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Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a guest on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on July 29 on the Fox Business Network. The topic was the mainstream media’s double standard in covering disunity at the Republican National Convention, but not so much at the Democratic National Convention.

Aronoff spoke about how the plans for a unified Democratic convention were undermined by WikiLeaks revelations. “I think the Democrats had dreams of a unified convention going in, and WikiLeaks kind of burst their dream when they dropped nearly 20,000 emails going into the weekend, which set off a whole chain of events,” said Aronoff. “And Bernie Sanders and his supporters became outraged when it was revealed that the DNC had had its thumb on the scale to help Hillary Clinton secure the nomination.”

“Many are still angry, and still planning on ‘Bernie or Bust,’” said Aronoff, who wrote an article discussing the WikiLeaks emails and revelations of media complicity. Aronoff exposed how the incestuous media has been working with Democratic leadership toward a common goal.

“They [the media and Democrats] were determined to keep this as beautiful a production, as unified as they could make them because they have an agenda: they want Hillary to win,” said Aronoff. Granted, Sanders was able to get Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign, and he influenced the party platform. However, “…once they got that behind them the media focused strictly on the speakers at the convention, Michelle Obama, and Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, and then of course Hillary last night.”

Hillary Clinton’s nomination may have featured a star-studded line-up, but ongoing dissension—deliberately ignored by the media—continued boiling under the surface.

“But, yes, there is a definite long-time bias in the media, that’s institutional, that was revealed through these emails,” he said. “We’ve been talking about it for nearly 50 years now.”

You can watch Aronoff’s recent appearance on “Cavuto Coast to Coast” here.


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  • Bennie Bennett

    Why in the world would the liberal press want higher taxes, a crappy foreign policy that gets us more trouble, an IRS that is dishonest and goes after us, dishonesty from the administration, a Supreme Court that legislates from the bench (a no-no), stupid pc rules, stupid gender rules, more government, fewer jobs – I could go on, but why bother. These people are true idiots and I guess it will never change. How sad for this once great country.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    It will be news when Aronoff gets invited onto a network that ISN’T right wing propaganda. Til then? Yawn.

  • maryloujb

    Self hatred that leads to self destruction. example: ironsandwich.

  • Steven Barrett

    As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I’m surprised by this article. He was given considerable attention and credit for his ability to shape the party’s final platform. He was realistic enough to know that however shabbily Wasserman-Schultz treated his campaign from the very beginning, reflecting the Floridian’s misplaced excessive zeal for Hillary Clinton, the former Chair’s treatment did not represent a whole top to bottom rigging of the Democratic primary/caucus system. And because of this, he was able to accomplish a lot more than he was given credit for. Unfortunately he didn’t get Clinton to be more forcefully against the TPP and other controversial projects he opposed her on, but lest anybody is willing to make the mistake of selling Bernie Sanders short when it comes to political street smarts, let’s not forget how he ended his campaign, (with a lot more class than Ted Cruz) and the level of political and temperamental maturity he demonstrated in Philly at a time when some of the more vocal and less politically experienced and sophisticated supporters were ready to pull the ultimate pout and jump ship for Trump or Jill Stein.
    Given the ass Trump has made out of himself lately, I wonder how those former Bernie supporters are feeling and what they must be thinking if they hitched their hopes on Trump. Talk about a bad case of sucker’s remorse those people must be going through. On the other hand, while I can’t see them settling for milquetoast old line Yankee watered down country club Republicanism in libertarian clothes, joining in with the likes of Jill Stein who cares for Jill Stein first and foremost, that’s nuts as well. After all, if that woman didn’t get the kind of coverage she was seeking in Philadelphia, it wasn’t because of any media shut out. And if she didn’t get the kind of parasitical bounce her campaign was hoping to gain at Hillary Clinton’s expense, regardless of the much wider ramifications a Stein derailment of the bigger Democratic campaign would bring if Trump was elected … that should indicate how self-centered this candidate, one of many other elected do-gooder TM members elected in many New England college towns across the region. Well, I was a conservative elected TM member in Amherst 90 miles to her west and served four years in a very large, if not actually larger assembly than Lexington’s. It’s an honor, but hardly constitutes the kind of record most voters are looking for in a person who takes herself as seriously as the Doctor Jill Stein happens to. After all, Lexington’s TM only consists of 203 elected members whereas Amherst has 240. It’d also be interesting to learn more about the make up of Stein’s precinct. I was elected twice out of a large and predominately liberal precinct, but on my third time I lost yet still out polled a more prominent conservative member who has never (thank God) experienced any problems getting reelected in another precinct. So if Stein want to compare her creds with others, especially Bernie’s in order to justify her own peculiar brand of electoral sheep stealing, she should be damn grateful the mainstream media gave her and the sheep she thinks they stole permanently away from the more practical Democratic Party ranks, a stiff cold and patronizing shoulder.
    A lot of us remember President Gore who lost not only because of his own arrogance in many respects, but also because he was T-boned (“at any speed”) driven by the Corvair candidacy of Ralph Nader. Bernie Sanders is doing what he’s promised to do: Make sure the Democrats keep the WH and succeed in taking more seats on Capitol Hill. That he’s going back to his old Independent status for his Senatorial purposes and duties matters less than the trouble that the real fakers like Doctor Jill Stein are so well adept in hiding their real agendas…and it’s little more or less than another egotist’s drive for the fame of becoming the next president. Real fame should rest in what you’ve done to improve the lot of your country in general, not just one’s personal cause.

  • Debra Shawver

    So you are all for the DNC referring to latinos as taco bowls and all the other very racist comments in the emails…..right??? Did you have the guts to go see the Hillary’s America you didn’t

  • Debra Shawver

    Nah..he took the $600,000.00 pay of $$$ and bought him a 3rd residence on a lake in Vermont. A real 1%er…just like hillery

  • Steven Barrett

    Seriously? I cannot excuse a bunch of dolts for what they put in their emails any more than you can’t. But the dumb things written by some terribly dimwitted staffers do not reflect the entire Democratic Party any more than what a few dimwits working for the RNC or even Trump put in what they honestly believed to be inter office emails.Not that it excuses their lack of overall professional judgment and sensitivity to Latinos and other folks, Jews included, if I recall correctly. But let’s remember also that none of that garbage ever made its way into official DNC publications. Of all the major parties, the Democrats take political correctness or for a better term, common decency, very seriously. So does the RNC. Unfortunately, all too many of its members don’t take it seriously as the Democrats. If they had, there wouldn’t be as many complaints about the Republicans showing very little political sensitivity or demonstrating too much whining about PC far too often. Would they? Two edged sword, Debra. As for Bernie Sanders buying an expensive house on Lake Champlain. Let’s try one reason: location, location, location. It’s expensive up there and land alongside the lake has taken on considerable value in the past several decades. But don’t thank Bernie for this. Oh no, just sit back and whine about a man who lived frugally for years, didn’t buy a new house until after his presidential run was over (shorter than he’d hoped) and when the opportunity came up to purchase this particular house in a very expensive college town, that he is greatly responsible for having kept it from further decay an devaluation, he and Mrs. Sanders took it . . . just like many other successful couples. What the hell? Are only Republicans and conservatives allowed to partake in the American dream without getting their chops busted or shins kicked? Save your selective hypocrisy. It serves you and what you’re probably thinking is your conservative ideology, absolutely no good.