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President Harry Truman once had a sign on his desk which read, “The Buck Stops Here!” In light of political divisions and rhetoric, the Left ought to look at itself and wonder, where does the buck stop when it has accomplished its twin goals of forcing companies to kowtow to its beliefs and fire non-liberal TV personalities such as Fox News’ Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity, a vocal pro-Trump TV personality at the Fox News Channel, is no stranger to controversy or outrage stemming from the political Left in America. This time, the Left is trying to oust him from his role on primetime television as the host of Fox News’ “Hannity” at 10 p.m. on weekdays.

How is the Left putting pressure on Hannity and Fox News? By petitioning and contacting advertisers for his show and convince them to pull their ads (and therefore, advertising revenue) from Hannity’s Fox News show.

Who is the backer of the anti-Hannity advertisers’ campaign? The left-wing organization Media Matters for America (known as “Media Matters” or “MMFA”).

As the Daily Caller reported, this is Media Matters’ second anti-Hannity campaign, with their first attempt a wash. In May 2017, some advertisers such as USAA (a military insurance company) temporarily pulled their ads from his show. However, the campaign backfired because conservatives counter-protested and USAA also temporarily removed ads from MSNBC’s ‘Maddow’ show hosted by left-wing TV personality Rachel Maddow.

Media Matters’ petition, “Join the Fight to Stop Hannity,” claimed that any company that sponsors an advertisement on “Hannity” is “essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation.” The petition continued:

“Sean Hannity has a long record of right-wing chicanery, lies and vitriol. But he has morphed into something more dangerous than just a partisan hack – he’s been exposed as a full-blown propagandist.”

The rest of the petition repeated the charge that Hannity is acting as a Trump propagandist and that “it’s past time for Hannity to go.” Media Matters claimed that advertisers will be hurt by continuing their relationship with Hannity because “[they] will get burned…plain and simple.”

Media Matters named some of the top advertisers for “Hannity,” ranging from DirecTV, Mercedes Benz and Mitsubishi and provided a link to the full list of advertisers.

The Left was emboldened by the resignation of Bill O’Reilly and have set their sights on Sean Hannity by going after his show’s advertising partners. However, this sets a dangerous precedent for the political Left and Right.

Does everything have to be politicized and worth getting someone fired over? Should companies and advertisers kowtow to a specific set of political beliefs out of fear of public reprisal and negative news?

The important question remains, where does the buck stop?

That is the question that Media Matters should ask itself: when and where does this politicized outrage mob mentality stop?

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  • MesaMark

    Media Matters’ financial assets can be seized. Its goals and actions are both subversive and intent on treason.

  • 1madgrannie

    So tell me, how is pulling this underhanded crap not censoring the press, or for that matter denying freedom of speech. Anyway you slice it is violating the Constitution for the leftists to try this. Fox had better back Hannity or face to fact that they will lose mega viewers.

  • john robel


  • TED

    Hannity is worse than O’Reilly … so Good LucK to Media Matters! The fewer there are of these vitriolic wingnuts with bully pulpits, the better! They’re all figuratively shouting “Fire!” in crowded theaters!

  • hap46

    Get Bill O’Reilly back. FOX can say he served his time, (figurally speaking) as Hillary never did. Trump and the GOP have to order a congressional investigation on the Clintons regarding “pay to play” Clinton Foundation (involving Russia), and the uranium deal. Start right now; the GOP has to have some smarter lawyers than the Clintons. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW–the Dems are hollering that now during the Trump/Russian investigation. Let’s throw it back in their faces.

  • mioahu

    You are a blind idiot, u can’t see straight cause u have your head up your arse too deep. Wanna talk vitriolic wingnuts ? Don’t have to go far, just look at all the MSNBC hosts…And the ones shouting FIRE are the stupid leftists, with all their manufactured hysteria, must I say more than global warming ? It was global cooling, next ice age, second hand smoking, heterosexual aids, homelessness, you name it and all the hysteria comes from the left. See all the marches, violent protests, riots, boycotts , microagressions, all come from your leftist comrades…so please LYING TED, spare us your idiotic comments

  • Bruce

    We know Media Matters’ David Brock is a Soros Stooge. Don’t buckle under the pressure, Sean. Brock is a spineless shill, and a heartless/soul-less piece of sh*%(work). If Fox caves in, then you should consider launching your own network with folks like Drudge, Alex Jones, Scaramuchi, Cernovich, or Trump. We’ll follow you there.

  • Bruce

    Liberals (like you) cannot stand dissenting voices (because they usually lose any articulate debate) thus they quickly resort to censorship. Stalin & Mao used these tactics to silence their critics on their rise to Authoritarian Rule. You fools wont realize how good you had it here in Western Civilization, until we’re all under an Authoritarian World dictatorship. Good Luck with that…

  • samo war

    media liberal = world war 3 ?

  • spiro1976

    The gloves are off

    Anything goes

  • Where’s the Beef?

    Ohhh such a strong man, you must have a very small pepe. (did I spell that correctly?) Or is it peepee? Or penis? Or dick? Or you are just a BIG DICK.

  • Where’s the Beef?

    Because you effing doofus, it is FREE PEOPLE voting with their dollars. Not the gubmint. You idiots have been howling at the moon for so long you have forgotten that the “marketplace of ideas” has to live in the marketplace and the marketplace can be altered by the shoppers in the frigging markets DUH!!!!!!! God you rightwing trolls are truly frigging stupid.

  • Where’s the Beef?

    You Rightwing Trumpettes are TRAITORS to the country.

  • Where’s the Beef?

    No idjit Mao and Stalin used the power of the state to silence their critics. Free people spending their money where they want is NOT the same. Moron.
    It’s summer, shouldn’t you all be going to a karnival somewhere?

  • tkrepel

    Not gonna mention that the substance of Media Matters’ criticism of Hannity is centered on his promotion of discredited Seth Rich conspiracy theories? Seems relevant, don’t you think? Or do you guys believe those conspiracy theories too?

  • Janice Evans Pfeiffer

    Time to arrest Clinton, Obama and SOROS and hang for treason and sedition. So sad to see liberals fall for all the fake news and liberal TV stations paid to lie to American low information people. If they continue to lie, what will happen is the liberal people will realize when it’s too late, their homes confiscated, bank accounts depleted and they will be marched to camps. Elites goals are to turn America into a banana republic, and American people turned into slaves. Do not fall for their turning people against each other. Blacks against whites, democrats against republicans, Muslims against Christians! It’s not true. Hatred is being falsely reported in order to usher in a police state.

    Obama and the deep state are paying people to riot. These people rioting are paid actors. It’s all lies! Stop watching. Obama has infiltrated Fox News with liberals. One TV station that WAS reporting the truth. Obama is funded by George SOROS and Rothchilds to destroy capitalism. President Trump is attempting to save the US. The rest is up to us.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    ( Our colleges, news media and entertainment industries seem to be demonstrating monopolistic practices to isolate political competition and the practices are vastly being expanded in our communities. Shouldn’t their be government regulation to preserve a competitive marketplace and to protect consumers from abuses in the market and from political dominance. Much like the Sherman Antitrust Act. ) Quoted Portions From Wikipedia. –

  • Conservatism Is Cancer

    Time to report you for terrorism.