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Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi member Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) appeared on The Daily Ledger show on the One America News Network earlier this week to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and its potential disastrous consequences for the United States.

“This [Iran] deal goes back to when President Obama was candidate Obama, about the time June 4 of 2008, at which time he opened up a secret communication channel to the Ayatollah regime in Tehran,” said Admiral Lyons on The Daily Ledger. Obama’s message to the Ayatollahs was that Iran would get a better deal under his presidency than under then-President George W. Bush, he said.

Lyons argued on The Daily Ledger that this “borders on treason.”

“Let me tell you, this deal is a total sellout,” he said. “But of course for Secretary [John] Kerry… he has no problem with this since this is the second time he has sold out his country.”

The Iranian deal does not prevent a nuclear Iran. What President Obama’s deal has done is “start a nuclear arms race in the most unstable region in the world,” said Lyons.

The deal also opens America up to an electromagnetic pulse attack, a method the Iranian military has considered using to destroy the United States.

Admiral Lyons also condemned Obama for not undermining Iran’s conventional weapons capability as part of the deal. “Even Jimmy Carter recognized that our position in the Persian Gulf was a vital interest to the United States,” he said.

Admiral Lyons was one of the speakers at the powerful Stop Iran Rally in New York’s Times Square last month, which drew a crowd of 12,000 people. He delivered passionate remarks alongside other CCB Members who have voiced their opposition to the deal. You can view their comments here.

You can watch Admiral Lyons’ full segment on The Daily Ledger here:

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  • Pumpkin King

    Time to stand up to the Zionists, Military Industrial complex, and all other war mongers. Time to stand on the side of leftist activists like this brave young woman instead.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Currently the West Bank is occupied by 15 percent of American Citizens because of our countries programs of exclusion and the Obama lobby wants to stop the hate and provide the largest component of people that hate them the most a Nuclear Bomb ! Their more likely to use it against his Lobby than the Jews ! Then theirs Bernie Sanders – Smoke pot and not tobacco , deplete all laws on abortion, on drugs ( like LSD, heroin and cocaine ) , on sexual behavior ( like man to boy sex) . I think we can all see where this is going ! He’s getting ready to give Hassan Rouhani a big giant French kiss , tell everyone he hates the Jews and point out his billion dollar bank account and tell everyone how he’s really the biggest minority in America ! And the Russians endorse him ? Dear Lord ! Don’t we have any public lunacy laws !

  • kuhnkat

    Except your activists GUARANTEE continuing warfare where innocents are slaughtered as the Fakestinians continue to prove.

    For instance, did you know that thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed and wounded in the Ukraine invasion?? Pakistan still supports Kashmiri terrorists attacking India?? Basically your activists IGNORE the assaults by Islam and commie types while shrieking whenever we try to defend ourselves against their murderous practices.


  • Richard Hellstrom

    Ambassador Bagher Asadi of Iran, told the UN’s Administrative and Budgetary Committee last March that after a “difficult process of negotiations” last year, the General Assembly decided to change the scale of assessment permitting a reduction in the U.S. contribution to the United Nations.

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