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“America seems to be stuck in the toilet,” says Alveda King, commenting on the Obama administration’s war with North Carolina over sexually confused people getting access to the bathrooms of their choice. The pro-life leader notes that while there are real problems the administration could tackle, it has instead decided that access to public bathrooms by a new sexual minority has suddenly become a high priority under federal civil rights laws. As a result, the country is “headed for disaster,” King says.

This is not an accident. Cultural Marxism, the subject of the new book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, explains the grip that this fanatical ideology has on so many elites in America today. If you doubt how pervasive this has become, watch or read the remarks of Attorney General Loretta Lynch on how transgenderism has suddenly become the wave of the future. Describing the North Carolina bathroom bill, which restricts restroom access by objective measures of DNA and biology, Lynch said, “This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation.”

She added, “This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms. This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we, as a people and as a country, have enacted to protect them—indeed, to protect all of us. And it’s about the founding ideals that have led this country—haltingly but inexorably—in the direction of fairness, inclusion and equality for all Americans.”

Our founders regarded homosexuality as a crime against nature. General George Washington ordered the court-martial of homosexuals.

Statements from Lynch about “founding ideals” and “fairness, inclusion and equality for all Americans” get reported in a matter-of-fact manner by the media. But they have no basis in law. The lawsuit filed by North Carolina notes that the position of the Justice Department “is a baseless and blatant overreach” and “an attempt to unilaterally rewrite long-established federal civil rights laws in a manner that is wholly inconsistent with the intent of Congress and disregards decades of statutory interpretation by the Courts.”

So what is happening here? Lynch’s reference to historical “progress” is Marxist jargon for the dialectical process that will somehow achieve pure social equality by moving the nation into a structure of government dictates and special benefits for preferred members of certain groups, seen as disadvantaged by the capitalist power structure. This is Obama’s view. It means that the definitions of “man” and “woman” are being stripped of their objective reality. The process obviously undermines America’s traditional values and morality, and will inexorably lead to all kinds of perverted practices being treated as new breakthroughs in human sexuality and progress.

Cultural Marxism is called “critical theory” in many universities today. At Occidental College in California, where a young Barack Obama went after being tutored in Marxism by communist Frank Marshall Davis, “Critical Theory and Social Justice” is now an interdisciplinary department, “drawing on ideas from across traditional academic disciplines.” The official department website describes Critical Theory as referring to “various bodies of theory and method—Marxism, psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, deconstruction, critical race studies, queer theory, feminist theory, postcolonial theory, and intersectionality—that interrogate the essentialist assumptions that underlie social identities.”

Courses include:

  • Mother Goose to Mash-Ups: Children’s Literature and Popular Texts
  • Psychic Life of Violence
  • Queer Los Angeles: Cruising the Archive
  • Bodies for Exchange
  • Whiteness

If you are as curious as I was, you’re wondering about the content of the course “Mother Goose to Mash-Ups: Children’s Literature and Popular Texts.” Here’s the official description:

“Why did the London Bridge fall down? Is Rub-a-dub-dub really about bath time? Why didn’t an old man live in a shoe? Who is more imperialist, Babar or Peter Pan? Is Tinky Winky gay? Is South Park a children’s show? Is Harry Potter a Hero? How tired was Rosa Parks? Using different critical approaches, this course will examine children’s poetry, picture books, novels, cartoons, feature films, and music videos. Analysis will include topics related to gender, race, culture, and nation, as they play out in the aesthetics, images, and poetics of children’s texts.”

The course “Whiteness” is described this way:

“This course seeks to engage the emergent body of scholarship designated to deconstruct whiteness. It will examine the construction of whiteness in the historic, legal, and economic contexts which have allowed it to function as an enabling condition for privilege and race-based prejudice. Particular attention will be paid to the role of religion and psychology in the construction of whiteness.”

A central aspect of progressive ideology is that women have a “right to choose.” When Hillary Clinton declared that “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” she undermined this false narrative. She let a truth slip out, an offense that could be regarded as verbal aggression toward women on some campuses. According to progressive ideology, the unborn baby is not a person entitled to any rights. The right to life no longer exists for the child in the womb. Only the “rights” of the woman have value.

