functioning nation before long. We might seem to get along better now. But don’t forget how cozy a lot of Americans thought things were getting with then Stalin’s immediate post WWII post-war Soviet Union. A lot of useful idiots were created back then.

  • Steven Barrett

    A lot of people trusted Stalin during and right after the end of WWII, even after he closed off Berlin and developed the bomb based on designs stolen from our labs by, communist spies, and the Rosenbergs were hardly alone. Czarists, Reds and now neo-Czarist revivalists under Putin shouldn’t be expected to behave any differently. Let’s face it, we have the two largest nations on the planet. A rivalriy was only natural; what isn’t natural is the amount of people, sadly too many of ’em were my fellow Democrats, very naive ones at best, who trusted our former allies against the Nazis. We don’t have to pound our chests and behave erratically and hostile towards the Russians. Hardly. But let’s be honest. We’ve long been in a major super power rivalry since the fall of the Romanovs and this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Especially when a former KGB Lt. Colonel is in charge of the country.

  • mioahu

    It was all your commie friends in the leftist democratic party who loved the russian commies…Bernie spent HIS HONEYMOON IN MOSCOW !!!!!!! don’t worry about how a Trump administration would handle them , cause they can’t do worst than the spineless Obama and the dems

  • Cloris Ellis

    I’m sick of the false narrative that Trump voters are uneducated, racist, blue collar, homophobic bigots. Libs need to get to stop shooting so much botox into their heads. PHD, middle-aged, working mother and business owner – proud Trump supporter.

  • Steven Barrett

    Actually it was Yaroslavyl, well to the east of Moscow. Geesh, doesn’t a couple have a right to celebrate their honeymoon wherever they want? Bernie, by the way, was a lot more radical than he is now, and even by radical standards, he wasn’t that much of a threat to anybody to begin with. I’m familiar with the so-called Sister City program and compared to some of the folks I know who worked on one committee, Bernie was practically a conservative. Look at it this way, he wasn’t the big China basher who went to Beijing when it suited his purposes and opened our markets to one of the most prolific job bleeding, sucking and worker oppressing countries on the planet, namely the PRC. And I would hope by now even you know where Bernie stands on China, esp. when it comes to trade and screwing over the American worker. Now don’t you just love those Republicans?

  • John Cunningham

    All these protests and the Media reporting that the Trump People are spiraling out of control is a coordinated attack hoping to force a recall of the election results. In other words like while Obama was over reaching as President and doing unconstitutional things, we on the Right bitched and moaned but did nothing.

  • BakkenBill

    The funny thing, if you’ve noticed, all the protests and marches over the past week show a heck of a lot of Hate towards Mr Trump than I’ve witnessed from any Trump supporters.
    And let’s look at the TPP. It would benefit farmers in this country. However, middle America, home to the majority of our nation’s farmers, voted over whelmingly for Trump. Which shows that their country’s well being meant more to them than financial gain.
    I’m proud to live here in middle America! And I’m proud of my vote.
    Our country did “WAKE UP”!

  • JES

    Ditto over here. I have a Masters Degree (personally, with a 4.0 and a state title) and so do all of my family members have Masters! AND I know a heck of a lot of engineers and doctors who were extremely pro-Trump. This was not because he was such a model for a moral person, but because he wants to try to rescue America from all the sewer junk that’s been sent down the pipes since Obamanation came to pass. Good for YOU, Donald Trump and Mike Pence! We are praying for you both!!!

  • John Taylor

    Just remember, as I am sure Putin does, that there are American subs stationed off Russia that we can do the same to Russia. As an ole Navy veteran who has some contacts remaining I believe they are still out there. It is called assured mutual destruction. The cold war is on, again??

  • Steven Barrett

    I guess you never heard that some New England college towns passed resolutions declaring themselves nuke free zones, one of which is located only a few miles from an old SAC base. You can’t believe what a job it was to explain to the enlightened ones what was going to happen to their paper shield of good intentions the moment one of Ivan’s big cigars landed on that runway. Yeah, well they meant well. I’ll bet they had all their quiche and hummus freeze dried and well wrapped to keep those little smokey flakes off their favored food supplies . . . just in case.