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Elections matter. President Obama proves it every day as he willfully seeks to wreck our nation. But this is very evident elsewhere, too. The 2010 elections reversed decades of Democrat majority control in state houses. Since then, GOP governors and legislatures all over the country have been restoring sanity to state government. Most Americans don’t know this of course, because the media won’t tell you.

One good example is North Carolina. Republicans took over the North Carolina legislature in 2010, and Charlotte’s popular Republican mayor, Pat McCrory, won the governor’s mansion in 2012. This gave the GOP full control of the state government for the first time since 1898. In 2013 Governor McCrory signed a new voter ID law, and a fairly strong Republican majority, willing to take political risks, took over leadership of the State Board of Elections (SBOE). The Democrats are having fits.

An interesting email received this week offers a window into how Democrats used to rig the voter game.

A History of Voter Fraud

Vote fraud has been a long-standing tradition in Democrat-controlled North Carolina. For example, in 2012 the Democrat-controlled NC State Board of Elections (SBOE) openly, blatantly violated state election law by partnering with the Obama administration in offering illegal online voter registration. The corrupt administration of Democratic Governor Beverly Purdue—who declined to seek a second term rather than face a certain punishing defeat by McCrory in 2012—did nothing.

Participating in Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s “Crosscheck” program, North Carolina’s new GOP-led SBOE matched 765 voters registered in both NC and another state with the exact name, DOB and last four digits of SSN of those who voted in both states in the 2012 election. They found a total of 35,750 matching with the exact name and DOB who voted in two states in 2012 (many states don’t provide SSN information). They also found 13,416 deceased voters on the voter rolls, some of whom have come back from the dead to vote.

Some of this will certainly wind up to be clerical errors, but elections officials believe that partisans regularly use out-of-date voter registrations of people who have died or left the state in order to vote multiple times. In so doing they are committing both vote fraud and identity theft. This is a strong case for effective voter ID laws and cleaning the voter rolls—which are in shambles nationwide.

The Eric Holder Justice Department has pointedly resisted such efforts, battling states that enact voter ID laws—including North Carolina—and even suing states that attempt to clean their rolls. The reader can judge why. Opponents to cleaning up the rolls claim they are fighting “minority voter suppression,” but following enactment of voter ID laws in NC minority voter participation in 2014 primaries spiked 29.5 percent.

Students at the historically black Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) have been captive votes for city Democrats for ages. They have literally been ordered by faculty to register and vote in Elizabeth City, whether they live there or not. Some former students have even continued to vote by absentee ballot using the college address while residing and voting in other states. In April, 2013, the county board of elections sustained 57 of 60 voter registration challenges. All voters listed ECSU as their residence.

North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project (VIP) discovered hundreds of individuals registered to vote who declined jury duty because they claimed non-citizen status. If their non-citizen status is accurate, they committed a crime by registering to vote. More than half of them voted one or more times. VIP has identified 147 cases of double voting by NC residents who moved to Florida and managed to vote in both locations. VIP has also identified over 20,000 voters registered with false addresses. Some counties even allow voters to register with non-existent addresses. The SBOE is now following up. The former Democrat-controlled SBOE couldn’t be bothered.

The NAACP is predictably suing Governor Pat McCrory, and has subpoenaed VIP, Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation for all their records and lists of supporters in what is obviously an effort to intimidate and destroy the organizations. VIP Director Jay DeLancy noted with irony, “During America’s civil rights era, several Governors and Attorney Generals attempted to destroy the NAACP by demanding their membership records and then punishing their supporters. The Supreme Court banned the practice in 1964’s NAACP v. Alabama decision,” he said, “but today, the NAACP are trying to use that tactic against us—private citizens who worry about election integrity.”

A Curious Email

So now back to that email. It appears innocent enough. Nothing more than an announcement of an upcoming county board of elections meeting. It is addressed to various local news media, a few local activists, and Democracy NC. The activists’ names and emails have been deleted out of respect for their privacy.

From: Sheila Holloman []
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 11:12 AM
To:; Democracy NC;; (; Wrcs-am;
Subject: Board Meeting Date

The Bertie County Board of Elections will meet on Tuesday, August 12th at 5pm at the Board of Elections Office at 210 W. Watson Street for a regular monthly meeting.

