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As with so many issues, when it comes to Benghazi, the media are divided into two camps. The liberal, mainstream media condemn any and all concerns about the 2012 Benghazi attacks as a phony scandal, while many in the conservative media wonder what damaging information the Clinton emails and the Select Committee on Benghazi investigation could bring to light. However, the Benghazi scandal has moved well past the question of whether a cover-up has occurred, and whether or not it can be proven.

The record of what has already been released definitively demonstrates that a government cover-up of Benghazi is ongoing, far-reaching, and damaging to America’s interests at home and abroad. The question is not who is responsible; the question is, when will the ringleaders be held accountable?

It appears that reporters such as Michael S. Schmidt of The New York Times cannot stomach the idea that anything about Hillary Clinton’s duplicitous behavior on EmailGate might add legitimacy to citizens’ concerns about that cover-up. His March 23 article serves as damage control for the administration while simultaneously exposing Mrs. Clinton’s lies about who, exactly, sent emails from their private accounts.

Yet this front-page article states that the as-yet-unreleased Clinton Benghazi emails provide “no evidence that Mrs. Clinton…issued a ‘stand down’ order to halt American forces responding to the violence in Benghazi, or took part in a broad cover-up of the administration’s response, according to senior American officials.”

That’s right: according to “senior American officials.” In fact, Schmidt’s entire news report is based on bold assertions by “four senior government officials” who refused to go on the record, but “offered” Schmidt “descriptions of some of the key messages.”

“The emails have not been made public, and The New York Times was not permitted to review them,” writes Schmidt. In other words, the Times couldn’t verify what it reported before the story went to print. Anonymous sources are fine, but the information they provide should stand up to scrutiny when set against the known record.

Schmidt and The New York Times appear to have been so eager to get this momentous scoop defending the administration narrative on Benghazi that they were willing to violate basic journalistic practices in the process. If the sources wouldn’t show them the documents, why are they so confident that what they are being told is the truth—especially if the information is self-serving to the administration, as these revelations clearly were.

Schmidt’s resulting article is full of the politically motivated holes, inaccuracies, and half-truths we’ve come to expect from the Times, especially after David Kirkpatrick’s December 2013 article claiming that al Qaeda was not involved in the Benghazi attacks.

Within weeks of that article, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued a report establishing exactly the opposite—al Qaeda was involved. How much of Schmidt’s reporting will be proven false?

The most recent New York Times report serves as another attempt to bolster the administration’s beleaguered reputation on Benghazi—once again at the expense of the truth.

Schmidt focuses on the idea that Mrs. Clinton was not to blame for the “stand down” debacle.

The Washington Post gave Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) four Pinocchios last year for expressing “suspicions” that Clinton had “told Leon [Panetta] to stand down” regarding military personnel in Tripoli, Libya. Yes, Lt. Col. S.E. Gibson has walked back Gregory Hicks’ assertion that he was told to stand down when he wanted to travel from Tripoli to Benghazi to aid the defenders. Lt. Gibson told lawmakers he was not told to “stand down,” but to “remain in place.”

But there is more than one “stand down” scandal. “On the day of the attacks in Benghazi, whether or not there was an official order to stand down, the result was the same,” the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi wrote in its April 2014 interim report. “The failure to attempt to rescue these Americans amounts to a dereliction of duty.”

Later that year I noted that the “stand down” order was issued—to the members of the Annex Security Team (AST) by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Schmidt selected the most convenient target he could find, and ignored these revelations.

Three members of the AST have gone public with their book, 13 Hours, and outlined how they were told, repeatedly, that they should stand down and not leave to aid the Diplomatic Security agents under attack at the Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, because an al-Qaeda-linked militia was responsible for their safety.

The other half of Schmidt’s carefully worded sentence, that Mrs. Clinton took no part in a possible government cover-up, is also untrue.

Judicial Watch’s emails gleaned through the Freedom of Information Act have already definitively demonstrated that Mrs. Clinton had “guilty knowledge” of Benghazi as a terror attack before she issued a statement blaming it on an inflammatory video.

The cover-up is real and ongoing. “Document after released document shows that the Secretary of State, the Defense Secretary, the head of AFRICOM, and the President of the United States himself, were informed, shortly after the attack began, that Benghazi was an attack by terrorists,” I wrote last month. “Yet most of the media, such as New York Times reporter David Kirkpatrick, defensively maintain the official narrative years later that the attack ‘was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.’”

