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Of all the groups that Barack Obama bamboozled in 2008 and 2012, Catholics were the biggest suckers. They voted for Obama and now, according to the polls, they are backing Hillary. But evidence suggests that some people in the Catholic media are waking up. They are promising not to get fooled again. They could influence millions of Catholics to abandon the Democratic Party in this critical election year.

The Catholic Standard editorial, “The Fruits of Silence,” by Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington, may be a signal of what’s to come. It is a strong indictment of the liberal intelligentsia and their “politically correct” mindset. Wuerl communicates a sophisticated awareness of how the far-left uses misleading talk about solving the problem of “discrimination” against various groups, in order to force their radical views on society at large. He writes, “Here is how it works. A legislative body passes a law that says it is illegal to discriminate against a specific group of people and their behavior. This classification of ‘discrimination’ includes Catholic teaching or any requirement concerning behaviors in our Catholic schools. In other words, such laws would find that a Catholic school discriminates when it teaches that taking the life of an unborn child is wrong or that sexual activity outside of marriage is immoral. The charge of discrimination is also directed at Catholic schools when they expect their teachers to support the teaching in words and deeds.”

Without saying so explicitly, Wuerl is describing how the liberals and leftists working through the Democratic Party are not only censoring the views of people who believe in traditional values, but are also destroying institutions that convey these values to young people.

“During all of this drama, an equally constant factor has been the silence of so many Catholics and other neighbors in the community whose voices might have influenced the outcome,” he adds. Those are the Catholics intimidated by—or active agents of—the forces of political correctness. They are the liberal Catholics who don’t believe in what their church teaches on such issues as abortion and homosexuality. They want to see their church transformed into an arm or adjunct of the Democratic Party, which is radically pro-abortion, pro-gay, and pro-transgender.

But not all Catholics are remaining silent. The EWTN Catholic cable channel, which reaches tens of millions of people in the U.S., has been running a blockbuster film, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” examining how Marxists have subverted the church from within by recruiting clergy into revolutionary socialist activities that divide people and cause conflict. The film is described as “a lens into America’s cultural Marxism euphemistically called ‘progressivism.’”

While the film is spiritual and moral in its basic orientation, filmmakers Richard and Stephen Payne discussed with EWTN host Father Mitch Pacwa, a former community organizer featured in the film, how this insidious form of community organizing, led by Saul Alinsky, was embraced not only by Barack Obama but also Hillary Clinton. Like Obama, Mrs. Clinton was a disciple of Alinsky. She wrote a thesis at Wellesley College on his revolutionary strategies.

As many Catholics get educated—perhaps for the first time—about the subversion in the church and its link to liberal politicians, the Donald J. Trump campaign has announced the creation of a new group to provide advisory support to the candidate on issues and policies important to Catholics. Interestingly, one of the members of this new group is Lisa Bourne, a journalist with LifeSiteNews.

Bourne has written such articles as “How billionaire George Soros is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda,” and “Is the $91 million Obama refugee grant to the USCCB [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops] tied to bishops’ silence on Hillary?” The latter article questions whether or not the millions of federal dollars going to the Catholic bureaucracy is a reason for the bishops’ virtual silence on Hillary Clinton’s “atrocious record on life and family.”

With the release of the new film “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” the tide may be turning in favor of the conservative Catholics angry about the internal takeover of their church. The film is the work of a Roman Catholic production company, Arcadia Films, and is getting national attention from local Catholic groups such as Voice of Catholics Advocating Life. The film can be downloaded and watched on a personal computer or such platforms as Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

But what will the Catholic hierarchy do? Wuerl’s provocative editorial, “The Fruits of Silence,” complained about “the ease with which today a politically correct morality is being forced on our Catholic institutions in place of our own Catholic moral tradition.” This is apparent on abortion, defined by the politically correct as a woman’s right to choose rather than an unborn child’s right to life, as well as homosexual marriage, a scheme that obliterates male/female differences and the divine plan for human life on earth.

An editorial with this kind of strong message should cause headaches among Democrats who think they can dupe Catholics in another election year. But if Cardinal Wuerl is serious about dealing with the problem, he will show the film “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” to the bishops, and ask pastors to air it in local parishes.