Sheila Holloman
Bertie County Board of Elections
PO Box 312
Windsor, NC  27983
Ph:  252.794.5306
Fax:  252.794.5368

Conspicuously absent from that email are any GOP organizations or individuals who might want to participate in the process. There is nothing stopping Republicans from attending, but for some reason they are not on the list. So while the GOP has taken over the government in Raleigh, locally, many election board meetings are still packed with Democrats and their media supporters. Local activists might want to fix that.

North Carolina’s Blueprint 

Democracy NC is a large leftist activist organization that gets a lot of money from George Soros. The organization dominates state politics. Members attend every county board of elections meeting in the state, and in the past were able to browbeat election boards into accepting Democracy NC-selected locations for early voting. These were, of course, always in areas with democratic, usually minority, populations. As a result, Democrats have been able to take much more advantage of early voting and have shaped their campaigns around it.

Emails uncovered by NC Civitas, a think tank in Raleigh, found extensive coordination between Democracy NC’s Director, Bob Hall, Gary Bartlett, the (former) SBOE Chairman, and NC’s media establishment, who all work together in a coordinated effort to rig the elections and vilify political opposition in the press. Sound familiar? Here are a few goals outlined in a leaked strategy memo of Blueprint North Carolina, a notorious leftist umbrella group of non-profits, activists and media organizations that includes Democracy NC and many others:

  • “Crippling their leaders ([Gov.] McCrory, [House Speaker] Tillis, [Senate President Pro Tem] Berger etc.).” (Tillis is now in a close race for the U.S. Senate with Democrat Kay Hagan. Ed.)
  • “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”
  • “Pressure McCrory at every public event.”
  • “Private investigators and investigative reporting, especially in the executive branch. …”
  • “Organizers focus on year round voter registration. …”

Blueprint NC is simply North Carolina’s application of the Democrats’ Blueprint, a nationwide strategy using the same smear tactics. It was originally developed in Colorado to turn the state blue using the vast funding of a few ultra-partisan leftist billionaires. Their example birthed Democracy Alliance, a secretive group of billionaires dedicated to pushing America into the socialist camp. Anyone who cares about America’s future, but is unfamiliar with Blueprint or DA, is well advised to bone up.

north carolina leftist non profits

North Carolina’s Constellation of Leftist Non-profits

NC Democrats are still vilifying, but HB 589, the Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) voter ID law passed in 2013, really messed up their game. In addition to requiring photo voter ID, which will make all the forms of vote fraud described earlier much more difficult, the law abolished same-day registration and voting, reduced early voting from 17 to 10 days, and added some obscure but very meaningful provisions.

As a price for passing the legislation, Democrats demanded that while early voting days could be reduced to 10, the number of hours couldn’t. This meant, in many cases, more early voting locations had to be found. Unexpectedly, this put Democrats in a quandary. There are only so many potential voting sites in many districts, and in order to find new locations, local boards of elections have been forced to look outside their reliably Democratic voting areas. Republicans may finally be able to early vote in numbers.


The accompanying video shows the Democrat-led SBOE discussing ways to handle 767 provisional votes that could not be verified as legitimate during the 2012 election. All the votes were cast outside of the county where the voter was legally required to vote. SBOE Director Gary Bartlett is on the right doing most of the talking. He offers many reasons voters might have done this. For example, they didn’t know any better, had moved within 30 days—which would make the vote legal—or they were lying. These votes were important, as one member describes, because there was a recount in process. In one state senate race, candidates were separated by only 21 votes. One of the three Democratic members asks (there was only one Republican on the Board), “But at this point none of these ballots are counted?” Bartlett responds, “Yes they are.” Surprised, the member asks, “For the statewide race?” Bartlett answers, “For every race…” All of the votes were counted even though they were made outside of their legal districts because voting officials did not have sufficient time to check records. What is not stated is that Bartlett, who had been in the post for 20 years, set the deadlines for verifying provisional ballots. Bartlett is also among the NAACP’s list of plaintiff witnesses.

Numbering Provisional Ballots

Here’s another change that is making Democrats scream. The elimination of same-day voter registration and voting abolished a lot of fraud because verifying same-day registrations takes time, and often couldn’t or wouldn’t be completed before the certification date. Votes that couldn’t be verified still counted. But worse for vote fraudsters, the new law has reestablished the requirement to number provisional votes. Why does this matter?