This most recent Times report is clearly based on shady facts and assertions, yet outlets such as Politico mostly reprinted its findings. This, despite the fact that The New York Times went to great lengths to avoid discussing basic facts about Emailgate that it had itself reported.

“In December, Mrs. Clinton turned over 30,000 of her emails to the State Department, and the department sent the House committee the 300 related to Benghazi or Libya,” writes Schmidt.

In other articles, but not this one, Schmidt and his colleagues extensively detailed how

Somehow, despite Schmidt’s lack of access to the original emails from Clinton’s server, he is able to report excerpts from communications by Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, verbatim.

“Mr. Sullivan’s message was brief, but he appeared pleased by how it had gone,” writes Schmidt. “[Former United Nations Ambassador Susan] Rice, on the show, described it as a spontaneous eruption of violence, triggered by an offensive anti-Muslim video.”

“She did make clear our view that this started spontaneously then evolved,” wrote Sullivan.

Yet, Schmidt reports, Sullivan later “told Mrs. Clinton that he had reviewed her public remarks since the attack and that she had avoided the language that had landed Ms. Rice in trouble.”

Sullivan wrote Secretary Clinton to tell her that “You never said ‘spontaneous’ or characterized their motivations.”

Mrs. Clinton actually issued a statement on the night of September 11, 2012 stating, “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet,” a clear reference to the Internet video. This was shortly after she spoke with President Obama, according to her testimony, around 10 p.m. that night. The White House initially denied that phone call took place, but changed their story and acknowledged it following Mrs. Clinton’s testimony.

Schmidt’s report blatantly omits that Sullivan was directly responsible for working with the intelligence community on the controversial talking points, and that he spoke with Rice’s office about them while they were being developed.

“I spoke to Jake immediately after the [secure video teleconference] and noted that you were doing the Sunday morning shows and would need to be aware of the ?nal posture that these points took,” wrote Eric Pelofsky to Rice and others the afternoon before her shows. “He committed to ensure that we were updated in advance of the Sunday shows. I speci?cally mentioned Erin Pelton as the one coordinating your preparations for the shows and also strongly encouraged him to loop in Rexon during the process.”

That same email describes how CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell took a “heavy editing hand” to the talking points.

In his 2014 testimony Morell asserted that those talking points never mentioned the video. “When she talked about the video, my reaction was, that’s not something that the analysts have attributed this attack to,” claimed Morell.

Could the idea have started with the Secretary of State or her staff?

Without seeing the actual emails, in their original unvetted form, America may never know where the false YouTube narrative originated. But despite The New York Times’ reporting, it is, becoming increasingly apparent that this narrative was a convenient fiction sold to the American people during a presidential reelection campaign.

More importantly, what the CCB, and The Washington Times, have revealed is that the U.S. government, partly through the maneuvers of Mrs. Clinton, deliberately and blindly pushed America into intervening in Libya. The result was a conflict ridden, unstable nation serving as a breeding ground for terrorists. As we further documented in our CCB interim report, the Obama administration also facilitated the delivery of arms to al-Qaeda-linked jihadists and refused an opening for truce talks with Moammar Gaddafi, who expressed a willingness to abdicate and leave the country.

Unable to accept the truth about a cover-up, the Times, through Schmidt and others, continues to manipulate the truth hoping this scandal will just disappear. Four brave Americans are dead. The administration lied about the reasons. This is a major scandal based on what is already known, and it’s not going away despite media attempts to smooth it over.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    There really are no depths to which you cretins won’t sink, are there? A Republican-led Congressional report has already put the lie to all of your fabricated nonsense, yet you persist with trying to make a “scandal” out of it. How dare you people call yourself journalists.

  • stlouisix

    As a Vietnam War Navy Veteran with my youngest son in the Navy, I have some things to say about the traitorous Obamunists and their enablers that MUST NOT STAND!

    Lest we forget the treachery of the Obama Administration and its enablers of all political stripes to particularly include the morally bankrupt GOPE RINO leadership, the gift to Obama that keeps on giving, to those in harm’s way whom Obama and Hillary Rotten Benghazi couldn’t care less about as our bravest are nothing more than expendable cannon fodder for Obama and Clinton to further their political goals which is power and control to destroy what’s left of a free America that they despise from within.

    Smoking Gun Benghazi Documents Demonstrate State Department Lies Put Other Embassies in Danger
    Written by: Tim Brown
    Published on: January 28, 2015

    The House Intel Committee whitewash of Benghazi MUST NOT STAND!

