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One June 19 Accuracy in Media’s editor Roger Aronoff appeared on Kevin Shipp’s radio show, The Intelligence Hour, to discuss why the media continue to twist the truth about current events, selling an agenda rather than objective news reporting. Both Shipp, a former CIA officer, and Aronoff served together with other members of the investigative group, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB).

“As you mentioned in the introduction, you and I served together on the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, and that’s another great example of how the media has twisted this whole story, and it all comes down to ‘how can you possibly blame Hillary?’” said Aronoff. “As if the only issue is the fact of security and that four people died that day.” Rather, there was also the “dereliction of duty on the day of, that during the whole 12 or 13 hour process we never sent in troops to try to rescue these people, or at least buzz the compound and drive the terrorists away.” In addition, the CCB exposed how the Obama administration stymied truce talks with Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi and helped to arm al-Qaeda-linked rebels, revelations which can be read about in the CCB’s 2016 report, or by watching the press conference where the report was released.

The media continue to twist the facts in their reports about the alleged collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump campaign. “The two main themes of the story are that there was collusion between Trump and or his associates during the election to help him get elected, and he was cooperating with the Russians,” said Aronoff. “And now it [the investigation] has turned into an obstruction of justice investigation, at least according to The Washington Post report last week that cited five anonymous sources, apparently coming out of Bob Mueller’s special counsel office. But the point here is that they have come up with no evidence to support the collusion theory, and yet they’ve gone ahead and appointed this special counsel.”

“So, they are determined to get him on something, to get Trump on something, and I think head toward impeachment,” said Aronoff.

“One of the CIA’s primary methods,” noted Shipp in his introduction, “is to selectively feed major news outlets information from ‘nameless sources,’ then threaten to cut off the spigot if the news outlet doesn’t publish the story exactly as it’s given or crosses the agency.” In other words, journalists sacrifice accuracy and integrity for continued access.

“And then there was the example two days before Comey’s recent testimony,” commented Aronoff, “CNN and ABC reported from some more of their great sources that Comey was going to say that, no, he never told Trump three times that he was not the subject of the investigation.” This was patently false. “And then Comey delivers, two days later, the advance written statement of his opening comments and he acknowledged that he did tell him that three times,” continued Aronoff. These two outlets corrected their stories. “And it makes you say, why should we believe the rest of these anonymous sources that you keep quoting?” asked Aronoff.

Not only is the media married to its anonymous sources, it is also incestuously linked to the Democratic Party and promotes dogma rather than free thinking. “As you just pointed out, how they [the media] all adopt the same narrative or the same key words,” noted Aronoff. For example, Shipp aired a clip of a number of media elites all claiming that Hillary Clinton had “powered through” her illness during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Similarly, the media continue to argue that Obama’s administration was scandal-free, despite the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and Benghazi, to name a few. “Of course, Obama’s director of the CIA John Brennan literally hacked into and spied on Senate computers regarding the torture report, which is a felony, and nothing happened there,” said Shipp. In addition, he said, “the NSA under Obama eavesdropped on Congressional discussions over the phone about the Iran deal.”

The Iran deal isn’t even signed, said Aronoff, yet the media continue to uniformly refer to it as a signed deal.

But anti-Trump rhetoric is not just the purview of the media, it is widespread. “So it bleeds into, it’s not just the news but it’s the popular culture—and you’re saying Hollywood, but it’s every night on TV,” said Aronoff. The administration needs to do two things, he said: “I think Trump and the Republicans in Congress are facing a situation that if they don’t deliver on at least what I consider their two main promises—the repeal of Obamacare and tax reform, serious tax reform—people are going to stay home next year.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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  • TED

    It was difficult for me to believe George W. Bush got elected to a second term and that the GOP was able to carry on in spite of his shortcomings.. This time, however, the repeal of Obamacare and the re-writing of the tax code to continue favoring the rich even more so than it does now … will be Trump’s and the GOP’s final undoing. The Dems will take over, top-to-bottom.

  • worried for future

    Bush’s shortcomings?? Are you kidding? Your dreams are ending. Barack Obama’s shortcomings could fill a library yet somehow he got re-elected too. That’s not likely to happen anymore. Political history is changing. Neither the repeal and replacement of Obamacare nor the rewriting of the tax code will doom the GOP. The people with any brains, not the halfwits that just follow the leftist media have spoken. Trump and both houses of Congress were elected by the voters who saw through the Obama lies and lying deception of the Democrats.

  • Realist

    ““So, they are determined to get him on something, to get Trump on something, and I think head toward impeachment,” said Aronoff.”

    I don’t think I have ever seen a more clearly revealed conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected president and it is all built from nothing more than fabricated dossiers, unnamed sources, the intentional withholding of exculpatory information and the willingness of the Ruling Class Big Media Machinery of Deception and Control to mindlessly pick up and regurgitate every last scrap of scurrilous, nasty accusations about that sitting president and without expending the slightest effort to verify any of those accusations.

    In other words, this is without question an attempted coup by ruthless, greedy, power-hungry Ruling Classers and their operatives to remove a sitting president who wasn’t part of their “gang” of self-serving cutthroats and who refused to kow tow to their threats.

    That would be the very same cabal that DEMAND that we little peeps accept our replacements intended to disposes us, flooding the country with unlimited numbers of hostile, culturally toxic aliens and if we give the slightest push-back the cabal and their political henchmen threaten We the People with the jackboot of Big Grubernment and becoming targets of the filthy, vile Big Media Machinery of Deception and Control.

    It is the same filthy Ruling Class cabal that DEMANDS that We the People accept the fundamentally politicized faux “science” of glo-bull warming designed to give the Ruling Class carte blanch in remaking the entire world to suit themselves. Any actual science that refutes the Big Lie is offered up by Big Media as proof positive of “hate”, yada yada yada.

    So by all means Big Media, do go on trying to serve your paymasters and ignore the questions Americans really wanted answers to, like questions about the Hildabeasts email server, the very real and proven collusion between media scum and the DNC and the lies about Benghazi, Obamesiahcare, ad nauseum.

    What have you got to lose? Your all in now and I doubt that We the People will ever let you off the hook for your crimes, so you might as well double-sown on your lies and dirty, underhanded tactics.

    In for a penny, in for a pound!