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The Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, Cliff Kincaid, appeared on October 17 on the Radio Free Rocky D. show to discuss the recent WikiLeaks email dumps and the impact that these new revelations have had on the presidential election.

“Look, [Julian] Assange, I give him credit,” said Kincaid on the radio show. “He’s doing the kind of digging, he’s getting the scoops, he’s getting the dirty information—let’s call it that because it’s being hacked—that we need to know. We have a right to know.”

“I find it interesting that, at least so far, the Clinton people, [John] Podesta and so forth, have really not denied that these are their emails,” said Kincaid. “They just say, ‘Oh, the Russians did it, the Russians did it, the Russians are coming.’ Well, look everything we’ve gotten out of WikiLeaks, so far at least, looks to be reliable.”

However, Kincaid noted that Assange has worked for the Russians before, and therefore might not deserve trust. “Again, I don’t necessarily trust the guy,” said Kincaid. “He had a Russian television show on Russia Today, RT. But, look, I look at his information that’s coming out. I judge it on its merits.”

One of the things that these leaked emails expose, said Kincaid, is that “that we’ve had a major media, mainstream media in the tank for Hillary.”

“And, of course, nowadays the bias is so blatant, so in your face—but it still fools people,” Kincaid also commented.

“I mean, there were cases like Maggie Haberman being described as a friendly journalist at The New York Times,” said Kincaid. “We’ve had John Harwood at CNBC, who was part of one of the debates, who was sucking up to the Clinton machine. I mean we can go down a whole list. It really is, when you think about it…really is a conspiracy of these journalists working hand in glove, even while pretending to be objective.”

Recent columns from Kincaid and from AIM Editor Roger Aronoff have exposed the media’s hidden hand of influence in support of a Hillary Clinton presidential victory.

One point of enduring hypocrisy is where the media have acted outraged about Donald Trump’s alleged sexual harassment of various women. “And yet we’ve got a 73-page police report on how he [Al Gore] was the target of sexual harassment complaints, groping complaints, from a massage therapist, so called, in Oregon a couple years ago,” said Kincaid. Gore recently appeared with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

“Now, granted, [the Gore case] was dropped,” said Kincaid. “The police couldn’t prove it, but none of these charges against Trump have been proven.”

“There’s a lot here, and yet where’s the media screaming about Hillary associating with an alleged groper?” asked Kincaid.

Another leaked email exposed how Hillary Clinton favors open trade resulting in a North American Union, said Kincaid. “I think one of the most significant was the one where she talked in that secret speech to the Brazilian bank about open borders and open trade,” noted Kincaid. “She’s really in favor of what we’ve called, and what has been on the drawing board for quite some time, a North American Union uniting the United States, Canada, and Mexico. And then they hope to merge that into the European Union.”

You can listen to the entire 17 minute interview here:

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  • patriot

    Since when has any news media claimed to be unbiased (with the exception of Fox, which does make that ludicrous claim)? Newspapers and all news media always have and always will have their own viewpoints on things. That’s what makes them interesting and that’s why they are all different. It’s just plain stupid to claim to be offended by, “biased media”

  • ImpeachHim2015

    News and Editorial traditionally have been separated by a wall of journalistic ethics. “Media” is a group of communications businesses. “Journalism” is the word you are missing. (Much of America no longer can find a real journalist today.) You’ve heard of it, I’m sure. Accurate and balanced dissemination of facts about a story involving people, places and things.
    The basics: Who, What, When, Why and How. Beyond that it’s propaganda, as we witness everyday in the legacy liberal media. If you have your own viewpoint you are a columnist or editorial writer. A news reporter with a viewpoint is a hack. A fraud.
    Somebody like the Politico joke, Thrush, a guy, who sends his story to Clinton campaign headquarters for approval. Without a free and vigorous watchdog news media, the country descends to one-party banana republic status. Evidence clearly shows this country already is there.
    The one-party apparatus can only exist with the cooperation of the corrupt and phony news organizations that prioritize personal politics instead of truth and freedom. An uneducated citizenry has lost its country and freedom and doesn’t even know it. And that, folks, is the plan!