In his book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, Michael Walsh describes how the left, to its “everlasting shame,” has “convinced women to murder their own babies in the name of ‘rights’…” This is the secret of their success—to mask brutal murder through dismemberment and chemical poisoning with flowery language about the “rights” of those complicit in the killing.

By subverting the motherly instinct to have and care for children, the Cultural Marxists have laid the groundwork for other branches of the tree of Critical Theory—radical feminism and lesbianism.

Occidental highlights the fact that its first alumnus to become a United States senator was Barack Obama. Indeed, the “Barack Walk” is now featured on the Occidental campus, including where he lived during his freshman year, where he made his first political speech, and where he played JV basketball. Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University in 1981.

“The two years President Barack Obama spent at Oxy from 1979 to 1981 played a major role in determining his future,” the college website declares. Eric Newhall, a professor of English and comparative literary studies, is described as a regular at the lunchtime pick-up basketball games played by students and faculty. “I think Occidental’s greatest contribution to American politics lies in persuading Barack Obama that his future did not lie in basketball,” Newhall says.

While his basketball skills have clearly deteriorated over the years, Obama’s ability to fundamentally transform the United States shows no signs of slowing down.

“Sometimes where you start out is more important than where you end up,” the Occidental website says about Obama. In his case, both are equally important. The damage is not yet done.

Interestingly, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has indicated no problem with the “progressive” course America is on. “Donald Trump said I could use any bathroom I wanted in the Trump Tower,” declared Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner at the Time 100 Gala in New York City. “So of course I veered right in there—took care of myself.” Jenner was being honored as one of 2016’s most influential people.

In a demonstration of New York values, Trump was in attendance with wife Melania.

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  • Sally Smith

    There’s a new book out about Obama called “1,202 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.” It’s available at

  • Jerry

    Loretta Lynch, The very low intelligence of this woman, Is just plain against the law to have her in the job. She says if you feel as though your a woman you can use the women’s bathroom or women’s showers. This is plain stupidity. If you feel that way there is medical assistance for you or Mental Hospitals. That’s the same thing as if I said I did not want to be a person anymore, I am an object, Not a person there fore no laws are to be applied to me. I can do anything I want because you cannot charge an object for crimes. And I feel as though I’m an object. You are what ever you feel, Civil rights issue is plain stupidity

  • RMThoughts

    Of course Cliff ends with a pot shot at Trump…..Now that after the primary race has been won by Donald Trump and he IS the nominee. After spending 75 million dollars and 66 thousand ads against Trump one would think that the GOPe and their pundits would focus their animus on Hillary.

    Once again the open borders, TTP/TTIP, muslim immigration, globalist lopsided trade, Ryan Omnibus, perpetual war, GOPe has shown where their hearts are. With the only Establishment candidate left in the race….Hilary.

  • Webuppp

    Hey cliff almost a nice article, you rightfully expose Obama for the Marxists he is, then take a cheap shot @ trump?. Exactly how does writing an article on a militant Marxist tyranticle traitor bastard has Trump in it’s subtext? Trump hasn,t even been vetted by the Marxist media as yet. Are you a puppet for the Marxist right? Anyone @ this point that ridicules ( not presumed) IS the nominee is showing their Marxist colors and for all to see. Cliff, when exactly did you sell your soul?

  • Webuppp

    Marxists on the left, Marxist on the right RMThought. Hillary is a Marxist, Bernie is a Marxist, Rubio, all the bushes, cruz. So, the Marxist had any amount of candidates to make it through from both sides. Talk about “stacking the deck”. This is how you know there are Marxist on the right. Trump is the only candidate that isn,t a Marxist. And all “republican/ conservatives” that come against trump, are serving the interests of the conspirators against the American people/America

  • RMThoughts

    All of them underwritten and whitewashed by the GOP.

