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President Obama and Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley teamed up to attack Donald Trump on Tuesday night, even though Haley was supposed to offer the “Republican response” to Obama’s State of the Union address. Together they have probably only succeeded in making Trump more popular. They missed the Achilles heel of the New York billionaire—his soft views on Russia and his reckless undermining of U.S. allies like South Korea.

John Bolton, the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., has identified the major threats to the United States as Russia, China, ISIS, Iran and North Korea. What does Trump think about this?

Obama’s address included a line referring to politicians who “insult Muslims,” clearly a reference to Trump’s vocal attacks on radical Muslim terrorists. Americans like the fact that Trump has identified the terrorists by name, but he only goes so far in describing the nature of the problem. He attacks the Iran nuclear deal without highlighting Iran’s sponsor, Russia. Indeed, he seems to welcome Russian military involvement in Syria, on the grounds (as claimed by Putin) that the Russians are attacking ISIS.

Trump speaks in broad-brush terms that seem to depict global Islam as the enemy. The fact is that some Muslims are America’s natural allies in the global conflict. Steve Chambers has written an excellent analysis in the American Thinker about fears of a Russian-Iranian invasion of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil-producing states. Of course, Saudi Arabia has not been a reliable U.S. ally in the past, and it has bankrolled radical Islamist theology and terrorism around the world. But if the U.S. avoids supporting Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Muslim Gulf states, under those circumstances we would be left with even fewer friends in the Middle East. It is significant that the Moscow propaganda channel Russia Today (RT) has been relentlessly attacking Saudi Arabia. RT helps identify Russian targets of opportunity.

In Turkey, we have just witnessed an ISIS terrorist attack which killed 10 people, and has resulted in the arrests of several Russian terrorists. We are now able to see the Russian connection to terrorism that President Vladimir Putin has been so desperate to hide. It is significant that these terrorists are not going back to Russia to wage terrorism against Putin. Instead, they are targeting such countries as France, the United States, and now Turkey.

RT immediately confirmed that the detained terrorists in Turkey were Russians linked to ISIS. The Reuters news agency followed with a confirmation on their Russian nationality. We can anticipate that Russia will claim that these terrorists left Russian territory without the knowledge or approval of Russian authorities. This is called “plausible deniability.”

The ISIS bombing in Turkey proves that the country is not on the side of ISIS, as the Russians have repeatedly claimed. Instead, Turkey is a target of ISIS.

This may seem strange on the surface, since ISIS is supposed to be Sunni, and Turkey is a Sunni Muslim country. But Turkey has stayed true to its roots in NATO, originally an anti-Soviet alliance. The Sunni Muslims running Turkey have traditionally been anti-communist. Indeed, they continue their battle with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group created with the help of Putin’s old comrades in the Soviet KGB.

Trump adamantly refuses to see Putin as an evil actor in the region. Obama won’t attack Trump over that issue, since Obama’s soft-on-Russia policy is equally embarrassing. In his State of the Union address, Obama briefly mentioned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a way that actually disguised what the Russians have done. Obama said, “Even as their [the Russian] economy contracts, Russia is pouring resources to prop up Ukraine and Syria—states they see slipping away from their orbit.”

A former Soviet republic, Ukraine was supposed to have been given independence after the collapse of the USSR. The country gave up its nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange for Russian respect for its territorial integrity. Putin isn’t propping up Ukraine. He has invaded it. He invaded because a popular rebellion had forced a corrupt, pro-Russian president to flee. The “resources” that Russia is pouring into Ukraine are troops and pro-Russian terrorists. Obama sees Ukraine as still being in the Russian “orbit,” an admission that Obama hasn’t done anything to enable Ukraine to be a free nation.

Tragically, Trump seems to see Ukraine in much the same way. He talks about it as a European problem.

In the case of North Korea, which Trump considers to be China’s problem, we have another important region of the world threatened with war.