Wuerl said, “When the future of our Catholic schools and the education they provide for our children is at stake, we cannot remain silent.”

This is a money changers moment for the Catholic Church. Will they remain true to the teachings of their church and chase the bureaucrats, progressives, and hedge fund operators from the church? Or will they stay silent and continue counting the money from the progressive state and its financial sponsors?

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  • Anthony Duhe

    The American Report

    EXCLUSIVE: Obama/Clinton Secret Operation Handed Port Canaveral To Brother/Business Partner Of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Bomb Mastermind; Submarine And Space Bases In Grave Danger – The American Report

    This is breaking national security information that will be a game-changer in the swing-state of Florida and in the national election if citizens become aware of these facts.

    In 2014, Obama Administration officials, after a Clinton pay-to-play operation, leased Port Canaveral’s cargo container terminal to an Iraqi family. The Iraqi family’s company Crescent Group is headed by Iraqi oil businessman Hamid Jafar whose brother and business partner is Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar. Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar was Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind.

    Crescent was under investigation by the U.S. government as a front company for Saddam Hussein. The cargo container company is jointly owned by the Iraqi brother (Hamid Jafar) of Saddam’s nuclear scientist and the Ruler of Sharjah, UAE, according to World Bank documents. Thus the company is partially owned by a foreign government.

    Treasury Secretary Jacob “Jack” Lew, a longtime Clinton insider, decided to forgo a national security review of the deal that is legally required under CFIUS and FINSA for “critical infrastructure” and if in proximity to national security military installations.

    The Port Canaveral CEO (John E. Walsh) who rammed through the secret deal is a business partner of senior advisor ( Miguel Lausell) to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Lausell contributed $1 million to the Clinton Library and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    The Port Canaveral CEO (Walsh) is also business partners with a representative of the UAE government and representatives of the UAE royal family.

    The Iraqi family that owns Crescent is deeply connected to Bill Clinton though his relationship with the son of the owner of Crescent. That son, Majid Jafar, and Bill Clinton co-chair a Dubai-based educational campaign.

    That campaign is funded by Varkey-GEMS, a Dubai-based educational foundation that paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as “Honorary Chairman” and helped raise $70 billion in commitments to the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Port Canaveral is located inside the nexus of America’s space program, with missions launching from adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center. Port Canaveral is also home to a US Navy nuclear submarine base and is ranked the second-biggest cruise ship port in the world.

  • oat21

    I’m a strong conservative Catholic and I’m amazed that Catholics were the biggest suckers in 2008 and 2012 voting for a socialist. If true, I’m shocked they would make another major mistake by backing Hillary. Let’s pray the evidence being suggested that some people in the Catholic media are waking up is true and pray they are not going to get fooled again. All Catholics must influence the millions of Catholics who have in the past supported Democrats to abandon the new left wing socialist Democratic Party in this critical election year.

  • Oddjob

    As a catholic i have nothing but utter contempt for those who voted for bho twice. Many have gone on to be bernie supporters and now hillary komrades. They are nothing but uncle joe’s “usefull idiots”.

  • Poptoy1949

    I am a Roman Catholic in the one Roman Catholic stronghold in the entire Deep South. South Louisiana. Catholics down here are not fooled by Obama and Hillary and for the most part will not support them. It is a Dammed Shame all Roman Catholics in the United states do not do the same.

  • Lorilu

    Catholics in Name Only voted for Obama. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Same for the Jews who are so far left they cannot see the forest for the trees.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Ya know, posting this nonsense in dozens of comment sections doesn’t make it any closer to being remotely true. Pathetic conspiracy BS.

  • oat21

    “usefull idiots” = left wing socialist democrats

  • oat21

    Your right, they’re left wing socialist democrats, I’m a strong conservative Catholic and would have cut my right hand off before voting for a socialist..

  • RMThoughts

    Kincaid is a strange duck, he kisses arse of the neocon protagonist of the NWO in the social political realm; but thinks that when it takes over the religious sphere, we should run them out of the temple. Go figure.