    Debunking the House Intelligence Report on Benghazi
    Clare Lopez — November 25, 2014

    Despicable Boehner’s hands are all over this fiasco chaired by Rogers whose dismissive actions in regard to getting at the truth even a Dem couldn’tunderstand! Four Americans in harm’s way were murdered by a despotic state and no one in the GOPE RINO leadership cares.

    GOP lawmakers, Benghazi survivors fume over House report
    By Adam Housley
    Published December 03, 2014

    New Documents Blow Lid Off Obama/Clinton Benghazi Scandal

    The Government is our enemy, the entirety of a corrupted government to especially include the GOPE RINO rotten leadership that is helping Obama, who trashes the Constitution on a daily basis, destroy anything and everything American.

    In the face of the damning news of corruption reported below, Boehner and
    McConnell do nothing but surrender what’s left of our God-given freedoms
    to the despot-in-chief. In fact, they can’t wait to do so, such is the level of their betrayal of their oaths-of-office in regard to “supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bearing true faith and allegiance to the same”, which they’ve foresworn many times over, and like Obama, deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for doing so.

    The ending report here is on the coverup by the serial sociopathic lying
    Obamunists in regard to the Iran-Al-Qaeda connection, info that the
    diabolic Obama wants suppressed as he makes it easier for Iran to get
    the bomb.

    More Smoking Guns Confirm Benghazi Cover-up
    Roger Aronoff — February 27, 2015

    Let’s tell it like it is in regard to our military being turned into cannon fodder by Obama.

    Col. Allen West has written two outstanding pieces that deserve your
    attention in describing how the traitorous Obamunists are hamstringing
    our military in harm’s way by putting their lives at unnecessary risk
    via insane PC ROE where “victory” is not a word in the Islamo-Loving
    Fascist Obama vocabulary.

    See the following links to see how the TRAITOR OBAMA is wasting the lives of honorable Americans in harm’s way trying to serve a government in the hands of the dishonorable.

    Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Obama, Hillary ‘Killed my Kid’

    Exclusive–Benghazi Security Contractors: About 25 Americans Are Still Alive Because We Broke ‘Stand Down’ Order

    13 Days After ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy,’ Obama to Give Speech on Islamic State

    Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim
    Published September 05, 2014

    ‘Frustration and confusion’ among US troops over mixed message on ISIS

    You Can’t Insanely Turn Battlefields Into Crime Scenes – Making Our
    National Security A Criminal Justice Problem Is The Work Of Those Who
    Have A Contemptible View Of Our Military, Putting Our Bravest At
    Needless Risk Which Is A Treasonous Act

    Good News: Miranda Rights Being Read to Terrorists

    God Help Our Neutered Military Being Put At Needless Risk Under Obama – Where is George Patton When We Really Need Him?

    Soldiers Battle Own Rules Along With Taliban – To Put Our Military At Unnecessary Risk Is A Traitorous Act

    Obama Shows His Open Disdain For Our Military By Destroying It From Within

    Obama’s PC War Is Killing Our Military

    An Insane Medal For Restraint, So Much For The Safety Of Our Military In Harm’s Way

    Outstanding comments by Col. West who tells it like it is. God deliver our military from the hands of the
    diabolic that has it by the jugular!

    Obama’s ISIS plan: Outsourcing US national security in a chaotic world

    “I fear for my country. We are indeed rudderless amidst a maelstrom.”

    Obama paralyzing U.S. troops in ISIS fight
    Insider: Soldiers at war forced to consult lawyers before returning enemy fire
    by Greg Corombos

    SYMPATHY FOR THE ENEMY? Hillary urges US to show ‘respect’ for foes
    FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE takes heat for saying US should show respect for its enemies and try to ’empathize with their perspective and point of view.’

    Tell that rot to the families of the fallen to especially include the families of the children beheaded by genocidal ISIS guilty of crimes against humanity, you diabolic serial sociopathic lying verminous commie witch, who understand that when you walk into a room, “It’s something WICKED this way comes” BIG TIME!

    Hillary Rotten Benghazi is traitorous woman who belongs in an asylum for the criminally insane for life for her high crimes against the Republic to
    the extreme of wanting sympathy for the devil!

