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In recent remarks to the AIM conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” Betsy McCaughey said that the regulations and cuts in Barack Obama’s healthcare law could lead to the deaths of 35,000 hospital patients who otherwise might have recovered, had they received the care available at a higher spending institution.

McCaughey, the former Lt. Governor of New York and an expert on the new healthcare law, cited the drastic cuts to Medicare in detailing how seniors will suffer under the provisions of the law. McCaughey is the author of two books on Obamacare: Obama Health Law: What It Says and How to Overturn It and Decoding the Obama Health Law: What You Need To Know.

McCaughey cited a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which shows that over a four year period, in California, “nearly 14,000 seniors with common conditions—stroke, pneumonia, heart attack, congestive heart failure, hip fractures, and others, died in low-spending hospitals—bottom quintile—but would have survived and recovered and gone home had they received the care available at a higher spending hospital.”  She said, “despite this evidence—in fact, in disregard of this evidence—the Obama administration is pushing hospitals in all 50 states to imitate the low-spending hospitals where the death rates are higher!” McCaughey concluded that “It is reasonable to predict, based on this evidence, that the regulations and cuts in this law will cost at least 35,000 elderly patients their lives every year.  35,000 patients in hospitals, dying, who could have recovered had they received the care available at a higher spending institution.”

Not only will Obamacare “cut $247 billion of future funding for payments to hospitals over the next decade,” said McCaughey, in a follow-up interview, “In October 2012, the Obama administration will start awarding ‘bonus points’ to the hospitals that spend the least per senior…And it whacks the higher spending hospitals with demerits, not only for what they spend on a patient while the patient is in the hospital, but also what is spent on that patient for the three months after hospitalization. So hospitals also get hit with demerits for recommending physical therapy after the patient leaves the hospital, or even recommending a doctor’s visit; it’s all counted. These regulations are not going to wring out the fraud, waste, and abuse. No, they are going to force these hospitals to provide a lower standard of care.”

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    35,000 elderly could lose their lives under Obamacare.

    A feature not a bug.

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  • pole


  • The Major

    Yet Obama STILL lies &says this will not happen if we vote for him AGAIN,,,
    He must think we are ALL as stupid as those who voted for him in ’08. HC/Bill also states that we will be REQUIRED to attend “Seminars” about what we should do with OUR lives as we age OR get very sick. Sounds awfully close to the “Death Camps” the PRO-Left says does NOT exist. If someone left my local Hospital money to build a wing in their memory,,for any type of usage,,,the FEDS,,,accord-
    ing to Obamacare,,,will say NO,,,,NO expansion WITHOUT FED PERMISSION.
    The list of how WE the PEOPLE are going to be screwed by Obamacare goes on
    ad nauseum,,for 2,000 + pages ,,with dozens of rules per page. Marxism at it’s FINEST.
    If the obamaglove don’t FIT,,,you MUST vote MITT,,,

  • metaluna

    Those that voted him “IN” are the stupid ones. We knew this BEFORE he was elected yet people voted for him anyway? Why? Because they’re dumb enough to take risks and think it won’t happen to them. It will. We never voted for him – first or second election.

  • I hate pundits.

    I call BS. McCaughey has been caught lying multiple times about what she “found” in Obamacare. She did the same thing in the 90s in an article for The New Republic about “Hillary Care” which was subsequently debunked. Google it. I also read an article recently in Rolling Stone that uncovered tobacco company documents that showed she was working for Big Tobacco at the time. Again, Google it. She’s a shill for corporate interests, just like AIM. Check out who funds this “media watchdog.” You might also want to ask yourself why, if she is a proven liar and stooge for the insurance industry, she gets so much time on certain CORPORATE media outlets. Or maybe I’m just “dumb” — to quote the comments here — because I don’t believe whatever someone says on TV.