  • Peter

    Do Americans really toilet in the bath, and bathe/shower in the toot?
    We all know the womb is not a safe place to be for the unborn, but it should be the safest. Women who conceive and abort must do it for for a thrill kill. Child killers. The definition for Immaculate Conception is “Holy F- – -“.
    In my opinion America has become a sewer. Needs a good flushing out.
    Trump that!

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “Trump is the only candidate that isn,t a Marxist.”

    No one this stupid should be allowed to vote.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    How much are you getting paid to shill for this piece of trash? You’ve mentioned it several times in your comments lately.

  • Do u know Cruz personally? I do and have for over 15 yrs now. He is the most honest man who is so hated by the GOP because he DARED to write a book, “A Time For Truth” that NAMED NAMES, something you just do not do. He talked about how the Republicans and Democrats sell their votes to the highest bidder, the K-Street Lobbyists, he got up in front of the entire Congress, and after seeing only two of those gruesome videos by PPH, said, “This should be a 100-0 vote. I don’t believe this is why I came to DC and I know it isn’t why you came, but somewhere along the line, you lost your sense of decency, values and fair play. A sad, sad day when you will continue to fund what is not even a govt agency!” Then he called out the real liar, McConnell after running on the Keystone and “I will rip out Obamacare by root and by branch.” You just do not do that on the Congressional floor because there is something called “Decorum” which means you must at all times be cordial to the enemy. McConnell seems to have forgotten the very word, but in our Republic, we have very long memories, of Ted Cruz beating out a 12 yr incumbent because he promised if we brought the lottery to TX it would go to education, well I called the Lottery Commission when the schools were falling down around our ears, and asked where the money was going, and they told me the truth..”Administrative Fees,” which means they keep it. Then David Dewhurst was again calling for gambling in TX; once we get conned, we are not going for it a second time as Cruz reminded us. Then as our Attorney General, he kept every single campaign promise and Oh so much more; he went to the Supreme Court for us 9 times and won 5. Alan Dershowitz, a Progressive Professor who was on OJ’s Dream Team, said of Cruz, (being in the top 3% in Harvard), “He is the most brilliant student I have ever taught. He won every debate and they even have a “Ted Cruz Living Debate Team.” Does that sound like a Globalist to you? Do you know him, again I am asking? What single piece of legislation did he ever try to pass that makes you say that? You can’t tell me. Because he has always fought for Texas and for Texans. As a working member of Numbers USA, we send out Questionnaires to all Senators and Representatives and ask them their policy positions and then see how they vote and if it’s in line with how they answered. This is how we find the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and then we give them a score based on what they said they were for and how they voted, well John Cornyn, ever the RINO and minority leader, had last year a D- and doesn’t seem to care if this year he has an F+/But Ted Cruz, since he has been in the Senate, he has always maintained an A+ to the lowest of an A-. He votes for what we in our Republic want him to vote for which the evidence is so clear. So, in what way has he ever voted the way globalists do, for those are the Liberal policies of Hillary. Ted is a Constitutionalist Conservative, as am I. “If it ain’t in the Constitution, throw it out.” How is it that Heritage, the largest Conservative think tank in DC has stood solidly behind Ted Cruz? Why is it that the National Review and The Standard, both Conservative National Magazines have done the same/ I guess now we Conservatives are globalists also then? Again, a fundamental misunderstanding of what the differences are between a Rep/Cpn Party and the Liberal voting Democrat Progressives, and I do not want to hear any pro this or anti that’s because those a social issues. Betcha my boots you couldn’t tell me, but don’t feel bad, what frieghtened me more than anything is a research project is did that was supposed to be comprised of only 250 subjects, but have since gone up to 345. Only 1 man, about 58 yrs of age could tell me! Not one person knows the FUNDAMENTAL differences. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And not just one, but every single talk show host from Hannity to Beck& Limbaugh show Cruz to be the only Constitutional Conservative in Congress besides only a few more like Mike Lee (R-UT)? Guess you missed some research, for it you put out something that is unsubstantiated, than the propaganda machine has your heart, soul and mind. For God’s sake man, wake up. It is open season for “Wacko birds,” and birds of a feather flock together. For if you cannot find anything wrong or misleading with my statements, and my company, The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company, the first of its kind and the oldest research company in Texas, my credibility is solid and beyond reproach. To see more of what I do, see When I started my company after quitting my teaching post at San Antonio College, they said “But you can’t do that,” or “But that will never work.” I can, and I did and it is still here from my opening in the late ’80’s. I also have a BA in Education and another BA in History with a field minor in Historical Research where I did my Clinician’s work for that degree in the archives and document’s section in the basement of the Alamo. So, you should, perhaps give some kind of sourcing about how you came up with your “He is a globalist,” when he has stood front and center with Cliff Kincaid”s group “Stop the UN,” and “Let’s Part Company with the UN.” Sounds like a real globalist to me, huh? P. Kathy Kleiman