    After carefully watching the outstanding Special Report by Bret Baier
    on what happened at Benghazi three times, which was very painful to say
    the least, it is undeniable to me as a Vietnam War Navy Veteran, and
    every Veteran that I know, that a TRAITOROUS government MURDERED
    Americans in harm’s way which is a seminal fact that Americans in more
    than name only need to be shouting from the rooftops to the rest of the
    country as a reminder of what the Islamo-Fascists Barack Hussein Obama
    and Hillary Rotten Benghazi did to some very good men whose boot laces
    they were not fit to tie, i.e., the righteous anger of what’s left of a
    free America should be palpable at this Judas betrayal of our bravest
    and finest left to hang out to dry by cockroaches whose infestation
    needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth for de facto allying
    themselves with disciples of the devil who live to hate anyone who dares
    opposes their attempt to restore the caliphate.

    Are you listening, you sorry Obama enabling GOPE RINO rotten to the core
    leadership as your silence on the matter renders you as culpable as the
    Obamunists for what went down at Benghazi!

    When you have American forces on the ground calling for help, yea begging for help, which was the situation at Benghazi, you do everything that you can, IF YOU’RE AN AMERICAN, to save their lives. You don’t give a STAND DOWN ORDER which is what TRAITORS do who deserve the highest penalty for giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war that is TREASON, per Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.

    The American dictum “Leave NO ONE BEHIND” was replaced by diabolic Obama and Clinton at Benghazi with the ultimate MORALE DESTROYER “You’re on your own, we couldn’t care less about anything other than our sorry political survival at all costs to especially include YOUR LIVES which were expendable as evinced by the lack of security provided you for whatever warped reasons like funneling arms to Al-Qaida allied, Shariah Law or Death, Christian persecuting, radical jihadists courtesy of Obama’s Arab Spring’s goal of the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the
    Middle East which spawned genocidal ISIS that shameless Barack and
    Hillary OWN BIG TIME!

    Per the report below, everyone in the sorry chain of command responsible for hanging out Americans in harm’s way to dry, read DIE, RIGHT TO THE TOP, needs to be prosecuted for TREASON in giving aid and comfort to the enemy per Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution!


    Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim
    Published September 05, 2014

    Here’s a fact that is not a theory. The serial sociopathic lying Obamunists
    biggest ally is their like minded GOPE RINO enablers in Congress!

    So let me understand this. Basically Obama and Hillary get off scot-free despite the overwhelming testimony to the contrary from those who were there about NO SECURITY, NO HELP when begged for, and orders TO STAND DOWN when they wanted to help on their own which they ignored because Americans lives were on the line.

    Is that about right? Sadly, it is as the gun running to the Al-Qaida allied
    factions is completely covered up to protect Obama and Hillary who hung
    four Americans out to dry at Benghazi!

    PATHETIC and a stab in the back to all Americans in harm’s way who know that the leadership of their country and the purported opposition to that leadership doesn’t exist, i.e., THE FIX IS IN!

    Where are you Gowdy? You had better get to the bottom of this travesty with a no holds barred report on the treachery of the Obamunists and their enablers to our military based on the first hand accounts of all those who were on the scene for the sake all those who serve in harm’s way, and to our country who have now seen Obama replace the former American dictum “We leave no one behind” with “You’re on your own, I don’t give a damn” – A Vietnam War Navy Vet

    A PS from a Navy Brother-in-arms whom I served with during the Vietnam War in the Naval Security Group Command.

    Blame for a whole host of issues lies in the lap of the ‘Intel Committee’.
    Benghazi is a big one, but so are other festering issues like vulnerability to the country’s infrastructure, reliance on Russian rocket motors in the launching US military satellites, lack of a means to get our own astronauts to the‘International’ space station, Ukrainian independence from Russia, Georgian independence from Russia, Japanese dependence on the dwindling US carrier fleet…..I could go on and on!


    76 key questions for Benghazi investigators to answer
    Author lists game-changing questions that still need to be asked

    Let’s tell it like it is in regard to our military being turned into cannon fodder by Obama.

    Col.Allen West has written two outstanding pieces that deserve your
    attention in describing how the traitorous Obamunists are hamstringing
    our military in harm’s way by putting their lives at unnecessary risk
    via insane PC ROE where “victory” is not a word in the Islamo-Loving
    Fascist Obama vocabulary.

    See the following links to see how the TRAITOR OBAMA is wasting the lives
    of honorable Americans in harm’s way trying to serve a government in the
    hands of the dishonorable.

    Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Obama, Hillary ‘Killed my Kid’

    Exclusive–Benghazi Security Contractors: About 25 Americans Are Still Alive Because We Broke ‘Stand Down’ Order

    13 Days After ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy,’ Obama to Give Speech on Islamic State

    Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim
    Published September 05, 2014

    ‘Frustration and confusion’ among US troops over mixed message on ISIS

    God Help Our Neutered Military Being Put At Needless Risk Under Obama – Where Is George Patton When We Really Need Him?

    As a Vietnam Era Navy veteran who has lived through the politicization of a war resulting in our military being forced to fight on the enemy’s terms, I find the news reports below that ‘new orders’ are being issued for our troops in Afghanistan to be very disturbing in that history is repeating itself. We are seeing the statements of neutered commanders who are neutering our military and, in the process, putting the lives of our best and bravest at needless risk!

    It is a sad fact that there will be civilian casualties in a war regardless of the attempts to minimize same. To go to the extreme of Obama and his commanders in expecting that a goal of zero civilian casualties is possible is naïve, and shows a lack of understanding of what is necessary to protect our troops who are being put in harm’s way, which should be our highest priority, for the sake of our national security.

    But of course we’re talking about an individual who couldn’t care less about our national security as evinced by his unconscionable morale killing statements that when civilian casualties do occur, they are intentional on the part of our military, which Obama stated prior to his election, and that sexual perversion should be welcomed into the ranks!

    We’re talking about a man who wouldn’t be allowed to come anywhere near a secure facility with no chance whatsoever of getting the most benign of security clearances, given his questionable background, who is now president!

    Afghanistan is a notorious graveyard for armies! Following Obama’s ‘new orders’ will guarantee that the U.S. Military will be the latest burial there! It is a treasonous breach of faith betrayal of the trust and confidence of our military on the part of its commander-in-chief to hamstring our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to the extent being reported on in the news by not making available to them the full force of our military power for their support in expediting the end to wars that they are sent to fight instead of prolonging same.

    To give Obama cover that he’s somehow not a grave security risk due to the Communist ideologue that he has been, is, and will continue to be, per his anti-American weaning under his Marxist socialist mentors because of what can now only be characterized as his ‘Afghanistan adventure,’ which is purely for political purposes, Obama does nothing otherwise, does a disservice to our military who are being turned into cannon fodder as a result.

    The truth of the matter is that these ‘new orders’ based on the civilian casualty assessments of those who basically hate America smack of the political officers of the former Soviet Union who traveled with their military to ensure that the party line was followed at all costs – to heck with the lives of the boots on the ground! Obama’s political officers appear to be a litany of lawyers that must give permission for our military to protect itself by taking away the instinct to do so which is what they were trained to do.

    After all, we’re not fighting a war against terrorists and their sponsoring states anymore. The word ‘terrorism’ is verboten by Obama who would insanely have us believe that, by not calling terrorists what they are, and treating them accordingly, they will somehow stop hating America – this coming from the preeminent America hater in the country who can’t wait to cozy up to dictators of his ilk by publicly apologizing for anything and everything American!

    Where is George Patton when we really need him? He would have none of this garbage about pulling back, and as a result, putting our military at needless risk because he understood the seminal fact that when a commander and his troops are forced to hesitate in a hot battlefield situation, they won’t get a second chance to correct that horrendous mistake! They will be dead!

    Our military deserves better than its neutering at the hands of Obama and ‘his’ commanders!

    If you won’t support our military in fighting a war in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama, then get them the heck out of there! Maybe you finally will when the war on terrorism, which you deny exists, comes to the streets of America. But given what we’ve seen to date from you, none of us who are Americans in more than name only should hold our breath that that will happen!

    The one thing that we can be sure of, Mr. Obama, is that you will encourage aggression against America on the part of those who smell blood in the water in regard to a formerly powerful military being rendered impotent under your rule! You’ve already telegraphed this in spades by your call for cutbacks in our missile defenses, and in defense spending in general, in the face of North Korea going into a missile testing ‘bottle rocket’ mode with Hawaii their next target – so much for our national security that has never been at graver risk!

    Benghazi is not going away because we owe that to those putting their lives on the line for us under the command of traitors who couldn’t care less about their lives.

  • terryk

    There is no reason anyone should trust AIM’s “Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi,” since it is stacked with extremist Obama-haters and birthers and cannot be trusted to provide an honest, impartial analysis. It’s nothing more than a partisan mob.