South Korea is a free country with a democratic form of government that functions under constant danger. North Korea is developing a major nuclear arsenal. Although backed by Communist China, it also has a security treaty with Russia (the agreement, signed by Putin, is posted on the official North Korean website).

Yet Trump attacks South Korea. He says, “We get paid nothing, we get paid peanuts” for deploying U.S. troops to South Korea. In fact, the South Koreans have a “burden sharing agreement” with the U.S. under which they paid $861 million last year. At a New Hampshire forum, a Harvard student tried to correct Trump on his claims, and was immediately attacked by the candidate. But the student was correct. Trump was wrong again.

During a presidential debate, Trump appeared ignorant about the nuclear triad, which constitutes America’s deterrent against Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and (potentially) Iranian nuclear weapons.

But rather than talk about Trump’s ignorance or pro-Russian pandering on foreign policy, the media and many of the GOP candidates have been drawn into Trump’s esoteric debates on the meaning of “natural-born citizen.” It’s a diversion.

But the Republican establishment also plays into Trump’s hands. In her speech on Tuesday night, which was supposed to be a rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address, Governor Haley criticized the “angriest voices” and the “loudest voice in the room.”

The media immediately branded those remarks as an attack on Trump.

Trump’s anger or loud voice isn’t the issue. It’s his ignorance on foreign policy and apparent willingness to undermine U.S. foreign policy alliances that have kept the peace and many nations free.

Trump’s view of Russia is probably colored by his several attempts to do business deals in the old Soviet Union and Russia. Perhaps he wants to maintain good relations with Russia if his presidential campaign falls to pieces and he has to return to the “art of the deal.”

That will never happen, however, as long as the Republican establishment takes cheap shots at Trump and abandons a serious discussion and debate of the issues.

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  • Austinniceguy

    LOL. Cliff Kincaid is a moron. Calling Trump ignorant is playing into the hand of the RINO’s. Trump plays all these idiots and they don’t even know what’s happening. If Kincaid thinks that writing this sophomoric article is going to change any minds, he’s as delusional as the morons on the left. After 7 years OlBluegums still has no workable foreign policy and would rather do business with Iran than keep us safe from the savage animals they want to import from syria. There’s the REAL danger, Mr. Kincaid. Next time try to write something honestly and, of substance. Otherwise don’t waste our time with your trash.

  • Who does Cliff support for president ?

  • Lincoln Thompson

    Why is this called Accuracy In Media? It is anything but. Totally lacking in any balance, fairness or simple news reporting. Produce accurate balanced information that allow your readership to make up their own minds, not this rubbish to try to make them believe what you want them to believe. Only people with an intellectual deficit would be convinced by this lack of accuracy.

  • Su

    Thank you for reporting this. I do not attack you for doing so. You presented the situation and your concerns well. Others commenting on your piece said it was inaccurate; I would like to know in what way.

  • Ted

    Amen, bro! This whole A.I.M. thing is just a propaganda machine … as are other such rags which contend that they’re ‘objective’, ‘accurate’, ‘unbiased’ … blah, blah, blah.

    BUT … I think one of the biggest mistakes in foreign policy over the last 20 years is America’s failure to make nice with Putin and Russia … which would clearly be in the best interests of the U.S. … policy-wise and economically, So … it Trump can do that and develop better relations, maybe even an alliance, and some foreign trade connections with Russia … more power to him!

  • Lincoln Thompson

    America has no military competition in the world being the only superpower, but still continue to build up it’s military to the point it’s spending about as much as the next 8 to 10 countries added together. This is part of the project for a new American century to ensure that the US will never face another challenger for top spot. Russia did not see themselves as rivals to American might and did not start to accelerate their own military build up until they saw the amount of former Soviet block countries that were being invited to join NATO after the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact was disbanded and rightfully felt they were being encircled by US military bases. China had the same feeling of encirclement. Both countries feel that US global hegemony is stopping them from having regional influence.

  • raven6

    Su– excellent observation. Note the commenters words of balance, fairness etc. Example: how do you tell two sides of a bank robbery?
    So many people have been manipulated mentally.

