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Ever since his forced resignation in disgrace, Dan Rather has continued on a downward spiral. His career, such as it is, has been kept alive by appearances on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, where he takes potshots at his former employer and President Donald Trump. It is a sad spectacle.

Rather has now suffered another major embarrassment. The former anchorman of the CBS Evening News has been accused by a website devoted to exposing military corruption of falsely claiming to have been a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.

The editor-in-chief of the website, retired U.S. Army Major Glenn MacDonald, says he stumbled across a published photo of Rather in a dress blue Marine Corps uniform in his book Rather Outspoken and decided to investigate the claim. The photo caption, “as a young Marine,” clearly indicates Rather had been a member in good standing of the Marine Corps.

But the truth, MacDonald says, is that Rather left the Marines before completing boot camp and the photo was obtained under questionable circumstances.

It has been known for years that Rather was discharged before he finished basic training. Those facts were established by investigator B.J. Burkett in his book Stolen Valor. took the story one important step further.

“In our exclusive story, we interviewed a senior retired Marine noncommissioned officer who was in around the same time as Rather claimed to have been in the Marines,” MacDonald said. “He told us the photo in question probably was the result of a policy the Corps had then of putting a blue blouse (from dress uniform) and ‘white cover’ (the saucer cap) on each ‘boot’ several weeks into their training to make sure the Marines had head shots of members of each training cycle to use for the Marine yearbook each successful Jarhead received at completion of USMC boot camp.”

That is the photo that Rather somehow obtained to use in his book so he could claim to be a “young Marine.”

“Dan Rather has written several biographical books over the past 40 years, but this was the first time the Texan climbed out on a limb and portrayed himself in print as a onetime member of the Corps,” reported “It was a risky move, as Dan knows he didn’t graduate from boot camp.”

MacDonald said the photo used by Rather in his book was Marine Corps property, not his to use for self-promotion. So how did Rather get his hands on his photo, especially when he failed to graduate back in 1954?

We left questions about this with Rather’s new website,, but have not received a response.

MacDonald tells AIM that the story has to be set straight for the sake of all of those who did serve. “I remembered all the Marines I had known over the years, some of them now dead, who would spin in their graves to know such a self-righteous phony was trying to trick Americans into thinking he was once part of their beloved Corps,” he said. reports that Rather had been verbally referring to himself as having been a Marine, or in the Marines, and “he must have figured at this stage of his career that he could get away with publishing the photo and deliberately deceiving the public.”

Ironically, Rather was forced out of his job at CBS after having been exposed by bloggers for using fake documents to misrepresent the military service of then President George W. Bush.

In the case of the Dan Rather-as-Marine story, notes WorldNetDaily, Rather has published fake news about himself.

Strangely, Rather was played by actor Robert Redford in the movie, “Truth” about the CBS phony documents scandal. Rather still insists he got the story right.

Almost as bizarre as Rather, Redford played reporter Bob Woodward in a movie about the Nixon Watergate scandal and wrote a recent column for The Washington Post, “45 years after Watergate, the truth is again in danger.”

In the column, which blasted President Trump’s treatment of the press, Redford said, “Sound and accurate journalism defends our democracy. It’s one of the most effective weapons we have to restrain the power-hungry.”

The column appeared before Trump’s claim about being wiretapped by the Obama administration was confirmed in revelations about the Watergate-style surveillance of Trump officials implicating former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

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  • Dan Rather is the same as other far left, they have ZERO COMMON SENSE and that is there problem. Common sense gets in there way of lying and making up fake news.

  • Steve Saaf


  • TPS12

    “Sound and accurate journalism defends our democracy. It’s one of the
    most effective weapons we have to restrain the power-hungry.”

    So where might we find this? Certainly not in our msm.

  • Larry Sparks

    The far left personnel like Dan Rather like to present themselves as patriots when in fact they are cowards.

  • NoUsurpers

    Too bad the “Rather” standard (using professional document examiners) was never applied (other than by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case posse) to the Obama “long form”- the “mainstream” media conveniently threw lessons learned from the disgraced/discredited Dan Rather debacle- right out the window- and immediately embraced the Obama long form– with no forensics testing whatsoever.

  • mlentz

    As a student at the University of Wisconsin during the Vietnam War, I enthusiastically participated in the ROTC program and was under ROTC scholarship for one year. My last year, I suffered a back injury that prevented me from completing my military obligation. Even though I hold an honorable discharge, I have never claimed to have served or sought benefits of any kind. I have too much respect for those who really did serve, and particularly those who died or suffered wounds or injury in service to this country. Those who really did serve are the ones who deserve the honors and privileges that come with serving.