Provisional ballots are supposed to be placed in separate envelopes to be verified following elections. According to Civitas Institute Policy Analyst Susan Myrick, a former Wake County elections official and one of the state’s foremost experts on voting law, what often happened in those minority districts that Democracy NC loves so much was that provisional ballots ended up in the regular voting box instead of in a safe place waiting to be researched and approved.

An innocent mistake, right? No problem. With a numbering system, all one had to do was find the provisional vote in the box, set it aside and verify it. Except that in recent years, Democrats removed the requirement to number provisional votes. That meant, if the vote went into a voting box instead of the envelope set aside for provisional votes, it got counted, period, and there was no way to verify its validity.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of many obscure little ways Democrats in North Carolina rigged elections in their favor. In safe Democrat districts, away from the prying eyes of poll watchers, phony provisional ballots easily found their way into the voting box to be counted as legitimate votes. Elections do matter, and North Carolina’s dedicated activists and newly-installed political leaders deserve credit for seeking to restore integrity to the process under a tidal wave of hate-filled invective and frivolous lawsuits launched by a bunch of sore losers.

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  • Libertarian Soldier

    I’m not certain whether the marxist democrat party attracts liars cheaters and generally greedy, dishonest people or makes them so abhorrently dishonest, so opposed to true Liberty, true Representation, the true principles of one vote for one person .

    This sort of hucksteristic fraud and indecency would have been unheard of in the 1950s or 1960s. The democrat party has no morals, no sense of decency and no soul!

    This is how far we are from God and from the Constitution because of marxist’s jealous politics and their “Rules for Radicals”!

  • MomsTalking

    Liberals in Ontario and Canada(justin Trudeau) have relatives of jerrit and Obama workers in Canada stealing elections..Ontario election of corrupt gay woman who promised more $ OFF each paycheque & $42% increase in hydro bills & has provincial police looking inro corruption charges ( A First!AND “lost” over $3Billion in deals)) had “WON” THE RECENT ELECTION!!Now she is dictator within a few DAYS of election!!Will sell off taxpayer properties to friends at bargain basement prices(LIKE OUR HYDRO SYSTEM!!)

  • fistdeyuma

    I read where Liberals live in a world where their moral values are always correct and all other values are incorrect. So if they feel there is no crime in voter fraud, because it is for a good cause, then it morally correct to insure Democrats win the election with whatever it takes.

  • john robel

    Nancy Pelosi arranged for her real estate shyster husband, an exclusive deal to acquire closed U.S. Postal facilities for commercial development. Democrats are crony capitalists at the worst. The “party for the little guy” claim is pure lies, propaganda, and deception.

  • bbf

    Here in MN..Al Franken was losing the Senate election by a slim margin..when miracles of miracles….300 ballots were found in a car…AND THEY WERE ALL FOR FRANKEN.

    Excuse me..I have to go find my barf bag!

  • georgieporgie12

    Any and all efforts to curb voter fraud are steps in the right direction. But, an over-arching problem is the fact that we now have our electronic votes counted in Barcelona, Spain, under a contract with a George Soros-connected corporation called SCYTL. This contract was in place for the last presidential election in 2012. Will it be used to count the votes of the mid-term 2014 elections? There is no paper trail for electronic votes if there is a dispute. Unless and until this ill-begotten contract is cancelled, all fair-voting efforts are for naught, and the millions of dollars spent in campaigning are wasted. Under this contract, the states count the votes and send them to Barcelona to be compiled and posted. Oh, what chicanery can take place in that nano-second.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I read the other day that the NY Times has lost over 50 percent of their online subscriptions – I didn’t do any research on it but the Democrats aren’t making any sense either. I’m confused as why the homosexual community has taken it upon their self to act as the spokes people for the Muslim Community and I want to know which sect are they speaking for ? The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization which was created from the original German Nazi’s. ( Al Banna ) Hamas and Al Qaeda are both members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Qaeda have murdered many of our American family members. Our officers are trying to force our troops to participate in Ramadan by ordering them to refrain from eating, drinking in front of Muslims and telling them to study about their religion. Mean while they are claiming that Christians are terrorist and listing them as extremist. Why does Obama think they are going to convert and how short of a memory does the U.S. think the Muslims have. Over the last two decades we have bombed , imprisoned , raped ,tortured , starved , left to exposure , killed their woman and children and destroyed their homes and government . Now we love the Muslims ?–torture-report–release-233244652.html

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Another common practice of voter fraud that they use in
    larger metro areas is a gimmick where they pretend to be taking a door to door survey.
    They have a list of residents and they go door to door asking if you are aware
    that an election is coming up and if you intend to vote. If you say “no” they
    put a tic mark by your name and say thank you and walk to the next door. On Election
    Day, they have members who assume your identity (no ID required) and they vote
    for you.