  • RMThoughts

    Donald Trump is a threat because he is taking his case directly to the people. He is said to be not “conservative” – but that is because he threatens those who benefit from the status quo. A populist, patriotic, no-nonsense truth to power talker is exactly what is needed if the American nation is to survive.

    They question Trumps conservative credentials because he doesn’t defend
    the conservative pundits defense of NWO globalism, one side “free-trade”, endless and costly foreign interventions not in the American peoples best interest and Open Borders.

    They question Trump’s conservatism because he won’t declare violent
    hostility against Christian Orthodox Russia or will he take a militant American
    stance in defense of the Maiden coup or the Soviet borders of Ukraine — while our “ true conservative” leaders will not protect America’s own borders.

    Trump isn’t “conservative” because doesn’t oppose Vladimir Putin who fights Islamic terror and wants to encourage Russia fight our proxies ISIS and Al Queda in the Middle East nor does Trump give carte blance support for “allies” such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey who fund and enable it.

    He is not conservative because he doesn’t think we are morally required to provide cheap labor to the GOP’s donors and undermine American workers and champion endless wars for the benefit of other peoples.

    Seems the American people can live with that.

  • RMThoughts

    Cliff is an unwavering, never daunted by the facts, loyal neoconservative pundit. They say his first pick is Seldon Adelson, after him Huckabee who agreed to just let Netanyahu run the country.

  • Joseph
  • Joseph
  • Joseph
  • Trump is a vulgar, lying, scumbag, just like his friend Vladimir Putin and his (former) friend Hillary.

  • Agree 100% Cliff. Trump is a potential American Putin, a vulgar, Machiavellian, scum bag who pretends to be conservative. God help our country.

  • kuhnkat

    Natural Born Citizen is at the level of the 1st and 2nd amendments. It is a PROTECTION for us against people in the executive like Barry. Since the Republicrap establishment has decided to throw it away they are to blame for Barry and those in the future who will not be prevented from acquiring the presidency.

  • terry1956

    I think if the threat to the US is listed in order by John Bolton I think beyond number 1- Russia and number 2- Red China ( Americans should always call the part of China under Chinese Communist Party rule- Red China) the list is wrong at least on the benefit of federal government involvement.
    Number 3 would be Pakistan since it has nukes and is in serious danger of being taken over by those that the threat of MAD will not work.
    Number 4 would be Iran because they are to close to having a nuke and the leadership still would not allow MAD to get in the way of using Nukes on the US.
    Number 5 is North Korea because they have nukes and although the leadership likely would be stopped from attacking the US with regular nukes because of MAD they very well might use EMPs on the US with the Aid of Russia and or Red China and Pakistan.
    As a security measure against Isis, Al Qaeda and other NGO Islamic terrorist the Individual states really does not need the federal government, within the US even the smallest state Wyoming could do a better job than the federal government as long as those NGO’s do not get their hands on ICBM and other missile nukes.
    The point on the latter is that the state militia’s could do a far better job at protecting their state from most nations and NGO terrorist than the federal government. That is if we repeal the Dick Act and other State Militia destroying acts of congress and presidential executive orders.
    The advantage of the federation is against the big nations like Russia and Red China as well as other nations with nukes or other WMDS or those seriously working to gain the WMDs like Iran.
    The US federal military could have been a large benefit to US Security in Afghanistan and Iraq if GW Bush, Obama and congress had not went down the counterproductive road of trying to nation build but had instead taking territory for the US which we largely gave up after the War with Spain.
    After WW2 parts of Germany and Japan should still be US territory.

  • terry1956

    I think if necessary the US should spend more on the military than all the other nations in the world because we might have to fight all of them some day.
    Besides US military spending is still less than 4% of GNI and we should reduce the federal budget down to just military spending plus at most 12% other or in other words military spending should be 88% or more of the federal budget and everything else pass to the individual states.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Hmm, lets see here. Russia has a good chunk of the muslim, islam we want everyone dead that ain’t muslim on their geographical doorstep. Why wouldn’t Russia do what they can to protect themselves even is TFA is correct about their support of Iran?