    I’ve disliked Blather for decades because of his arrogance and politics. However, being separated from the service during basic training usually indicates either a major medical problem or a serious character problem. if he is passing himself off as having served as a Marine under these circumstances, he deserves nothing but scorn.

  • Carol

    Digging the hole deeper……..can’t wait till you fall in……too many lies

  • jg collins

    Well, the statement is still true…unless the journalists become power-hungry themselves.

  • jg collins

    He’ll probably blame it on somebody else, but his vocation as a professional Nixon-hater is finally coming to an end. Psychological projection is a powerful force in post-modern journalism.

  • BonnLass

    Cliff Kincaid has written a great article about lying Dan Rather! Question is why wasn’t SecDef Mattis vetted about who his father is, and what his father’s name is, and was James Mattis born out of wedlock to a Canadian woman living in PA, who resides in Washington State?
    Further, why wouldn’t SCOTUS Neil Gorsuch reveal his Oxford sweetheart’s maiden name, a British subject with dual citizenship?

  • susandanielspi

    Chris Wallace is not much better than his father. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Gz7

    They also lack any self respect. They lie, deny it, then come back and lie some more.

  • biilyjoe

    The Left has ZERO INTEGRITY.

  • john robel

    He isn’t known as “RED DAN” for nothing. A little thought to the matter and there is no way he could have the HONOR of a U.S. MARINE, and that explains the failure at boot camp.

  • Important stuff, huh?

  • BonnLass

    Vetting by degrees or stars and bars? It’s important if I’m asking so should you!

  • Colorado Conservative

    How do lying liberals like Rather, Williams, etc. even sleep at night? Oh I know the question is rhetorical as these people have no moral compass.

  • COL Joseph A. Masterson

    Well, since you brought it up, why weren’t you as concerned about the bastard son of Stanley Anne and Frank Marshall Davis? No way is he the son of Hussein Obama Sr. and if you look at the pix of BO/FMD, the resemblance is unmistakable. Might explain why the phony birth certificate and sealed records.
    And what difference does it make about GEN Mattis? He didn’t have anything to do about his birth except that his mother did not have an abortion and he was born! He further went on to mightily distinguish himself in service to this country. BTW, it is his service and millions more over the years that has secured your ability to throw stones.
    And as for Judge Gorsuch, what difference does it make who his “sweetheart” is/was and her “dual citizenship”? At least she can PROVE HER citizenship! Can Obozo?
    It will be interesting to see what kind of concocted documentation will be in Obozo’s pResidential Library. With what is available should be enough to make a roll of toilet tissue in a porta-potty!

  • BonnLass

    You failed to mention Lcol.Terry Lakin, USA, flight surgeon court-martialed by the son of a West Point Grad fir seeking the truth about Obama’s

  • eingriff

    This is a truly appalling disclosure, which tends to confirm other indications of fraud.

  • dba_deplorable_trader

    Its that subjective reality leftists have been embracing the last 8 years. If they believe it to be true, it is. “Truthiness” as their black messiah called it.

  • Rich Worrall

    Rather knows he can lie and the left is too lazy to check him to see if he’s lying again. That and they only want to “hear” claims, not know them true! Dan Rather has long been know to be a liar and I get so sick of people saying, “HE MIS-SPOKE”! He’s a damn liar.

  • NoUsurpers

    If Obama had been the product of Stanley Anne & Frank Marshall Davis, he would be natural born (as the child of two US citizens) and there would have been no need to hide identity documents at great expense. Davis paternity rumors started about the time that people were beginning to ask questions about Obama’s birthplace- when the “birth hospital” was shifting from Queens Medical Center to Kapi’olani (given on bkground to reporters who were less than inquisitive- many already gushing over Obama). I’ve seen the Davis pictures and dispute any strong resemblance to Obama. If Obama had a long form or vault birth record, he could have produced it back in ’08– instead of a forgery later under pressure from Trump who should never have conceded a fictional birth in Hawaii- under pressure from the same enamored reporters who covered up for Obama & pretended McCain was the one with a “natural born” problem!

  • Bruce

    Good story but I contend that the truth has never been more in danger than what it is right now, with Obama, Hillary and all the liberal media fake news outlets added to social media where anything goes

  • COL Joseph A Masterson

    I wasn’t even concerned about the natural born part in my rant! The hush-hush was that FMD was married and it would have upset his applecart so they conned (bought?) Obozo Sr to take the rap. NOBODY in the Repube establishment has the balls to pursue this and the bastard (in the literal sense) will go scott-free, along with the Hildebeast (Bitch of Benghazi). So I might as well shut up! Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along.