  • tompro97

    Sounds like the demagogues and the Owe-Bama Regime to me – you are nothing more than a partisan hack.

  • tompro97

    How dare you demean the deaths of four brave Americans who died while the Regime watched it happen on a big screen TV. The Regime had ample time and means to save those people from a horrific death and you say they did nothing wrong. I hope you suffer a similar fate as our now-dead heros did.

  • tompro97

    Thank you for your service. 101st Airborne here – Hue 68-69

  • John Cunningham

    I believe when Obama was sworn in as president, an on going Toga Party and looting of all departments of the federal government has been on going. No other Administration has ever come close to what we will find under Barack Obama and I believe it all deliberate.

  • terryk

    Nope, just telling the truth. AIM’s little kangaroo court has no intention of doing a fair and balanced investigation, and the fact that its interim report hides behind a lot of anonymous sources demonstrates it further. It’s no more objective than Joe Arpaio’s birther posse.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Here’s the problem. Both of the allegations that you’re parroting here have been definitively proven to be false. The “Regime”, as you so immaturely put it, was NOT, in fact, watching it happen. That was a right wing lie that sprang up within hours of the attacks. It has subsequently been PROVEN false. As for your second baseless accusation, hindsight is 20/20. You could ALWAYS argue that embassy attacks could have been avoided. Including the dozens of deadly embassy attacks that happened during W.’s administration. What’s important here is that a Congressional investigation, run by Republicans that would LOVE to find wrongdoing by the Obama administration….cleared the White House of all GOP allegations. 100% exoneration. Chew on that. Finally, wishing death on me? How very classy, not to mention Christian, of you. You are the 1% dead-end, right-wing rubes. “Accuracy” in Media is rotting your brain.

  • stringman

    The attacks that occurred during the Bush years were single explosions. The Benghazi attack stretched on for over 7 hours. Very little could be done after single explosions. Nothing was done to prevent nor intervene during the Benghazi attack, though requests were made time and again. Absolutely nothing!

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “Nothing was done to prevent nor intervene”. This is a false accusation was was debunked a long time ago. Once again, a Republican-led committee’s report exonerated the Obama administration of all wrong-doing. What more is it going to take for the right wing noise machine to stop? Only the 5% of dead-enders believe this stuff. As much as you’d like there to be a massive scandal over Benghazi, there isn’t one. Move on with your lives.

  • stringman

    Name one thing that the administration did during that 7 hrs to help our people there.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    The 4 Americans were dead within an hour and a half from the first sign of an attack so your 7 hour timeframe is right wing fiction. Here. Read these. Or don’t. I really don’t care. You dead-enders on the right will NEVER admit when you’re PROVEN wrong so I don’t know why I’m bothering.

  • stringman

    That’s your answer, to cite some Judas goat report? You might as well blame a coordinated terrorist attack on an Internet video that no one has seen. No politicians are going to hold Hillary accountable for malfeasance. It doesn’t play well to the other goats. The world is on fire and we haven’t got time for such trifles. Besides, we’ve got an election campaign to attend.
    You progressives make me sick.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You live in a fantasy land called the right wing bubble. Reality means nothing to you. Rather than learning facts, you prefer your life of anger and hatred. I make you sick? You ARE sick.

  • stringman

    Well, do you think the Benghazi terrorist attack was caused by a youtube video? Delusional!

  • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

    Good gods. You are one insane dude.

  • Deapster

    The four senior government officials leaking to the NYT most likely were: Barry Soetoro, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Hilary Rodham Clinton.

    After their recent secret White House pow wow. The cover-up continues. NYT has not gotten this story right once.

    The more this Gang of Four profess their innocence when they have all been proven to be duplicitous liars, the more the public know they are hiding something major.

  • Deapster

    Easy solution – come clean with all the documents and go under oath this time. Then we can finally be done with this. And not a moment sooner.

  • Deapster

    Silly, everyone knows that was not a “Republican” report. What are you still hiding?

  • Deapster

    Where was Barry Soetoro between 16:00 and 22:00 on Sept 11, 2012?

    Since we still do not have an answer nearly three years later for the whereabouts of the Commander in Chief on that critical night, this investigation has not even started.

  • Deapster

    Apparently the Gang of Four is now going after Gowdy and anyone who tries to defend or support Gowdy.

    They are screaming guilty as hell if maintaining their cover-up needs this much blood.

  • Deapster

    The cover-up is real and ongoing. We have your back.