  • dbrown8

    Right on! Me too.

  • Jenn

    and don’t forget the trumpbots…they don’t realize that trump is pro-choice just like Hillary

  • Aint So

    Thanks for these observations. One cannot follow Catholic teaching and convictions and support the degrading, inhuman, evil, and downright destructive agenda of the current crop of “Democrats”. What they promote is simply the conscripting vulnerable children and young adults by a continuing campaign of cognitive and language corruption to accomplish the moral and social domination of humanity facilitated by the death of Western Civilization. You will notice that homosexual activity activists are never far from as many conscripted children as possible with their vile and destructive agenda and activities. Contrary to what a great many Catholics believe, and many Catholic diocese enable, there is nothing whatever in genuine Catholic teaching or doctrine which supports this coercive excrement of human degredation being inflicted upon humanity.

  • Anthony Duhe

    You are either a DARPA plant or just plain ignorant.

    Every single word is true. Proof is embedded throughout the article.

    Congress is looking into it because they were lied to told it was a “run of the mill contract” …nothing about putting Saddam’s nuclear bomb maker at the end of the contract to Port Canaveral is acceptable

  • M.

    I think that Trump has reconsidered his stance on abortion and is now pro-life. Checks your facts.

  • Ted

    Kincaid always was and is still an anti-Catholic racist … and an all-around, extremist, right-wing bigot. Somebody should unmaks him at the national level. He peddles NOTHING but extremist propaganda.

  • Steven Barrett

    He’ll say anything to get elected. Anything. You want to look up to him as solid Christian political leader with his history? A guy who openly bragged that he never got down on his knees and asked for God’s forgiveness? With two failed marriages before Mrs. Trump 3rd time around? A guy who’s bragged about his sexual exploits and shamelessly so? Okay, suit yourself.

  • Steven Barrett

    Wait a minute: you’re lecturing “all Roman Catholics in the United States” and you’re using Robert E. Lee, a traitor, as your avatar? Et tu Brute (or southern Judas). BTW, there is no such entity called the “Roman Catholic Church,” either the Church is Catholic, i.e., universal, or it’s not. It can’t be linked with one locality and still call itself “Catholic” or “Universal.” Before Catholics came over in big numbers during our first big waves of immigration, the Episcopalians, who had been here in the north and central states, and who also use the same Nicene Creed and view themselves as “Catholic” or “Universal” were the ones who publicly started referring to Catholics in allegiance to the Holy See as “Roman Catholics” to distinguish the two branches. Do you want to always make it a habit of letting other folks describe your branch of Christianity for you?

  • Steven Barrett

    Clint’s not an “anti-Catholic,” “extremist,” yeah, I’ll give you that but his biggest beef isn’t with the Catholic faith at all. He’s strongly Catholic in the sense that he even makes the crowd over at EWTN look like flaming liberals in a Kumbaya crowd singing funereal dirges written by tone deaf zombies.

  • Charles Foster

    Steven, I can guarantee you that the vast majority of men who are responsible for protecting you and me from everything from Hitler to Mao and the Soviet Union’s obsession with conquest (responsible for killing 29M, 70M and 67 million people respectively) would not pass your “church lady” social behavior litmus test. Pull your head out of your Easter/Ishtar basket of chocolate eggs and do a little political TRIAGE in order to determine how the USA can possibly survive the Central-Bankster-driven deception that we have allowed to buy BOTH parties and anesthetize and subjugate us. Even prison convicts have been known to protect prison guards from WORSE convicts who were trying to kill them. Morally, that is what we are witnessing in this election, so wake up if you want to survive. Imagine living without ANY government to “serve” you. Scary, huh? Well, that’s the best scenario we face. The other ones look like what the people in Syria are being destroyed by…it’s worse than you think.

