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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff recently appeared on the #MediaMadness podcast to discuss the results of the presidential election and the continued fight against media bias.

“I think, when we look at what happened here, I think [Donald] Trump struck several chords, a couple in particular that I think really hit home with a lot of people,” said Aronoff. “One being how he was very openly critical of Hillary Clinton and Obama, both in terms of corruption and incompetence. He harped on the Clinton Foundation and her mishandling of classified material, which he generally called her email scandal.”

Trump was unique in the political sphere, Aronoff said, because “most Republicans wouldn’t touch that stuff.” As a candidate Trump also spoke forcefully about media bias. “The other theme [is] that he would often call out the media and point them out and call them dishonest, and that they were liars in how they twisted things,” commented Aronoff.

“And [Trump’s] talk about the rigged system, and the rigged election—it all depends on what the meaning of rigged is,” he said. “And I think what he was talking about is how the media was overwhelmingly in Hillary’s favor.”

“The other thing I would say about this is it is really a total repudiation of Obama and his policies,” said Aronoff.

Yet the clueless, complicit media continue their biased coverage of Trump, trying to paint him as a racist. “On MSNBC their big theme was that Trump, what he’s really doing is appealing to white nationalists, white racists,” said Aronoff.

The media are “not going to change in terms of having their left-wing agenda,” he said. “It just makes it a little more difficult for them when they’re called out on it every day by Trump, and I think he has emboldened and empowered a lot of other people to both recognize how corrupt and dishonest the media often are, and how one-sided they are.”

You can listen to the whole interview here:

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  • RMThoughts

    It is astonishing that THE media outlet that did the most to shine lights on Clinton is ignored in any of the main stream after-election reporting. I am talking of Wikileaks and Julian Assange who did their very best, under high personal risk, to report the truth about Clinton’s and the DNC’s utter corruption. A big thank you to them!

  • JES


  • efred1

    With the Wikileaks info being published to anyone willing to look at it, it should become obvious to all of us as well as Congress, just how complicit Obama was in the illegalities that Clinton committed, especially his knowledge and encouragement in her illegal email and subsequent lying to the American Public about it. This is much worse than what Nixon did about the Watergate break-in. To stop him from pardoning Clinton, Obama needs to be brought up on charges of Impeachment NOW! I don’t believe that he can pardon anyone connected with the scandal, and maybe anyone at all.

    We don’t have to actually get anything accomplished; just the proceedings should stop him from doing anything else.