  • Webuppp

    Katy, after hearing Cruz during the filibusters I was an avid supporter of Cruz. Cruz then turned his attack on Rubio position with the gang of 8. Then Rubio shows a political ad with Cruz confessing he supports amnasty @ a subcommittee hearing. Cruz kept claiming trump was gonna steal our 2nd amendment, meanwhile, trump, and his family are card carriers, trump wants a conceal carry nationwide, how it that taking rites? Why would Ted say such a thing? Katy, I don,t know Cruz personally, when someone lies, as Cruz has, that creates doubt. When I find out Hedi Cruz gained membership in the Marxists think tank council on foriegn relations. Working for Goldman saks was a warning sign as well. Ted barrows a million to run for the senate. Hedi was to have cashed in her 401 k to fund it. Never happened. Instead, Ted didn’t declare the money claiming he missed it on his taxes(really)? A better question, how does a senator pay that note monthly on his salary? I switched my vote due to ted’s actions, I don,t need to know him to hear what comes from his mouth. As much as I’d love to see the IRS ( gestopo collection agency of the democrat Marxist party) be abolished as Ted,s platform suggests, does anyone believe the Marxist would allow that to happen? It,s taken 115 years to gain this kind of control over the minds of a patriotic nations, and raise a young generation of progressive mindless drone. Ted ‘s zeal to be president has him to be conspiring as he did with kasich & the insiders, fabricating storylines. Ted acts like a conservative, so does Rubio, so did the bushes, Romney McCain . all these charlatans claimed the high ground, while selling votes, conspiring for self, and with others @the peril of us all. I know who Ted,s is mame. And I,m tied of the imposters.

  • Webuppp

    Wow, back to the insults iron? Care to offer a counter? What proof to do have trump is a Marxist? I don,t use the term loosely either, I back up what I say, you ought to try that, rather than Saul alinski insult tatics.

  • Webuppp

    Iron, why are you trolling This blog? The real question is who,s paying you to shill trump? They ought to get their money back, you suck has a Schiller, and the politics @this level is way above your intellectual grade.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    First of all, you completely misunderstood my point, which was that NONE of this year’s candidates are Marxists. If any of you morons understood that word, you’d stop throwing it at any politician you don’t like.

    Second, Saul Alinsky? Seriously? 99.9% of ALL liberals never heard of him until Fox “News” decided to scare you rubes with his name.

    Last, you back up your nonsense with right wing BS. Nothing more.

  • Webuppp

    Iron, I,ve known of the things I speak well before Fox News ever existed. Go patronize some one else intellectually inferior. I indeed read your point, which is why I gave a list of the one’s who are progressive Marxists. “Right wing” really? What does that mean? Idiot. You either love our constitution, and it,s precepts, ot you hate the constitution and want government control, and enslavement. Those are your choices. Constitution = republic form of government progessive marxisum = totalitarianism the 4th worst government man invoked. Tell me again your BS? Explain how you and the other idiot derelicts, would trade going back to the best, most prosperous, and cultured societies. And trade that proven potential, for a tyrannical tyranny, that has already been proven to fail miserably? The answer…. Brainwashed dumbed down, indoctrinated, moral high ground, self absorbed, narcissistic, party above country, asshole drones.

  • Sally Smith

    There’s a new book out about Obama called “1,202 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.” It’s available at