  • Maggietish

    The biased liberal news media may have been in politicians pockets for a lot of years but they’ve never been as blatant as they are right now. It’s one thing for them to support a candidate but it’s quite another for them to demonize and continue to be on a witchhunt against Donald Trump who’s running against their candidate Hillary Clinton. The biased liberal news media has lost all credibility and they’ve proven just how corrupt and unethical, dishonest and their total lack of integrity. They, along with Hillary Clinton and her gang, treat the American people with total disrespect and dismissiveness. We the people are not stupid and we’ve had him more than enough. Americans, particularly a Donald Trump rally’s, have food these members of the biased elitist corrupt liberal news media and rightfully so. Why have they refused to report on the wikileak drop of Hillary Clinton, Podesta and Hillary’s gang, emails which proves just how laeless and corrupt Hillary Clinton is. They ignore the atrocities that she’s committed against this Natuon and the American people. This is not Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. We are the United States of America and we are a free people and we need to stand up, speak out, put at end to all of this and take our country back. Wake up America!

  • RMThoughts

    American political distinction between GOP and Democrats is, at this stage, irrelevant.

    After all, supposedly “dedicated” GOPers such as neocons had no problem changing their party affiliations and endorse Hillary who, in her political outlook, ideologically would fit well in either political “party”. The only “difference” today between so called Democrats and Republicans is the speed with which US must become Orwellian reservation.

  • hap46

    The liberal media released “stink bombs” immediately after the GOP Convention and has been non-stop to alienate Trump. Supposedly, there were orders from some elite national group that controls our government, to demonize Trump. I think most voters will see through this “stink”, knowing that Trump is an outsider, loves his country and wants to “change” politics-as-usual. We needed a candidate such as Trump for a long time, to bad-mouth the corruption, lies and cover-ups in our government.

  • Ted

    So, the Democrats have the mainstream media in the tank for themselves … and the Republicans have big business and the one-percenters in their tank. Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Big deal!

  • Ted

    Trump does a pretty good job of shi**ing where he eats. He doesn’t really need “stink bombs” by the media to alienate himself from the (at least somewhat) intelligent masses.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    LOL @ witchhunt against Donald Trump. Reporting what he says and does isn’t a “witchhunt”. It’s called reporting. Trump is showing us his true colors. Intelligent people are repulsed by him. That’s why he’s going to lose by a huge margin. Blaming anyone or anything other than the fact that he’s the worst candidate in history is not only wrong, it’s pathetic.

  • patriot

    “One party apparatus”? That sounds way too paranoid. For news, as with any purchased commodity, let the buyer beware.

  • ImpeachHim2015

    And truth, my friend, is, indeed, a preciously rare commodity. “News,” or more accurately, “infotainment,” is not in short supply. The buyer should not have to beware of facts and truth. But tens of millions of American lemmings, I think, prefer shallow information and wholesale propaganda from a corrupt legacy media. And most importantly:
    What you should most fear is the censorship, the news that doesn’t get reported. Like a good horror film, what you anticipate but don’t see or know is what is truly scary. Having spent several decades of life in journalism and media, I think I might know whereof I speak. The Wikileaks information and FBI dump are only news because the corrupt news organizations no longer even pretend to act as watchdog and guardian of truth in service to the American people. We the People are screwed.

  • patriot

    You’ve spent too much time in the ivory tower, my friend. In that lovely world, perhaps people “shouldn’t have to” verify or question news sources. This is the real world, buyer beware. That’s how it’s been for most of history.

  • IQ_160

    When the Right or the Left sees that the American public knows that our system is Badly Broken & Corrupt, yet shrugs it off with a STUPID comment like “Big Deal”, they know that they can get by with virtually anything.
    Thoughts like “Big Deal” are part of the reason we have such a Badly Broken System!
    Complacency, has & will, only make it worse.

    [ Albert Einstein quote… ]
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

  • Maggietish

    You have a right to support whoever you choose just as I do. But there’s nobody in their right mind that isn’t aware of the fact that the mainstream media is covering up and given Hillary Clinton a pass all one has to do is read those emails that WikiLeaks is releasing that Hillary lied about, yet again, and that’s why she’s unfit to be the president of these United States. She along is in jail and not in our White House.