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AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared last week on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conservative Commandos Radio Show to talk about his recent article, “Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi Releases New Report; Press Conference on Wednesday.”

The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi held a press conference on June 29 discussing the Obama administration’s dereliction of duty during the September 11, 2012 attacks. The report we issued is “an easy read, certainly compared to the 800-plus page Gowdy report,” noted Aronoff on the radio show.

“Well, look, Gowdy [and the Select Committee on Benghazi], they interviewed a hundred people under oath, and they had access to a lot more things than we did,” continued Aronoff. “But, they just kind of put it out there and said, ‘Look, read it. It’s 800 pages, come to your own conclusions.’ They failed to hold people accountable.”

President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for blaming the attacks on a video with full knowledge that these were terror attacks.

“This was several days later, [when Clinton was] telling [the family members of the deceased] that ‘we’re going to get that guy that made that video,’ when [she] knew in fact that the video had nothing to do with this,” said Aronoff. “We know that she knew that because of her email to Chelsea that night, her emails and transcript of her calls to the Egyptian prime minister and the Libyan president saying this was al-Qaeda related.”

Clinton and Obama must also be held accountable for helping to arm the Libyan rebels in the first place. “So, what we did, we facilitated the delivery of weapons to these al Qaeda and al Qaeda-related groups in Libya,” said Aronoff on the show. “And Christopher Stevens, he was not ambassador at that time, but he was an envoy to these groups. He was there at the docks when these things were being unloaded.”

“And what we learned from the Gowdy report this time is that there was this Deputies meeting at 7:30 that night where the power was basically transferred from Panetta in the Defense Department to Hillary at the State Department and, thus, the call to let the planes go,” said Aronoff. “We learned that the [military] changed uniforms four times because they were so sensitive to how the Libyans would feel if we sent in people in military uniforms versus civilian clothes. I mean, it’s that crazy.”

Despite Clinton’s and Obama’s blatant dereliction of duty, the media continue to look the other way. “But NBC, CNN, they figure if they don’t come and listen it didn’t really happen,” said Aronoff. Instead, he said, “everyone [in the media] is looking for how they can just blow off the Gowdy story and the whole thing.”

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  • RMThoughts

    Despite the triumphal pronouncements of Republican political opportunists, the new report reveals nothing new.

    The GOP dominated House Committee on Benghazi released its final report on the 2012 Benghazi attack. And, surprise, the report reveals absolutely nothing of substance that wasn’t already known. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to touch it.

    The simple fact is that what happened in Benghazi was perhaps the most complete encapsulation of everything wrong and criminal about the illegal US war against Libya and Syria. Moreover, it exposes the uncomfortable truth that the US harnesses terrorism, using it as one of the most potent weapons it has against nations that refuse to submit to the will of Washington and Wall Street.

    In effect, it was not merely terrorists that killed the four Americans in Benghazi, it was US policy. There is only one lasting achievement upon which the House committee can hang its hat: it has done an excellent job of cementing an utterly shallow and superficial narrative about the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, one which will be endlessly repeated by the mouthpieces of corporate media and mainstream historians.

    A false history will be written, with the US as a victim of incompetence and its own poor planning. Nothing will be said of the blatant criminality of the US effort in Libya.

  • missieb2000

    Your cavalier attitude is almost as disgusting as the blatant lies the msm spoon feeds us regarding this.
    Had President Bush allowed this to happen, then facilitated the cover up, he would have been rightfully impeached. OBAMA AND CLINTON WERE ARMING AL QUEDA.
    Nixon was run out for a crappy break in. No one died.
    But because they have a d beside their names, you and the other useful idiots can’t bturn off the Kardashians and pay attention.

  • RMThoughts

    America foreign policy since Bush I has been in the hands of Neoconservatives. This collection of war criminals that control US foreign policy, have far more power than they have intelligence or humanity.

  • Erudite Mavin

    RM is a known Ron PaulBot.
    the usual blame America first crowd.

  • Deapster

    Old version: there was no stand down order.

    New version: there was no stand up order – ever. Far more damning. They just let them die.

  • Deapster

    Clue -anyone who gratuitously blames “Wall Street” is a Democrat -self-hating union guy. Just can’t drop those buzz words indiscriminately without leaving a paper trail to their origins – the unions and DNC.

  • Erudite Mavin

    You are correct. Also if you check in on the Libertarian sites especially Ron Paul’s, it is the usual Wall St. and the rest of the Michael Moore talking points is pushed along with their love of Putin, Iran etc.
    Have seen RM’s postings over the recent years, he is a PaulBot.