  • Mike Spaniola

    Democrats may have actually won only two to three presidential elections in the past 100 years. Their other “victories” were likely related to election fraud. Remember the famous headline, “Dewey Wins!” on election night in 1948, only to have Harry Truman declared the winner the next day? A Truman victory was vital to maintaining FDR socialist policies and personnel at this crucial post-war moment, but many voters had tired of the administration’s pandering to the Soviet Union during a world war that had killed millions of people and left millions of others orphans and homeless.

    Jimmy Carter, an avowed socialist, “beat” Gerald Ford in 1976 by a mere 100,000 votes even following Richard Nixon and Watergate, which became one of the most highly publicized and distorted political distractions in recent history. There is also significant agreement today that John F. Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon in 1960, winning, as did Carter, by a narrow margin. Kennedy’s team had the help of its vice presidential candidate Lyndon Johnson, who excelled with such impunity at voter fraud that in his native Texas that he was dubbed “Landslide Lyndon.” Nixon and Republicans decided not to protest the 1960 election for the sake of the nation’s good. (Nixon eventually won in 1968.)

    George W. Bush was projected to have won Florida and the presidency in 2000, but late-night vote counting in three southern Florida districts – all Democratic strongholds and one of them home to Janet Reno, the U.S. Attorney General at the time – suddenly began to swing in favor of Democratic candidate Al Gore. “Found” ballots and ballot manipulation were at the core and, had other districts been allowed to use these tactics in a recount, Gore would likely have “won” the state eventually, as Democrats, unlike Republicans in Nixon’s 1960 loss, were determined to pursue a recount for as long as it took.

    As was the case with the finale of the 2000 election, a highly compliant media today cares little and writes even less about the voter registration and election fraud inherent to such political groups as ACORN, of which Obama was a key member for years prior to his election in 2008.

  • The Major

    In all 57 Pct.s in Philly PA,,not ONE vote for Romney??? Yeah ,,right.
    In Ohio,,six cities claimed over 100 to 110% voter turnout?? Yeah,,Right
    How do you get 110% turnout at the polls?? It’s mathematically IMPOSSIBLE!
    In 2012,,,the DUMOcraps showed their true colors,,Pick one
    Where we live,,my wife applied for a Non-Drivers License w/photo,,& she had to produce enough ID for a minimum of 6 points,,so,,she showed a good dozen forms of ID & the lady in charge felt sorry for her as she just barely made the 6 pts.
    Yet Illegals were to be GIVEN licenses,,,can you beat that?
    IF she already had a license or Passport,,or Military ID,,she would not need a photo ID from my state,,,AND,,,it cost $30 or more dollars too
    Now,,,the states that WANT VOTER I.D.,,have already said that THEY would pay for it ,,at under $10 dollars each,,,with Photo,,a bar code,,maybe a f/printand a signature ,,,and ,,,this CAN be used as PHOTO ID for almost anything .
    If ,,,say,,,California has 20 mill Registered voters,,,Legally,,it would cost $200 million or LESS,,,& as in the other states,,,they said “if you cannot come to US,,,We will come to YOU” THIS 1 thing will cut out a LOT of voter fraud,,but our racist marxist muslim POTUS & his goon squad do NOT want to make things Better,,,just Worse,,”Fundamentally Transform” remember?

  • AlinMN
  • russhenry

    Elections do matter but, Barry Soetoro is an illegal alien, usurper! He has no legal American documents to prove who he is, where he was born & when he was born!
    The law matters and the “Rule of Law” matters!
    Why is this communist fraud still in my White House?

  • Don
  • magic1114

    I’ve always known that the DemoCRAP party is nothing more than a criminal organization. The only way to stop their activities is to excise them from the body politic… BAN THEIR PARTY!

  • Azsteve53

    There are many more ways the Dems use to rig elections, this is a nice little primer. The Dems also use foreclosed properties and here in Arizona mail in ballots. Any national election has 2-3 % fraudulent ballots, all in favor of the fraudsters, the Democrats