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With radical Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) already in the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), another extremist is considering entering the race. Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, made a name for herself at the Democratic National Convention with a speech proclaiming that she had an abortion because a baby would interfere with her career plans.

“I wanted a family, but it was the wrong time,” Hogue said in her speech justifying her abortion.

A veteran of the “progressive” movement, she worked for David Brock’s Media Matters, a George Soros-funded group that works to push the media even further to the left by eliminating conservative news and viewers. She also worked for, another Soros-funded group that got its name from a desire to “move on” from Bill Clinton’s disgraceful sexual affair with a White House intern, and stop the Republican Congress from impeaching the former president. Clinton was impeached by the House but not convicted in the Senate.

Hogue’s speech was described as the first time that a woman boasted about having an abortion at a national political party convention. Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, which performs abortions, said she was “so proud” to watch it.

Hogue’s old employer, Media Matters, said the speech was designed to eliminate the “stigma” that abortion is morally wrong and/or socially unacceptable, and that the media should have given it more attention.

But the millions of Democrats who are pro-life, an estimated one in three, may not have appreciated the spectacle.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America, says, “For years, Democrats have been eroding their base of pro-life voters as abortion opponents flee to the Independent category and Republican Party. Democrats for Life of America staff have done an analysis that shows a close correlation between loss of pro-life Democratic seats and the overall decline of Democrats in Congress. The recent election reflects the party’s shift to wholesale support for the abortion industry.”

She said the Democratic Party lost the November 8 election, “thanks in large part to the party’s extreme abortion position,” and that “the party is slowly dying and on the way to being irrelevant if it does not start a dialogue with its pro-life members.”

Hillary Clinton supported abortion up until the moment of birth and advocated taxpayer funding of abortion.

“Standing on a severe party platform on abortion, Hillary Clinton lost soft Republicans, anti-abortion Independents, and millions of pro-life voters in her own party,” the group said. “She lost key states, long part of the Democrats’ Blue Wall, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin…” If the Democratic Party continues moving left on the issue, she said, it risks becoming “the party of coastal, urban elites” without support in Middle America.

Hogue’s group, NARAL Pro-Choice America, was established in 1969 as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws. NARAL’s co-founder, Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, was an abortionist who converted to the pro-life cause when he became convinced by science that the fetus was an unborn baby with the right to life. Later, he converted to Catholicism.

Another important item on Hogue’s resumé, her time serving as a “Senior Advisor” to the Soros-funded Media Matters, has become more significant after the release of one of the Clinton campaign emails by WikiLeaks. It shows staffers for Media Matters attending the national Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in order to discover and expose “truly crazy” views held by conservatives and wondering if any other liberals were there “on the sly” to secretly monitor what was going on.

The idea that women should celebrate abortion because it enables feminists to pursue careers may have been popular at the Democratic Party’s convention, but it is not considered morally acceptable by many people, including women.

“What Hogue and NARAL don’t seem to grasp is that their definition of feminism, along with the targeting of a weaker individual—a woman’s own child—diminishes women as a whole,” countered Carole Novielli at Live Action News. “The sign of a strong woman is not in how quickly she will sacrifice her own flesh and blood for personal ambition, but in how she maintains her dignity and that of her child while working through a challenging situation to find real solutions.”

Former abortionist Nathanson said in an interview that the abortion rights movement used deception and dirty tricks to make abortion legal and socially acceptable in the United States. One tactic, he said, was to depict Catholic opponents of abortion as “socially backward.” He said “the media drum-fired all this into the American people, persuading them that anyone opposing permissive abortion must be under the influence of the Catholic hierarchy and that Catholics in favor of abortion are enlightened and forward-looking.”

As revealed in the Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks, the same strategy is still being used today. John Halpin, a senior fellow for the Soros-funded Center for American Progress, referred to Catholic beliefs on sexuality matters as “severely backwards.”

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput cited this and other material in the emails as evidence that the Clinton entourage was “riddled with anti-Catholic bigots.” He noted that Sandy Newman, president of Voices for Progress, had emailed Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta to ask about whether “the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage” in Obamacare could be the tinder for a revolution. “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages [sic] dictatorship,” Newman wrote.

“Of course it would be wonderful for the Clinton campaign to repudiate the content of these ugly WikiLeaks emails,” Chaput said. “All of us backward-thinking Catholics who actually believe what Scripture and the Church teach would be so very grateful.”

Rather than repudiate the emails, a pro-abortion feminist who is proud of her abortion is now apparently in the running for the position of DNC chair.

If she does run, The Huffington Post says the DNC contest could be seen in “progressive circles as a proxy do-over of the Sanders-Hillary Clinton Democratic primary, with all the acrimony that came with it.” Ellison backed Sanders and Hogue supported Hillary.

Hogue was photographed on the verge of tears as the news came in on election night that Clinton was going down to defeat. Cheers, not tears, greeted her news at the convention that she had an abortion because having a baby was an inconvenience.

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  • M.

    In a just society a cold-blooded murderous beast like this Hogue and all others like her would end their malignant lives twitching at the end of a rope. Those who delight in butchering unborn children have forfeited their right to live.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hogue won’t get the spot. Even most Democrats recognize she’s far too radioactive. While most pro-life or even moderate pro-life Democrats have taken a long sigh and consigned the abortion as a settled issue, they know for a fact that having a total single issue person like this Hogue would kill any chance of winning a national election for years go come, much less help the party regain any governorships and God alone knows what ALEC and other organizations that have successfully jammed Democrats at the State House level on gerrymandering fights will do their chances. They need a full-timer and a real pro who knows what it means to pull their party together. Hogue will only risk alienating more people than she’ll attract.