    We sit here all pseudo comfy with a big pond setting between us an the middle east thinking we have a better idea. We are idiots.

  • Lincoln Thompson

    And do you feel that spending 88% of the Federal budget on military is something the American populace would embrace, considering that US debt now stands at 19 Trillion Dollars? Why do you think that the US might have to fight “all of them someday” what do you suppose will happen to their NATO allies?

  • YouAreAnIdiot

    Oh, flew in from Liberia Beach D.O.A.
    Got to a hospital bed last night
    All the way this ebola bug was in my pee
    Man I was a dreadful sight

    I’m back in the E.U.S.S.R.
    You don’t know how lucky you are… boy
    Back in the EU, back in the EU,
    Back in the E.U.S.S.R.

    Those great debts really knock me out
    They kick the West’s behind
    Angela’s blubbery cellulite is hanging out
    That EU troika is always on my, my, my mind

    Take me to Carpathian Mountains way down South
    Let me foreclose your daddy’s farm
    All the way the bankers’ hands are reaching out
    Come and grease your comrade’s palm

  • LickMyNards

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, works for Hillary.
    3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
    4. Mike Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
    5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.
    6. Sheldon Adelson bankrolls “open borders Rubio.”
    7. George Soros is public enemy #1 in Russia.
    8. CFR globalist Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs.

  • HitlerWasRight

    When the Iron curtain came down, the Bolsheviks all fled to the other side because they knew what the Russians would do to them after 100 years of communism. The US State Dept. is infested with communists and they tried to steal the Russian elections for Hillary and their comrades in the Russian Communist Party with 501(c)3 tax exempt corporations, just like at home in the USA.

    Miss neo-kabbalah lesbian Madonna, now rumored to be a Muslim convert, was flown in to agitate while Hillary was on a world-wide gay pride tour… and what of the John Podesta and the Podesta Group? No wonder Russia and Egypt clamped down on NGO non-profit provocateurs.

    The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil, but Muammar Gadaffi decided he wanted gold instead of worthless fiat currency from the EU… What was the first thing NATO did when Gaddafi was deposed besides stealing all of Libya’s gold? Form a new government? NOPE, they formed a new Libyan national bank. Now, why would they do that? Because even if Muammar was deposed, he and his heirs would still be the sole proprietors.

    Like with the nonsense in Syria, the U.S. State Department armed terrorist rebels to get rid of Gadaffi, the same ones that killed Ambassador Stevens and stole weapons from that secret armory in the basement… It was easy to dispose of the hated Muammar Gaddafi, but Bashar al Assad has friends…

    The best thing about Russia getting Crimea back… Catherine the Great took it from the Turks… What happened right after Russia retook Crimea? The Russian FSB searched all the Turks living there… Why? Because NATO sponsors Islamist terrorism when it suits them.

    Syria and Ukraine are the same scenario as Serbia… NATO bombed Serbia so the IMF could make loans for rebuilding and get control of Serbian iridium assets… North Atlantic Terrorist Organization? Who bombed Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, he works for Hillary.
    3. Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bloomberg would make a good president.’
    4. Mike Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services.
    5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.
    6. Sheldon Adelson bankrolls “open borders Rubio.”
    7. George Soros is public enemy #1 in Russia.
    8. CFR globalist Ted Cruz’s wife works for Goldman-Sachs.

    The only reason communist Jew Francois Hollande is president of France is because communist Jew Dominque Strauss Kahn got arrested for raping a négro prostitute in New York… Communist Jew David Cameron was embarrassed when news came out that he fúcked a dead pig in some kind of bizarre occult initiation ritual…

    “If you don’t stand with Israel, I won’t stand with you.” (Terd Cruz)

    Maybe the kíkesucker should run for president of Israel instead?

  • Austinniceguy

    WOW, beautifully written and excellent execution of facts!!! Thanks, I’m going to save it to my library. Have a great day!!!