  • Michele Littlefield Zorb

    Deeply rooted into the “facts don’t matter” culture especially when it comes to self-promotion.

  • Mark M.

    What’s the frequency, Kenneth? (C’mon, someone had to post that, so I did.)

  • NoUsurpers

    the only reason to pursue this at all is if Obama was technically ineligible- all the rest if just gossip- based on my best source in Hawaii, Stanley Anne did fall for Barack Sr in their Russian language class- and obviously she did like foreign men (later, Soetoro). There’s no reason for Obama to conceal all his records & produce a forged long form- if he was natural born. That’s the real conspiracy- and the real controversy. I don’t intend for my grand-children to learn faux history- neither should anyone else. It’s not just a coincidence there’s a birther in the White House- Trump was finally able to become viable as a GOP candidate b/c his poll #s shot up after he challenged Obama on his birth record.

  • JonSEAZ

    You have nailed it: “no moral compass.”

  • JonSEAZ

    If James Mattis was born in the USA, he is a US citizen, legitimate or not, of an American citizen or not. The Constitutional questions affecting a President does not apply to a cabinet member, but only that they be US citizens.

    As for Gorsuch, what has his sweetheart have to do with anything? She was not being nominated to the Court. He had every right to protect her privacy. Moreover, many Americans carry dual citizenship. Again, she was not being nominated for anything. He can have whomever he wants as a sweetheart, including a goat according to many of the lefties and liberals.


  • i still thank you 4 being a patriot & being willing to serve

  • actually he did. he blamed bush 4 getting him fired! hahaha. unbelievable

  • mlentz

    Please don’t thank me, thank those men and women who did. They deserve that every day of their remaining lives.

  • FireAnt

    Given the decline of ethics and morality among journalists, the acronym MSM should now mean “More Shit Media”!

  • Jeannie McNeil Hudson

    I am not surprised by this, sadly. It seems to be the norm now. What a legacy to leave!!!

  • Chilibreath

    Once a Marine always a Marine, once a lier… well you know the rest.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Rather continues to embarrass himself—what a miserable excuse as a human!

  • stephencarter

    For years I admired Redford, but recent revelations of his knee-jerk leftism disgust me. I’m really finding in the past year I’m increasingly hostile to Hollywood, and I’ve been a life-long movie-lover. To hell with Hollywood’s biased lecturing hectoring hypocritical snowflakes. In recent months I’ve gone from seeing 3 or 4 movies a week to 1 movie every couple months, and I’m looking to reduce it further. And actually my life has improved since doing so. News is much the same: institutional lying on an industrial scale by the lying liars of the Left. Fake news. Fake movies. Let’s face it, the Left is infested by ideologically fake Americans.

  • Stark82ab

    Just a question. In the photo, Rather looks like he has quite a bit of hair around his left ear. While in Army Basic Training we had our heads shaved to the skin the first day and got it cut regularly enough so it was always short short, even at graduation. How’d he keep so much hair in MARINE Boot Camp in 1954???

  • buddhaha

    “Yearbook” or graduation-style photos were SOP in Army Basic Training in the 60’s so I assume that the explanation is correct. My BT cohort didn’t have a yearbook, but the pictures taken in our Class A green uniform (around week 3) were used by the PR folks to send blurbs to the recruit’s local paper announcing completion of basic. I believe they gave me an 8×10 copy which I mailed off to my mother – because it was so bad that “only a mother could…” 🙂

  • c4246

    From Edith Bunker : “And now we are going to hear from Dan Rather, who will tell us what the President said.”

  • Jaxter

    Was the photo sent from a Kinkos in Waco, Texas?

  • Harry Figgers

    Rather slandered our troops back during the Viet Nam war; I’ve ignored him since then!!!

  • Jim Porter

    We are a Marine family–our Son having served in Ramadi with the 2/5, and my Cousin who was in the 3/1 and served in Fallujah, where a battlefield wound stopped his Marine career. I have not asked either of them about this story. But just looking at the photo, I am disturbed by Rather’s happy smile. Seems to me that official U.S. Marine photos of the men do not have such smiles.

    The other thing is: if Rather didn’t make it through the Crucible, a strenuous 54-hour training exercise held right at the end of boot camp, then he is no Marine. Marines are awarded their Eagle, Globe, and Anchors after the Crucible. They then eat the Warriors Breakfast. If Rather didn’t get to partake of either of those, one official, on symbolic, then he’s not a United States Marine. We know young men, Marines, who participated in both of these but did not come home alive. We know young men, Marines, who participated in both of these and served in combat who suffered the hell of PTSD and chose to end it all.