  • JRobb

    America’s Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the Laws of America in Morality and Government. Both of these documents that formed the greatest government of men that has ever been upon the Earth stand on God’s Laws directly from the Bible. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are Created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with Certain Unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” No ones Rights are any greater than the other Guy’s. Libel, Pornography, Public Nudity, Blasphemous Profanity, Inciting Riots, Destroying Property, Invading Sovereign Nations, Disturbing the Peace, Murdering Innocent Developing Babies, Fraud, Genocide,Treason, Sedition, reducing value or stealing Property by regulation or Post Facto Law or Bills of Attainder, etc cannot be allowed to go unpunished. If Justice is not Equal and Just, People will loose Trust in Government and Violence will increase. Jesus Christ our Creator said he is “no respecter of persons”. All are the same before the Bible and our coming Judgment Day.

    Everyone should read the Declaration of Independence paying special note to the detail of grievances against King George and the English Parliament which are very similar to People to Government relations in America,Today. Like the following, “He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers (bureaucrats) to harass our People, and eat out their substance.”

    Abortion is certainly Murder and the Abortionist must be Charged with 1st Degree Murder and the Mother given automatic 6 months in the County Jail and second offense 5 years in Federal Penitentiary. If you don’t want a Baby, keep your panties on or get married.

    America will not survive the assault of other Peoples with a different Culture, Language, Religion and Laws. Enclaves of these People are forming all over America and will lead to further confusion in our Schools, Government and Public Domain. Putting people in the Army that openly assert that they intend to retake Land and/or establish Laws foreign to the Constitution is Insanity.

    Our Creator declares very severe penalties for changing his Bible. Rebellious men are busy every day changing the Bible of our Founders. Rebellious men are busy every day changing our Constitution. We must put the Bible and Creation back in our Schools and the study of American History, Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Civics, study of government, back into our Schools and Colleges.

  • Steven Barrett

    Don’t forget that the Declaration of Independence was written by a man who didn’t believe a word in his opening sentence. How did he view Blacks, especially Blacks he owned as chattel property to use and dispose of at will? He certainly treated his very white Mullato slave woman Sally Jennings quite nicely compared to others. And in fact, when it came down to selling his oh so precious books he purchased on credit while serving as our Ambassador to Versailles, he sold off his slaves whose own families were split so Jefferson could knock down his debts. Some inspiration for today’s conservatives.
    One other thing to keep in mind, today’s conservatives, esp. those heavily influenced by contemporary Federalists, treat the Constitution as a document that cannot and must not be altered. I’m of the more balanced opinion that the Constitution was indeed written in such a flexible way so as to allow future generations to shape the laws they have to live with based on the needs and concerns they face at any given time.
    Keep in mind that if the Constitution is allowed to be interpreted so strictly, its chances of being reinterpreted to at least reduce the instances of abortion are unlikely at best. Why allow others in the past, even near past, put shackles on present day Constitutional scholars or those to come in later years?

  • JRobb

    Steven, you need to read a book “Jefferson Lies” by David Barton for the actual History of Jefferson. The 1800 Campaign was very nasty and much of the Libel was repeated until it became part of History. For a short period when Washington died in Virginia Slaves could be set free at death of the Owner. Soon after the Law changed back to the Owner being required to set up dowry for the support of the Slave. Very few Slaves were capable of supporting themselves in those days. There is no proof whatsoever that Jefferson had any sort of intimate relationship with Sally Hemming.

  • sox83cubs84

    The Communist Democraps will never learn. Their blatant leftward push has been soundly rejected by voters both in terms of Democrap candidates and the liberal media cheerleaders, and yet they continue to go off the leftist deep end.

  • M J

    When Dema-Criminals’ major platforms are Repeal Free Speech, Kill the Second Amendment (so citizens CAN’T defend themselves from thugs and Fascist-Govt. oppressors), and murder Babies Right before they are born, then tear them up for spare parts – you know it’s time to scrap that Doomed-Dem-med party, get all their mind-numbed followers intense therapy on anger management and how to behave responsibly and treat others with respect in public! HEY – we can dream – can’t we?

  • Peter

    Let abortionists kill themselves to abort the baby, so they can ‘go down with the ship’. See how brave they are about that.

  • Peter

    You can’t be more forthright than that, “If you don’t want a baby, keep your panties on or get married.” Well said, but the truth is these abortionist creatures have no more control over their own bodies than their ‘pussies’ . . . er ‘cats’.

  • Peter

    Don’t these eager beavers know about the facts of contraception, when they are so frantic to ‘get on with it’.

  • Peter

    I pity the poor father of Ilyse Hogue’s unborn sacrificed embryo or foetus. She’s so ugly she must be desperate, and the embryo pays the ultimate sacrifice for her moment of ecstasy. She has no sense of proportion. People like her should be spayed, because she just can’t help herself. People who lack self control though, on the other hand, do rightly belong with the Democrats. Simpletons, oblivious of whether their brains are vacuumed out – like the aborted child – or not.