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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff recently appeared on The Daily Ledger on the One America News Network to discuss how the mainstream media are attempting to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency.

The media, along with Democrats, have concocted the story that Russians influenced the election. “So then it became the Russians, the Russians did it,” said Aronoff. “Does anybody believe that if Hillary had won the election, Obama would have expelled 35 Russian diplomats and put these sanctions on? No, of course he wouldn’t have.”

Trump continues to criticize the media for their bias. He recently referred to a Thomas Jefferson quote that “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.” Along with Trump’s tweets, this has caused the establishment media to claim that Trump is attacking the institution of the free press.

“He is not attacking the institution of the free press, which we all cherish,” said Aronoff. “What he’s pointing out is what we at Accuracy in Media have been pointing out since the 1960s, and that is the liberal, left-wing bias in the so-called mainstream media.”

The Washington Post, in particular, has continued its relentless attacks on President Trump. “You can see it virtually every day reading The Washington Post,” said Aronoff. “It’s quite amazing. I’m still looking for the first story that could be labeled pro-Trump. I’m not even looking for pro-Trump, but just something neutral.”

However, Trump is in part to blame for his use of “imprecise language,” said Aronoff. “So, he [Trump] said ‘last night in Sweden,’ when …what happened last night was that he had seen a story on Tucker Carlson’s show on another network, on Fox News. And what he was referring to was the fact that there is a large crime problem, these no-go zones in Sweden and other places now where police don’t want to go. Many policemen are retiring early because they don’t want to deal with what they’re forced to deal with now. And that’s what Trump was talking about.”

Yet the media harped on the issue for days and called the President a liar.

“The whole idea is to delegitimize Trump and his election, and to make it seem like the only way he won is because his buddies, the Russians, gave it to him,” said Aronoff. “Preposterous.”

You can watch the entire interview here:

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  • jaimelmanzano

    public servants need to adhere to a real, or implied, professional
    ethic expected from a politically protected career, separated from the
    competitive forces of the market. It is with the military. In part,
    servants, come with a calling to make a difference that fits their
    political values and preferences. They learn, however, or ought to
    learn, that
    their responsibility is to advise, and then to carry out the decisions
    of elected officials – not to make policy. These days, some
    deliberately usurp the political roles of elected officials. They

    gaining notoriety and momentary
    admiration, “leakers” more likely than not, are expressing personal
    hubris and arrogance. Like Cassius in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, they
    exhibit “a lean
    and hungry look” for power. These “leakers” cannot be trusted, and,
    were they
    to emerge from the shadows, deserve to be punished. Unthinkingly, they
    compromise their careers, expose themselves to being blackmailed, and
    compromise the reputation of public service.

    yet, these acts are cultivated, tolerated and excused by the media
    for their own reasons. As a privileged profession, journalist presume
    rights, and implied responsibility to keep the public informed,
    excuses, and authorizes them to cultivate public officials, to leak
    facts, and information on administrative
    policy deliberations. Unthinkingly, they willfully subvert
    government staff to violate the trust their political superiors
    reasonably expect. It is a questionable practice and ethical issue
    journalists need to contemplate and address. If not, legislation may be

    Jaime L Manzano
    Federal Senior Executive, and Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
    7904 Park Overlook Drive
    Bethesda, MD 20817

    301 365 4781

  • Frank de Varona

    This presidential election showed clearly the immense bias of the mainstream media and the fake polls. It was even worse in the Spanish media Univisión and Telemundo. Donald J. Trump election demonstrated that the American people realized that the biased establishment media can be ignored and recent polls have shown that it has a very low approval rating. Thanks to AIM and other websites we can receive accurate news and not the Fake News of the corrupt mainstream media. Congratulations to Roger Aronoff and his team for the excellent job that they have been doing for so many years. May God bless tham all.