    Rather stands in disgrace before all of these bold and brave young men.

  • Fled

    This is the problem, left wing government invited them to have a seat at the policy table and offered them power. They sold the people out for that seat and now they wanna dictate policy and disrupt dissent.

  • Mack

    Perhaps Dan Rather and Jesse Ventura could swap war stories down at the Old Guy Bar.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    How about some accuracy in media?
    Dan Rather voluntarily enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1954, after graduating college, back in the days when boot camp was a lot tougher than it is today, and when he could have gone to Marine OCS and been an officer of the Marines, and with the bloody Korean War having just been stalemated in 1953.
    Rather was discharged for medical reasons beyond his control during boot camp.
    So, in other words, Rather did something that Romney, Bush,Trump, and Cheney, never did, he volunteered to submit to the toughest boot camp in the world, to be an enlisted Marine and not a Marine officer.
    And here’s a fact, we Marines say, “once a Marine, always a Marine.”
    Dan Rather was a Marine, if only for a brief time, and can rightfully claim to be one, unlike most of you clowns.
    If Dan Rather had been in the Marine for only one day, it would still be one day more than most Republicans and the didfots knocking him.
    Maybe instead you clowns could cover a real, true story, Trump’s bogus draft deferments?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    How long were you in the Marines?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    There was no Crucible in 1954. Or 1994.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    Hey sarge, why aren’t you concerned that Betrayus Petraeus and McChrystal weren’t court martialed?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    Then you should still thank Dan Rather for being a patriot and willing to serve and voluntarily enlisting in the toughest fighting force in the world, unlike Trump.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    Is that the same Dan Rather who spent a year in Vietnam during the 1960s covering the Vietnam War up close, where he interviewed such notable Vietnam warfighter like Don Trump, George “100 mission” Bush, Dick “LRRP” Cheney, Dan “potatoe” Quayle, and Mitt “Parisian” Romney, with his fellow “distinguished” combat journalist, Bill O’Reilly?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    FAKE TROLL; no real officer, retired or active, would talk or post crap like this.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    FAKE TROLL; once again, no real officer, retired or active, would talk or post crap like this.

  • Jim Porter

    Thank you.

  • Jim Porter


  • Curtis Mamzic


  • Curtis Mamzic

    No it’s not.
    Besides the fact that you can read the obituary for a Col Joseph A. Masterson on the Internet, the grammar, gibberish, and wacky conspiracy theory crap posted here reads like it was written by just another anonymous wingnut low education troll, not a supposedly retired O-6 still subject to the UCMJ for disrespect to the CINC and conduct unbecoming an officer.

  • Curtis Mamzic

    And as far as nobody going to jail, it sure looks like lyin’ LtGen Mike Flynn, USA-Retired, will be going to jail and reduced in rank for being a treasonous Russky agent, and for that all of us loyal American vets should be happy, right, Joe?

  • tahoe967

    You are on the wrong page, moron! There is NOTHING patriotic about Blather! What branch did you serve in?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    I’m a moron?
    How long were you in the Marines?

  • Marilyn Durst

    Based on the picture, I would say about 4 years, 6 months, 27 days and 13 hours.

  • albaby2

    How many years did Obama serve before he became Commander-in-Chief?

  • albaby2

    Did you serve with Obama’s choom gang?

  • Curtis Mamzic

    I know you’re just anonymously trolling after all the months, but in point of fact, Obama served exactly as long as tRump served.
    And Obama never dodged the draft, like tRump and Cheney, Romney, et all Republicons did.

  • albaby2

    Only because the draft didn’t exist any more. Obama was 12 years old when the draft was abolished, bright one! ROTFLMAO

  • albaby2

    Only because Obama was only 12 years old when the draft was abolished, bright boy. ROTFLMAO

  • World Peace

    “The column appeared before Trump’s claim about being wiretapped by the Obama administration was confirmed in revelations about the Watergate-style surveillance of Trump officials implicating former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice.”

    And as we well know now, the Kenyan did indeed spy on POTUS during his campaign and afterward.

    Robert Redford said, “Sound and accurate journalism defends our democracy. It’s one of the most effective weapons we have to restrain the power-hungry.”

    The power hungry are the leftists, antifa, BLM and ALL of the liberal MSM who do not tell the truth, allude rather than report facts and do not report on ANYTHING that doesn’t not fall into any of their many categories for their agenda.

    This INDEPENDENT thinks Rather is a lying failure. Crawl back under your rock. You are a disgrace to the world of journalism and this nation.

  • tahoe967

    Seven years! Any more questions?