  • Charles Foster

    The vast majority of men who are responsible for protecting us all from everything from Hitler to Mao and the Soviet Union’s obsession with conquest (responsible for killing 29M, 70M and 67 million people respectively) would not pass the “church lady” social behavior litmus test that too many want to apply to Trump. We MUST pull our collective heads out of our Easter/Ishtar basket of chocolate eggs and do a little political TRIAGE in order to determine how the USA can possibly survive the Central-Bankster-driven deception that we have allowed to buy BOTH parties and anesthetize and subjugate us. Even prison convicts have been known to protect prison guards from WORSE convicts who were trying to kill them. Morally, that is what we are witnessing in this election, and WE are the guard being attacked/protected, so wake up if you want to survive and continue to live a Christian life openly. Imagine living without ANY government to “serve” you. Scary, huh? Well, that’s the best scenario we face, short-term. Big govt never goes silently into the night like the gentle protectors their facade implies, and “firing” they whole existing batch of unconstitutional sell-outs within BOTH parties is absolutely imperative. The other options look like what the people in Syria are being destroyed by…and that is closer than you think if you are still judging Trump by this social sins which are far less egregious than the Clinton’s list of murdered associates and and former trysts. If you support Clinton, you are stuck in a man-centered Matrix-like ideology and are unwittingly (or not) serving the enemies of YHVH and the Kingdom Jesus came to grant us citizenship in with Him. Why? Ask a Nazi why they supported Hitler: all selfish reasonable motives that offended our Creator by the wretchedness of their strategies and results. Big gov’t needs to be shut down. Period. If not, we will witness the anti-christ usurp the control we give it…probably very soon, and without any possible way of refusing him other than martyrdom. Read it! To YHVH the King and to His resurrected Son be ALL the glory!

    Sha alu shalom Yerushalayim > † <

  • Steven Barrett

    You’re right about our leaders not having to pass a “church lady test” but Trump with all his baggage was courted by Jerry Falwell Jr. and others like him in the evangelical wing of the predominately Protestant wing of Christianity in America. What about all their so-called “Bible Christian” standards they used to hold high and more consistently to in the not so distant past? Whatever BS the Donald slung their way must’ve smelled awfully good because they bought it by the truckloads.
    He’s your big fat capitalist pig, and it looks like some of your “leaders” like the bozos who gave him that exorcism ritual recently must’ve poked some awfully wide holes to fit him into their consciences. Hell, I hope the movie channels dig out out their cannisters of Elmer Gantry, blow the dust off and run them over and over till November 8th.

  • Poptoy1949

    First of all I am lecturing no one. I stated an opinion from a geographical standpoint but I guess you missed that. LOL. Secondly, Historians have never referred to Robert E. Lee as a Traitor simply because he was not a traitor. I don’t think it is possible for you to possibly understand that concept. LOL. Lastly, I could easily debate your Semi-Thesis and turn it into dishwater but you seem so ignorant I am not going to waste my time. You and Hillary have a good one and no I will not pray for you…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  • Poptoy1949

    Look everybody the Media Matters Troll is back at it again.

  • Steven Barrett

    He turned against his country, the United States of America, headed the South’s leading army against the US for four years and caused untold numbers of death and suffering all because of some fool’s errand on behalf of upholding his “state’s rights.” His state bolted the nation and he joined it and lead its army and soldiers against his native Nation. Big difference or do they still forget teaching that in the southern states that were formerly allied against this nation on behalf of defending slavery which is why the South seceded in the first place: To protect the rights of her oligarchs in terms of being able to own human beings as chattel and beat the hell out of them if they so much looked the wrong way. Some “noble cause.” And no, it’s not a laugh out loud matter. Hell, I’m not Black, but I can see what the hell a lot of politically low i.q. southerners still manage to have blinded themselves to for at least a century and a half. Hell, I’ll admit to some “lecturing” because it’s well deserved when it comes to secesh and hero worship of traitors. That’d be just as dumb as New Englanders praising Benedict Arnold.

  • Poptoy1949

    It is hard to believe that people like you actually exist. But I still will not pray for you………I like your use of that Low IQ southerners statement. Keep believing that………go wash your hands and face. OH, t ake this with you………………

  • simplestatic

    Why This Evangelical Christian Is Voting Gary Johnson For President:

  • simplestatic

    So who are you supporting in 2016?

  • Jenn
  • Barb

    He was a democrat then… 😉